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Three person golf betting games junk

three person golf betting games junk

The goal of friendly golf betting games should be to add enjoyment to the round, Dots or Trash is a fun golf betting game that you can play with 2, 3. Trash can have a positive or negative value to it; a greenie (closest to the pin on a par three and a par) is a plus, whereas a snake (a. Try our top golf gambling games with your friends during the next round Though Updike was never an accomplished player, it did not stop. BITCOIN GAS

This is a fantastic game even for weaker players because you only have to be the first at something -- especially when it comes to the "bango. As a result, the stronger player might be left with a footer or more for birdie. Meanwhile, the weaker player might take five shots to get greenside on the same hole and then chip up to four feet. If the three stronger players are on the green in regulation with lengthy birdie tries and the weaker player is within four feet for a seven once all balls are on the green, the weaker player wins the point.

Wolf You need four players for this particular game. All players play independently. The goal is to be the player with the most points at the end of the round. Here's how it works: First, the order of play is decided on the first tee. The 'Wolf' is always the last player to tee off. The teeing order -- regardless of who has the honor -- rotates on every hole so that each player becomes the Wolf once every four holes.

If not, the Wolf plays the hole as the 'Lone Wolf' -- in which case the objective is to beat the three other players with the lowest net score on the hole. Every hole is played as a net best ball with only the best score of each team being used.

If the Wolf chose a partner and they win the hole, they each receive two points If the non-Wolf partners win the hole, they get three points apiece If the Lone Wolf beats all the other players, he or she receives four points If the Lone Wolf gets beat by any player in the group, everyone in the group except the Lone Wolf receives one point.

There are variations to this game. For instance, you can be "Blind Wolf," like a poker player going all in without even looking at his or her cards before the flop declaring before the hole that you're going to play the hole alone without a partner before the tee shots are even hit. All in all a great game, but one that takes a lot of concentration. Oh how I hate to play that.

It keeps things interesting. You might get slaughtered for six holes, but then you have 12 holes to make that all up. Here's how it's played: In a foursome, you rotate a playing partner every six holes. At the end of 18 holes, the other three players in your group will have been your partner for six holes. You can use any scoring format in sixes and each six-hole stretch is a separate bet.

Basically, you could lose one of your six-hole matches, but if you win the other two, you come out ahead at the end of 18 holes. Facebook fan quotes: ", where your partner changes every six holes. Gets everybody in foursome to play as partners and opponents. Each hole is worth 2 points.

One for the low net ball, and one for the other team having the high net score. Switch partners every 6 holes. This is particularly fun right around Ryder Cup time and will give you an incredible appreciation for just how difficult a format this is, even for the world's best players. Alternate shot is just as it sounds. Prior to the round, you and a partner decide who will tee off on the odd-numbered holes and who will tee off on the even-numbered holes.

After that person tees off, you alternate shots until the ball is in the hole. Want to improve your game? Find a PGA Professional here. Alternate shot can be played as stroke play or as match play. The upside to alternate shot is you can play quickly, as there are only ever two balls in play amongst your foursome. It might be a better game for those of you who have a golf club membership.

Rabbit The first player to have the low score on a hole captures the Rabbit no ties. If on the next hole someone other than the holder of the Rabbit is the low scorer, the Rabbit is set free. Then the Rabbit can be won by the next player to earn the lowest score again, no ties on a hole.

Before another player can be "holder of the Rabbit" it must first be set free. There are also side bets, which pays the holder of the Rabbit after the ninth and 18th hole. For bigger payouts, you can skip the "set the Rabbit free" step and simply make the person with the lowest score no ties on a given hole the immediate holder of the Rabbit.

Vegas This one can get ugly in a hurry if you aren't careful. Actually, it can get ugly even if you are careful. Two teams, two players each. You play for a team score on each hole. But here's the twist, rather than adding the two team scores -- for example, Player A makes a 4 and Player B makes a 5 -- the scores are paired lowest score in front.

So, instead of the team in the example used making a for a combined nine, they instead make a " The points are tracked throughout the round and at the end, the differential is paid off. You can set any value you want on points If you are ready to take another piece of paper and pencil out onto the course, we've put together an incomplete list of Junk bets. Feel free to use some or all, change their point values, or make individual games out of any of them.

Below we provide a list of sample Junk shots and corresponding points, ordered from least to most exotic: Sandie: Make a par from the greenside trap. If you make a par from the fairway trap it's a Super Sandie and is worth double points, and if you make a par when your ball was in both a fairway and greenside bunker, that's an Exotic Sandie and is worth 4 points.

Snake: 3-putt. Lose 1 point. Greenie: Closest shot to the pin on a par 3 and makes a par. Some players play double points if it's a birdie, and others play that the score on the hole doesn't matter. Playing Par 3 Greenies Meg and Susan arrive at the par 3 fourth hole and agree to play for a Greenie.

Meg hits her ball closest to the pin and makes a birdie, winning 2 points or double the bet. Murphy: Call an up and down from off the green. If you miss a called Murphy, you lose 2 points. Scruffy: Make a terrible drive the other players must agree that it's really bad and still make a par.

Shark:Hit a shot in the water and still make par. Arnie: Shoot a par on a par 4 or par 5 without being on the fairway, or on the green in regulation. Hogan: Par a par 4 or par 5 while being on the fairway and on the green in regulation. Jones: Birdie a par 4 or par 5 while being on the fairway and on the green in regulation.

