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Marathon des sables stage distances between places

marathon des sables stage distances between places

central conceit of the MdS – that superior Western fitness regimes and the four overnight bivouac sites constructed at each stage along the MdS's 6 day. Run over seven days, the race is comprised of six stages and a rest day, with the distances ranging from 21kmkm per day for a total of. The race is comprised of six stages over seven days, with the first three daily stages set around miles (km) each. The fourth stage is around 50 miles (80km); the fifth stage is always a full marathon of miles (42km), and the sixth (and last) stage is from miles (km). BETTING ON T20 WORLD CUP 2022

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Marathon des sables stage distances between places investing in the stock market for beginners pdf free


Photo by Dino Bonelli 4. Race organizers pick you up on your arrival in Kathmandu, and take you from the chaos of the city to the stark beauty of the Himalayan backcountry. Starting from a mild and richly vegetated elevation of about 2, feet, the race initially runs along the Gandaki river, passing villages and rice paddies, and climbs steadily to the beautiful monastery of Lho, during stage four, set against the majestic backdrop of Manaslu. The Lho monastery, with Manaslu in the background.

Each stage ascends toward Manaslu, topping out at around 16, feet, before starting the descent. Cultural interactions come in many forms during the race, from yak caravans to donkey drivers on bridges to groups of enthusiastic schoolchildren. The April earthquake in Nepal has affected the area, but not as much as in other parts of the country. Race organizers are reviewing the route and potential logistical challenges.

Courtesy of km of Namib Desert 4 stages K kmofnamibdesert. It begins with a gorgeous 11K at sunset along the sandy trails of the dune-encircled Sossusvlei salt pan, just beyond the bungalow village where racers stay the night. Safari-car transfers between stages offer a chance to glimpse desert wildlife, and each leg of the race seems as exotic as the previous, ranging from the deep sandstone Sesriem canyon to the rolling dunes of later stages.

The front of the pack. Courtesy of km of Namib Desert By far, the final stage seems the most surreal. Ascending the sandy spine of Crazy Dune feels as momentous as climbing a mountain crest in Nepal—plus you get to sand-ski down the back of the dune to its base. Post-race excursion options are many: check out the sweeping desert landscapes and nearly inaccessible seaside cliffs of Skeleton Coast National Park, or take a hot-air-balloon flight over the dunes.

Runners will need to bring, and carry, their entire food intake — between 21,, calories for the seven days. Freeze-dried food is the recommended choice in an effort to reduce the amount of weight carried on course. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the most important food groups.

Water will be provided — with , litres consumed during the event — at the departure point, check-points and arrival on each day. Stage 4 of the Marathon des Sables. Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation for the event, the challenge to complete the course is tough and can be mentally draining.

With the temperature in the Sahara peaking at 50 degrees Celsius, headwear is a must. Wildlife on the course, including snakes, are rarely seen. However, runners are advised to check their kit thoroughly prior to embarking each day. Marathon des Sables puts on Bivouacs — eight-man tents with groundsheets. These are allocated prior to the races and runners must choose their tent from within the space reserved for their registration country.

How to enter the Marathon des Sables Runners can enter the race by the Marathon des Sables official website via the registration page. Accept the rules, which govern the race. Meet all deadlines for payments. Meet all deadlines for completion of registration forms an online form must be completed after registration.

Marathon des sables stage distances between places bitcoin core slack

Marathon Des Sables - The 6 Stages


Wednesday September 04, Our experts choose the best gear, events and locations to help you do what you love. Get Sweat Go may receive affiliate revenue from monetised links — but we'll only recommend stuff we believe in. Races don't get more 'bucket-list'. While the UTMB, Tor De Geants and other races would certainly have something to say about that, the km mile multi-stage Marathon of the Sands across the Moroccan Sahara has a mystique and appeal that few other races can match.

Tempted to join them? Our resident ultra runner Kieran Alger — a Top finisher in the race back in — knows just what it takes to survive in the Sahara. Where does the Marathon des Sables take place? Temperatures in this isolated part of the world can hit as high as 50 degrees, water is understandably scarce and the wind regularly whips up serious sand storms.

