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Places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand

places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand

Use the road trip planner to drive from Paihia to Auckland using the best route to other cities, and what's the best places to visit in New Zealand to. North Island New Zealand Bay of Islands Road Trip from Auckland to Paihia. Paihia Wharf · Waitangi Treaty Grounds · Okiato · Russell · Wairere Boulders · Matauri Bay · Pou Herenga Tai – Twin Coast Cycle Trail · Haruru Falls. SAVINO S MILLER PLACE MENU FOR DIABETICS

Sinkholes are a common feature of karst landscapes. Stay on the track and closely supervise small children. Although classed as a Walking Track, the track is not always well-formed. The track is wet, muddy and slippery at times. It is suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels. Marsden Point, which forms the south-eastern tip of the entrance to the Whangarei Harbour, is interesting to visit if you are into industrial and business points of interest. The refinery has a visitor centre which is like a museum that shows the history of the refinery and how petrol and the various by-products are created from crude oil.

Whangarei Heads is opposite of Marsden Point, across the water, a drive that will take you about an hour. The peninsula covers hectares and is home to bountiful coastal bays sitting against a backdrop of towering volcanic peaks. Its white-sand beaches will give you that feel of a tropical paradise Bounty bar anyone?

Beach life at Whangarei Heads: white sand and blue water. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the beach life or want to be active and go for a hike, Whangarei Heads is the place to be. Various short walks and longer hikes can be done there.

The shortest just being a minute easy walk Smugglers Bay to the longest, a 4-hours hike return for those with a great level of fitness as lots of steps need to be conquered, but it will reward you with stunning degrees panoramic views of the area. Spending the night at Whangarei Heads As soon as you arrive in the Whangarei Heads area you want to stay there for the night. Imagine seeing that amazing scenery at night. Imagine the amazing sunset. Luckily you can spend the night at Whangarei Heads.

There a various paid and free campsite to choose from, for example: Manaia Walkway Carpark — free campsite for vehicles non-self-contained as well as long as you stay 1-night max. Reotahi — free campsite for all vehicles non-self-contained as well as long as you stay for 1-night max.

Parua Bay — free campsite, for non-self-contained campervans as well, 1-night max. Treasure Island Trailer Park — a paid campground close to two golden sand beaches. The app is suitable for travellers with either an Android or iPhone, so suitable for everyone. It lists all budget and free campsites in New Zealand that are suitable for non-self-contained campervans. Visit Whangarei Falls easy to reach by campervan and go for a short walk there. Or enjoy the vibrant arts community of Whangarei.

Enjoy the sunshine quayside, a popular place to relax and watch the boats. Pick one of the many cafes or bars for a tasty lunch or get your caffeine shot there in the morning. Take your time here, enjoy this part of your trip to the fullest. The drive from Auckland to Bay of Islands ends here.

Time to enjoy this amazing area! Continue or drive back to Auckland? So you might as well continue to see that area as well. Overnight Cruise Boat Bay of Islands the Rock Paihia Bay of islands overnight cruise is full of adventure activities or just sit back and relax.

A 22 hour exploration of the Bay of Islands. This is the perfect day trip for those wanting to enjoy the rich nature and history of the Far North at a leisurely pace Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The historic Treaty House at Waitangi is close to Paihia township, which has great cultural significance.

There are many walks in the area, with a popular hike on the boardwalk to Haruru Falls, which showcases an impressive waterfall. Today it offers a more relaxed atmosphere with lots of history. It also has the oldest licensed pub in New Zealand.

Places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand crypto monkey places of interest between auckland and paihia new zealand

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