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Maugan kenward better place quotes

maugan kenward better place quotes

previous generations (Collishaw, Maughan, Natarajan, & Pickles, ; need to tap into causality so that we know the best places to. The Temptations of Watering Places and the best means of counteracting their Some Brighton Churches, by Herbert Hamilton Maughan, published More than two decades into the HIV epidemic, stigma and discrimination continue to hamper efforts to prevent new infections and engage people in. ALL THE WAYS I WANT YOU BUFFETTS INVESTING

These mad March hares are testing one another — who will make the most suitable mate? The jills are the ones that decide. The vernal equinox, when the sun crosses the imaginary celestial equator to favour the northern hemisphere, occurs on March At this point, halfway between midwinter and midsummer, day and night are of more or less equal length.

While this brings lighter evenings, the loss of one hour can also disrupt our sleeping patterns for up to a fortnight. To prepare for the shift, go to bed half an hour earlier on the Friday and Saturday. We know that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but the reverse is also true. The one was sleet, the other was snow; the third was the worst that ever did blow. So we store up wet weather jobs throughout the summer for just such occasions.

Things like pot washing and tidying. Really exciting I know! However, when the rain just keeps on coming as it has done recently the muck and magic gardeners start to go stir crazy. There are only so many times you can move things about in the potting shed under the guise of cleaning up. So, this week, in an effort to ignore the rain clouds overhead, our entertaining chatter turned to our hero gardeners.

Who has had most influence on your gardening life? The obvious candidates were trotted out such as Titchmarsh and Don. Going back a little further and showing his age, the muck and magic garden boy suggested that Geoff Hamilton, Percy Thrower, Clay Jones and Arthur Billet might make the list!

Whatever your individual thoughts they have all had great influence on the gardening public over the years. Going back even further I would suggest that Sir Joseph Paxton was a gardening genius of his day and his work can still be seen in Scarborough and at beautiful Chatsworth in Derbyshire. A bit closer to home I would look back on my career and the great PK Willmott comes to mind. A brilliant and well respected horticulturist with a rare gift of being able to impart knowledge in an interesting and informative way.

Lectures with PK were always fully attended and that ,in itself ,says everything. The one missing element on my own personal list of hero gardeners is the lack of present day women gardeners who could be influential in the decision to make gardening and horticulture a career. I was very lucky to be taken under the wing of Phyllida Barker at Leeds Parks Department at the outset of my career and she taught me the basics and was a role model showing that women can succeed in what is still largely a mans world!

To a certain extent Charlie Dimmock filled that role in her Ground Force days but where are we now? Everyone who gardens has their own inspiration. Who would your hero gardener be? He will be talking about growing veg and flowers in a small back garden.

The meeting starts at 7pm and I hope to see you all there. Happy Gardening! This winter seems to be particularly wet — no major floods but the fields are all fairly sodden, with pasture and arable land severely in need of a good dry spell. When I give talks about local rocks and landscapes, and how they work together, I usually end up talking about water. All that rain has to go somewhere and the presence of becks, rivers and springs has dictated where we put our houses, villages and towns throughout human history.

And watercourses depend, to a large degree, on the underlying geology. Regular readers will know that the last ice age brought massive ice sheets across the North Sea and over the strip of lowlying land along the coast. When the ice melted around 11, years ago it left a thick layer of mud stretching from Saltburn down to Filey Bay, and from Bridlington to Spurn Point.

This mud effectively blocked the local rivers from draining to the sea, and sent them on new courses inland. But over the last few thousand years streams have started to carve routes out of the soft glacial mud making new ways to the sea. Because they are so new the gullies they cut tend to be steep and narrow.

Villages along the coast were built where there is access to the sea, plus shelter and fresh water, so these steep wet gulleys were ideal. Books by the Beach, from April, will feature a host of award-winning authors and celebrities. Suffragettes lecturer Diane Atkinson will fly the flag for female suffrage at an after-lunch talk at the Crescent Hotel 11 Apr.

Diane is the author of Rise Up, Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes. The author of Frankenstein, published years ago, was raised in a house of radical thinkers. Aged 16, she eloped with Percy Bysshe Shelley, living on the move across Britain and other parts of Europe, coping with debt, infidelity and death. This will be at the library, where most of the festival will be held. American journalist, author and libertarian Lionel Shriver, who lives in London, will discuss her latest book, Property, due to be published a few days after her talk 14 Apr.

Shriver is best known for her novel We Need to Talk About Kevin, which won Lionel Shriver the Orange prize for fiction in and was adapted into the film of the same name, starring Tilda Swinton. Lucy Mangan will invite readers to cast their minds back to childhood and their old favourite books 13 Stella Rimington Apr. She joined the security service in and worked in counter-subversion, counter-espionage and counter-terrorism.

She has written an autobiography and nine novels, most recently, Breaking Cover. The Fulani are pastoral nomads who have lived in west Africa for at least 6, years, wielding commercial, political and religious power for centuries. They have been missionaries for Islam and have traded luxury items, ivory, wood, dairy products and slaves, from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea. They are fine horsemen whose wealth is measured by the size of their cattle herds and jewellery.