So although the MDS is ruthless about safety, you are running in a potentially dangerous place. When is the Marathon des Sables ? The MdS typically runs during the first two-and-a-half weeks of April each year. For the event, the Marathon des Sables will run between April. How do you get there? Most runners fly into the closest airport to the race start at Ouarzazate and take an eight-hour bus transfer to the first bivouac — the moving campsites made up of open-side tents that you call home during the race.

This long bus ride is the first real test of your endurance. The nerves and anticipation are palpable. Credit: iancorless. What does it cost to run the Marathon des Sables? For the UK runners, this includes direct return charter flights from London Gatwick, coach transfer to and from the desert, race entry and half-board hotel accommodation after the race in a very swish hotel.

All your meals are provided, except for when you go into self-sufficient mode during the race. However, the race fee is just the start. Next, you need to buy the kit. How do I sign up? Marathon des Sables entry differs depending on which country you are from. UK residents sign up via Marathondessables. US and international residents sign up via Marathondessables.

Each year there are approximately 1, places up for grabs and these fill up fast. As a result people often sign up for the race two years ahead — which also allows for a sensible amount of time to train. There are some charity places available too. How long is the Marathon des Sables?

The course changes each year and is only revealed in the final weeks leading up to the start. Some runners will be out on course for up to 30 hours on this stage of the race. In , which included the longest long day on record, the Marathon des Sables stages broke down like this: Day 1: Arrive in camp Day 2: Kit check day Day 3: Stage 1 — According to the official stats, the average pace for the fastest runners is close to 7-minute miles while the slowest is more like 20 minutes per mile.

By contrast, the last-placed finisher took more than 74 hours to run the miles. In , the average finish time was a little under 39 hours. And yes, you will have to trudge for miles through soft sand dunes and climb jebels sand dune mountains , but the terrain is actually a mixed bag.

It must be valid at least until the end of the stay in Morocco. BUT for security reasons, it is strongly recommended to have a passport valid at least one month later; failing this, AOI declines all responsibility 1 ID photo 3,5 cm wide and 4 cm high in. Press form. Only the original documents, dated and signed, will be accepted photocopies not valid.

Failure to present these documents will incur penalties see ART. The QUARTZ Program strengthens the medical monitoring of participants before the competition and protect the physical integrity of participants during the competition. The participant agrees to possible sanctions from the Organisation on the proposal of the QUARTZ Program, which may range, from a simple warning, to an hourly penalty, to exclusion before the competition or to downgrading after the competition.

Important: For any participation cancellation coming from the competitor, AOI will not take into account any claim, the refund will be done according to the basis above. That is why it is strongly recommended that each competitor to take out personal cancellation insurance. It is possible to subscribe a cancellation insurance with our partner ASSURINCO which intervenes for a sudden, unpredictable fact beyond the control of the competitor directly incumbent on him, for example illness, death, burglary, summons to be a jury member, pregnancy complications, validated leave canceled by the employer, etc.

From the registration confirmation for the MDS sent by email once the 1st payment has been validated , the subscription period for insurance is 14 days. This choice remains at the competitor discretion. AOI allows a maximum of 15 days to complete the online administration details. Failure to respect the minimum or maximum weight of equipment will also result in a penalty see ART.

Medical file At the medical check-ups in Morocco on 26 March , competitors must present the organization's medical certificate and his or her resting electrocardiogram with tracing. These 2 documents must be signed and dated at least 30 days before the start of the race, i. Competitors who do not fulfill this obligation shall not be able to start the race.

However, such competitors shall be able to participate after an examination by the organization's doctors and subject to their approval. Each of these documents can be produced in the bivouac for a fixed fine of euro to be paid in cash on the spot. A penalty of one hour per missing document shall be applied see ART. List of personal belongings Competitors abandoning one or several elements of his or her personal equipment should inform a bivouac marshall. Competitors who cannot justify at any check point the absence of any personal item will be severely penalized see ART.

The solidarity stage is considered as a race day. ID markings In the event of loss or damage to ID markings, race officials must be informed immediately, or a penalty will be applied. The loss of the transponder will incur a fine of euro see ART. Start of race Competitors who fail to be present at the starting line when each stage begins will be penalized by the time equivalent to the delay. At the non-stop stage, if the start order is not respected, a three-hours penalty will be given.

Marathon des sables stage distances between places qarabag monaco betting

Marathon Des Sables - The 6 Stages marathon des sables stage distances between places

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