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Where is bitcoin used the most

where is bitcoin used the most

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At present, however, there are only two crypto ATMs. In Brazil, bitcoin is also a legal payment method. There are shops and restaurants that accept bitcoins as payment, although still in limited numbers. BTC is legal, but not widespread because ordinary electronic money is much more popular.

The list of activities that accept BTC as payment is high and the number of transactions on Localbitcoins is also impressive. Unfortunately, there is not much data on ATMs. The virtual currency is legal and considered a currency. This does not create problems for the 23 crypto ATMs and the significant Localbitcoins trading volume. In addition, there are 39 ATMs to directly withdraw virtual currencies and an active Localbitcoins community. To give a comparison, the Netherlands, in terms of stores that accept BTC, are only 2.

Unfortunately a complete list of stores that accept it is hard to find, although you can use Quibitcoin. In Italy BTC is considered a currency. San Francisco Not surprisingly, the technology capital of the United States figures prominently on our list. San Francisco is home to cryptocurrency trading platforms Coinbase and Kraken. More than a hundred merchants accept bitcoin, from restaurants and bars to hostels and stores. Not bad, given its relatively small population of , Vancouver Bitcoin has a strong community in Canada, which has taken regulatory steps to embrace virtual currency.

There are more than fifty merchants who accept bitcoin in Vancouver or the surrounding suburbs, and locations to buy bitcoin. The city is home to more than , residents. Amsterdam Amsterdam is home to mining hardware maker Bitfury and the European headquarters of payment service provider BitPay. Coinmap identifies more than forty places to spend bitcoin in the Dutch capital, including bike repair shops, barbers, and coffee shops. The city's , residents have about half a dozen bitcoin ATMs available to them.

Merchants in Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague also accept cryptocurrency. Ljubljana, Slovenia Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and its largest city, yet it is the smallest on our list with a population of about , The prominent bitcoin exchange Bitstamp was founded by Slovenians before setting up operations in Luxembourg and London.

Ljubljana has eleven bitcoin ATMs in the city and surrounding areas, and roughly merchants who say they accept bitcoin. Tel Aviv Israel's financial center and one of the world's leading cities for startups has nineteen merchants accepting bitcoin and seven bitcoin ATMs in a population of , Portsmouth, New Hampshire This small coastal city is home to a surprisingly large community of cryptocurrency users.

Dubbed "bitcoin village" by local residents, the downtown area is home to about a dozen crypto-friendly businesses, including the Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe. There are also 21 bitcoin ATMs and tellers in Portsmouth and nearby towns—a surprisingly high figure for a town of only 22, Miami, Florida This major metropolis has about four dozen merchants who say they accept bitcoin and a surprising bitcoin ATMs and tellers.

It is also home to the Miami Bitcoin Conference, one of the oldest and largest conventions of the cryptocurrency industry. The city's government is seeking to attract blockchain businesses to their city, and Mayor Francis Suarez has proposed investing city funds in bitcoin and even launching a municipal cryptocurrency. El Zonte, El Salvador This tiny tourist town is now seeking to rebrand itself as "Bitcoin Beach," the world's first bitcoin-centered economy, following a substantial crypto donation to the municipal government.

The town received its first bitcoin ATM in , one of being installed around the country as El Salvador moved to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender. Bitcoin can now be used to pay taxes, and foreign investors will not be subject to capital gains taxes. The national government has also worked with entrepreneurs to introduce a simplified bitcoin wallet for low-fee transactions.

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