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Manappuram ncd worth investing

manappuram ncd worth investing

Fixed income investors were spoilt for choice with four public issues of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) worth more than Rs 20, crore. The fundraising will be through various ways, including the issuance of redeemable non-convertible debentures on private placement and/or a. Manappuram Finance NCD issue opens for subscription, get up to % return; should The face value of the NCD bond is Rs HOW DOES PLUS AND MINUS WORK IN BETTING

Yes, a minor can apply for these bonds, but only and only through a guardian. Can one apply in joint names? Yes, one may apply in a joint name. However, the demat accounts will also be required to be held in joint name and the order of applicant shall be the same as appearing in the demat account. Moreover, all payments will be made out in favour of the first applicant as well as all communications will be addressed to the first named applicant whose name appears in the application form and at the address mentioned therein.

Who will get the interest in case of joint application? In case of joint application, interest will be accounted to the first holder only. My demat account is in joint name, but I want to apply is a single name? In case of a single application, demat account of the same single applicant would be necessary. Joint demat account would not do.

No, NRIs are not eligible to invest in these bonds. Is there a lock-in period while investing? There is no lock-in period for these bonds. In whose favour the cheque is to be made? Applicants must write the number of their application form on the reverse of the cheque or bank draft. Minimum ticket size minimum investment amount has purposefully been kept low at Rs 10, to encourage the retail participation.

Capital adequacy ratio also looks robust at And since, NBFCs do not have restrictions like liquidity reserves and cash reserves; they NBFC are exposed to risk arising from depreciation in gold prices or liquidity risks. Interest payable every month, every year and on a cumulative basis depending on the option chosen by the investor. The face value of the NCD bond is Rs Minimum investment is for the 10 bonds.

Means, you need to invest for a minimum of Rs 10, Beyond this you can invest in multiples of 1 bond. Hence, these are liquid investments. Vivro Financial Services are the Lead managers to the issue. How the NCD issue is allocated to various investors? The rating of NCDs from CARE Ratings indicates that instruments with this rating are considered to have a high degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations.

Such instruments carry very low credit risk. The principal amount of NCDs to be issued in terms of this Prospectus together with all interest due on the NCDs, as well as costs, charges, all fees, remuneration of Debenture Trustee and expenses payable in respect thereof shall be secured by way of first charge ranking pari passu with existing secured creditors, on all loans and advances, book debts, current assets, other receivables both present and future of the Company, equal to the value of one time of the NCDs outstanding plus interest accrued thereon and by way of first charge on the immovable property being land admeasuring an extent of sq.

How is the company doing in terms of profits? One should always assess how the company is generating profits. This would create confidence to investors that their interest would be paid from such profits without any problems. Year ended Mar — Loss of Rs 4. Income tax on interest would be based on individual tax slab. Means, irrespective of whether company deducts TDS or not, you should show the interest income on your income tax return and pay necessary income tax based on your income tax slab.

Why to invest? In case of any non performance of the company and the company gets closed for some reason, NCD investors would get preference in repayment of capital along with interest. Hence it is safe to invest in such secured NCD options. However, it is only preference is given to NCD investors and no guarantee that entire amount would be paid-back in such cases.

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manappuram ncd worth investing

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