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In Split Sixes or Niner, feel free to apply handicap strokes as fit to level the playing field. Bingo Bango Bongo Designed for anywhere from two to four golfers, Bingo Bango Bongo fits perfectly with your threesome. In Bingo Bango Bongo, three points are up for grabs on each hole. One point to the first person on the green. One point to the closest ball to the hole after all players are on the green. One point to the first person to hole out.

This ensures that in order to get points on a hole, you really have to earn them by holing a longer putt than your opponents' or hitting the green from the farthest distance. On the flip side, Bingo Bango Bongo is a great game to level the competition among a threesome of various skilled golfers. Nassau for 3 Golfers Golfers have been playing Nassau forever, any why not?

A Nassau is three separate matches rolled into one: front nine, back nine, and the entire hole round. Negotiate any handicap strokes given before the first ball is in the air. The low score in each bet takes that pot.

Ghost Vegas Maybe you had your heart set on the four-person game Vegas but your foursome turned into a threesome at the last minute. Both concepts are simple and can really open up the doors for more golf games you can play with your threesome beyond just Vegas. Ghost The ghost is a scratch golfer , and it always makes par.

No birdies, no bogeys, all pars. Either way, the ghost is the fourth golfer in your foursome. Sixes Most golfers would love to make par on every hole, but very few can. Holes Ghost and Olivia vs. Larry and Frank; Holes Ghost and Larry vs. Olivia and Frank; Holes Ghost and Frank vs. Larry and Olivia. Vegas Using the ghost and rotating partners every six holes allows you to play Vegas with a three golfers.

In Vegas, each team score is the combination not the sum of both players' scores. For example, Olivia is paired with the ghost and makes a 5 on a par 4, while the ghost is good for a 4. In this scenario, we would divide the 9 points equally with each player getting 3. For two players scoring the same and the odd player beating them, the point breakdown is 5, 2, 2. If the tieing scores happen to be the lowest on the hole the breakdown would be 4, 4, 1.

Keeping track of points and how many shots players have taken as they play a hole leads to a lot of good-spirited ribbing and will help build camaraderie. The game can be played with handicaps or without, and the value of a point should be established early on.

So, next time your fourth misses the tee time or you just want to play as a threesome, give a try and watch the points fly!

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This game puts players in difficult decisions that require multiple factors to be taken into account. With a high payout, you can take home some serious cash. Dots or Trash A game of Dots or Trash involves making wagers based on a variety of factors. Players are able to place a bet on either a winner or a loser. Players also make decisions about the value of their bets. Often, higher point values equal bigger wins, but they also mean bigger losses. The last thing you want to do is swing out of your shoes and hit a winning shot.

That could be the beginning of a whole can of worms. To avoid this, make sure that your skill level is high enough to handle a variety of situations. Dots or Trash is a friendly wagering game that can be played on the first hole of a three-man tournament. The game is played on two teams of two. There are several variants of the game, and each one has a different name. One variant is known as Dot Game, another is called Junk, and a third is referred to as Trash.

This fun golf betting game is played with four or five players. Each player takes a turn being the wolf on a specific hole. When a hole is tied, the side with the better ball score wins. To win a hole, each player must make a choice regarding their partner. The player designated as the wolf must make a decision immediately before the third player tees off. Players can choose to take a partner after the first hole is completed, or they can choose to take three opponents. The wolf in hole 1 will pick the player on hole 3.

The player will play against players 1, 2, and 4. If the player makes a par, he wins the hole. If he loses, the wolf must pay three points to the other team. This way, if he loses a hole, he will only get 3 points. So, you may find that you like this golf betting game. The blind wolf challenge adds an element of intrigue to the game. Hence, the first player can be the winner or the loser. This game also consists of hypothetical situations that test the integrity of the players and put them under pressure.

The players will have to make decisions under extreme pressure. Acey Ducey Acey Ducey is a popular golf betting game in which groups of up to four players play against each other. The lowest scorer gains an agreed-upon amount from the others, while the high scorer must give the same amount to the losers.

These games can be played separately or together. There are also variations of the game that combine the two types of betting. To play Acey Ducey, you must have a minimum of three players. When betting on a golf game, the players must be aware of the rules of the game.

While most groups do not pay out on ties, others carry over the pot to the next hole. Round Robin, also known as Hollywood or Sixes, is a betting game for groups of four that involves two members of the group teaming up against the other two. The catch is that partners rotate every six holes. It's actually a compilation of lots of little bets—things such as birdies , long drive on a hole, closest to the pin on a hole are worth positive points; things such as double bogeys and hitting into water subtract points.

Each point is worth a set amount. Add up the points at the end of the round and pay up. Some groups wind up with literally dozens of things—barkies, sandies , Arnies, etc. At the end of the round, points are totaled and the differences are paid out. It's also a common tournament format for association playdays. Players rotate as the "Wolf. If the Wolf chooses 2-vs.

But the Wolf can win or lose more money by going it alone. There's a game similar to Wolf called Defender that works well for groups of three. Each golfer on a side plays his own ball, and the two scores are combined on each hole.

Not added together, but strung together. For example, the scores of one side are 4 and 5, so the team score is Set a money value for each point.

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