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Grand theft auto san andreas inside track betting locations

grand theft auto san andreas inside track betting locations

To do this go to Downtown Los Santos and go to the shop called 'Inside Track'. You can see a picture below of the location of this shop. . From here you will. Dec 15, - Inside Track is an interactive betting shop for thoroughbred horse races in featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. What you do is head to Inside Track in Los Santos, bet all your money on the horse with the highest odds, if you win save and repeat times. BEST PLACES TO SPEND BITCOIN

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Grand theft auto san andreas inside track betting locations rahsia forex malaysia percuma grand theft auto san andreas inside track betting locations


Statistically, this horse will eventually win, and should not take more than around five attempts. After winning, save the game again and repeat the process if required. The results can become extremely frustrating, especially if the player's horse jetted off the starting line and then slowed down. Do not let this change your mind though, because the chances are the color of horse the player bet on will win if they continue betting. This way, the player can win the most amount of cash if succeeded.

Catalina's Hideout works just as fine. Since a Buffalo spawns right beside the spawn point, anyone should be able to to make a left turn, drive straight into town, and stop right in front of the betting shop within 20 seconds. The horses are numbered. Horses 1 and 2 are the most likely to win, the next two have a smaller chance, and horses 5 and 6 are least likely to win.

Each horse has its chance of winning given in the form of decimals. Each horse in line has a smaller chance to win than the previous; the two horses from the same "tier" can have the same chance. Players can opt for any of the two events: The Single Event, which the player can bet on their own and the races last for around 30 seconds.

Head into Inside Track and put down the max amount of cash on any horse. If you win, head back to the nearest save point and log your progress. If you lose, reload the save, head back to Inside Track and bet again. You can keep doing this until you have as much money as you like, although it will take a fair amount of time to amass. For those struggling to find it, you'll have robbed the store during Catalina's Against All Odds mission.

Your best bet is to join forces with Catalina before trying the trick anyway, as her house makes for a convenient save point to use while travelling back and forth into Montgomery. Looking for more tips and tricks?

Grand theft auto san andreas inside track betting locations pamm forex4you trader

GTA San Andreas Como obtener dinero fácil y rápido Inside Track Betting

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