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Cryptocurrency hedge fund software

cryptocurrency hedge fund software

What is HedgeGuard Crypto? Our crypto Portfolio Management Software has been designed to help fund managers simplify their crypto investing. - a custody. HedgeGuard's software provides crypto Hedge Funds and Asset Managers with a full suite of solutions to trade, monitor and secure their crypto assets. Hedge fund software development services that include implementation of automation of execution, algorithmic trading, risk management and portfolio. MAKING HUGE MONEY ON FOREX

Phenomenal compensation package including equity opportunities 2. Work with a tight-knit, all-star team and the brightest minds in the space. Incredible growth potential! Job Details You will be building software for our on-chain trading system which interacts with various blockchains, our off-chain trading system which interacts with various exchanges, and our quantitative research infrastructure.

We are seeking talented developers that write highly scalable code that is tested rapidly. The HedgeGuard PMS also allows you to look back on your historical data, allowing you to produce performance analysis or generate reports for example. Performance and exposure analysis We have worked closely with our clients to build a comprehensive dashboard built by portfolio managers for portfolio managers.

Monitor your risk, exposure, wallets, performance indicators all in one place, and in real time. Our fully customizable dashboard becomes your one stop shop to monitor your activity in a glance. We connect to a wide range of crypto exchanges full list here , custodians, administrators, and dealers to provide a holistic view of your activity.

This includes a live NAV that encapsulates all fees related to your fund performance and management fees, commissions, costs etc.. This includes major currencies and tokens. Unlisted and listed. Options: Greek sensitivities Access a complete overview of your option risk in our dedicated dashboard where option portfolio delta, gamma, vega and theta are calculated.

Loans accrued interest, multiple payments, issue invoices Multi entities: Investment funds, trading accounts, managed accounts Multi-accounts and sub-account functionalities The HedgeGuard Crypto PMS meets the requirements of your corporate structure, including crypto funds, fund and trading platforms, brokers, etc.

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Cryptocurrency hedge fund software how to dual mine ethereum and verge


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