The talk was given by Dr Jane Glaister, who has worked among the Fulani, teaching in northern Nigeria. She came to admire them and their moral code, which stresses modesty, courage, patience and hospitality. The Fulani say they are the most beautiful people on earth. They are tall, athletic and intelligent, with long faces and straight narrow noses. Jane talked about their beauty pageants for both sexes, the dressing up, make-up, timeconsuming braiding of their hair in elaborate styles and the competitive line dancing.

White teeth and wide-open eyes are admired. Chocolat author and inveterate Tweeter Joanne Harris will tell intimate, engaging, quirky and darkly magical stories 15 Apr. They were originally written in character segments for a Rosie Millard Twitter audience On the first day of the festival 11 Apr , former standup comedian and broadcaster Natalie Haynes will talk about her novel The Children of Jocasta; novelist and biographer N i c h o l a s Bali Rai Shakespeare will bring Churchill to life; and marathon man Ben Smith will talk about his work.

Roll on April and festival fever! Tickets can be bought at the SJT and by ringing Robert Brindley will be the first onboard, showing the use of a limited palette of colours and working in oils. As evidenced by the foreword to this special issue, key agencies are also in alignment regarding the importance of stigma and discrimination reduction and its role in facilitating scale-up and uptake of HIV prevention, care and treatment. This supplement is as important for the advances that it highlights as well as the gaps it identifies.

As the evidence base grows, so too will the ability of national governments to make data-driven decisions about scaling up stigma and discrimination reduction efforts. It is incumbent on the research community to provide data that will help governments make efficient and effective use of resources spent on stigma and discrimination reduction. That said, it is important to recognize that all programmatic efforts take resources, evidence and political will. This supplement is the start of a discussion regarding the evidence for stigma and discrimination reduction efforts.

It is also a call to action for even more refined research activities, for greater community involvement particularly of key populations in research and programmatic efforts and for scale-up of some programmatic principles that have been identified, while including high-quality monitoring and evaluation strategies to further expand the evidence base. It is our hope that within the next decade, cost-effective interventions will be identified and countries will be collecting programmatic data demonstrating the impact of stigma and discrimination reduction on HIV prevention and care outcomes.

Acknowledgements Special thanks are due to the community reviewers, who generously gave of their time to provide valuable inputs on the manuscripts. The publication of this supplement was supported by the Stigma Action Network. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

References 1. Getting to zero: — strategy. United Nations. New York: United Nations; AIDS Behav. Nyblade L. Measuring HIV stigma: existing knowledge and gaps. Psychol Health Med. Reducing HIV-related stigma: lessons learned from horizons research and programs. Public Health Rep. Understanding and challenging HIV stigma: toolkit for action. Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of the unity workshop: an internalized stigma reduction intervention for African American women living with HIV.

Combating HIV stigma in health care settings: what works? Evaluation of a health setting-based stigma intervention in five African countries. Reducing HIV-related stigma in health care settings: a randomized controlled trial in China.

Am J Public Health. Res Nurs Health. AIDS Care. Results of the people living with HIV stigma index in Lao PDR: documenting the HIV stigma and dscirmination situtation in the country and disentangling the layers of stigma in marginlized populations. Internalized stigma, social distance, and disclosure of HIV seropositivity in rural Uganda. Ann Behav Med. Retention in care of persons newly diagnosed with HIV: outcomes of the outreach initiative. Social stigma concerns and HIV medication adherence.

Stigma and social barriers to medication adherence with urban youth living with HIV. Am Psychol. Longitudinal relationships between antiretroviral treatment adherence and discrimination due to HIV-serostatus, race, and sexual orientation among African-American men with HIV. Burris S, Cameron E. The case against criminalization of HIV transmission. Mykhalovskiy E. Soc Sci Med. The global criminalisation scan report.

Weait M. Jul 7—9, The criminalisation of HIV transmission and exposure: a global review. A systematic review of interventions to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination from to how far have we come? Understanding and challenging stigma toward men who have sex with men: Cambodia edition toolkit for action.

Understanding and challenging stigma toward injecting drug users and HIV in Vietnam: toolkit for action. Estimating the efficacy of preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention among participants with a threshold level of drug concentration. Am J Epidemiol.

Preexposure chemoprophylaxis for HIV prevention in men who have sex with men. N Engl J Med. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. BMC Public Health. PLoS One. Goffman E. Stigma: notes on the management of spoiled identity. Conceptualizing stigma. Ann Rev Sociol. Parker R, Aggleton P.

Deacon H. J Community Appl Soc Psychol. Heijnders M, van der Meij S. The fight against stigma: an overview of stigma-reduction strategies and interventions. Enabling the scale-up of efforts to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination: a new framework to inform program implementation and measurement.

Technical brief: measuring HIV stigma and discrimination. Impact of HIV-related stigma on treatment adherence: systematic review and meta-synthesis. Resisting and challenging stigma in Uganda: the role of support groups of people living with HIV. Community-based interventions that work to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination: results of an evaluation study in Thailand. Implementing a stigma reduction intervention in healthcare settings. Access to justice: evaluating law, health and human rights programmes in Kenya.

Prevalence and drivers of HIV stigma among health providers in urban India: implications for interventions. Reducing shame in a game that predicts HIV risk reduction for young adult men who have sex with men: a randomized trial delivered nationally over the journal. Sexual stigma and discrimination as barriers to seeking appropriate healthcare among men who have sex with men in Swaziland.

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maugan kenward better place quotes


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