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Ethereum dag size 3gb

ethereum dag size 3gb

sportsplay1xbet.website › blog › post › dag-size-limit-problem-for-4gb-gpus. The reason why you will need 4GB minimum is that currently, Ethereum Classic's DAG size is a bit over GB. So while it might be possible to. This coin has no DAG-file. This means that on cards with a memory capacity of up to 3GB, it can be mined as long as the coin remains profitable;. BUY SELL SPREAD DEFINITION BETTING

A 5 year vision of the mining landscape would see a transition from general purpose GPU mining to a broader market of application specific hardware being built by current and supported by a diverse group of manufactures similar to the current GPU market. The only modification is to stop the increase of DAG size and cache size. The cache size grows linearly, however, we always take the highest prime below the linearly growing threshold in order to reduce the risk of accidental regularities leading to cyclic behavior DatasetSize is the size of the ethash mining dataset that belongs to a certain block number.

The dataset size grows linearly, however, we always take the highest prime below the linearly growing threshold in order to reduce the risk of accidental regularities leading to cyclic behavior. To set the dag growth to a number smaller than what would occur through the normal calculation. Dag generation is uneffected and will compute at epoch 64 pepeturally. Epoch 64 was selected because it included block 1,, where the mining community rallied to help ETC form and survive.

Therefore, it should be included in a scheduled hardfork at a certain block number. This is a long term PRO applicaton specific hardware proposal. If sufficient interest is not generated by manufactures in the mining field, there is risk of domination by one or more manufactures. You can find more info about the plan here.

Ethereum is a dominant cryptocurrency of the algorithm. This explains why Ethereum Classic has a relatively low hash rate. This also means that attackers just need to rent mining power from the cloud services to perform an attack. Adding more hash rate and miners could solve the problem. The reason for this is the DAG file that constantly increases in size. It helps GPUs to find block solutions, ensure the network operation, and get rewards.

So the network hash rate will go down, and it will be even easier for hackers to attack the crypto blockchain. The decision was made by the ETC Core developers during their recent call. Here is the call transcript. Ethereum Classic has recently posted about the meeting outcome on Twitter. The activation of this solution will decrease the DAG size. Here is a quote from the document. The original intent of the DAG was to provide ASIC resistance to the mining protocol in order to prevent the centralization of mining distributions and thereby provide for an objectively fair distribution of tokens.

However, the original parameters are proving too aggressive, resulting in obsoleting support for GPUs still in wide use today by miners. So the developers admit that the current DAG growth rate is too intense. This way the developers will kill two birds with one stone. Here is another quote from the document.

At the current epoch the DAG size is 3. Activating this change at epoch for example would reduce the DAG size from 3.

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And, believe it or not, this so-called mining is integral to how Ethereum and most other cryptocurrencies work. Our explanation once again will fall far on the simple side. The DAG can be thought of as a necessary piece of the puzzles being solved.

In solving a puzzle when mining, parts of the DAG are referenced and used in calculating answers. It increases at roughly. You can mine Ethereum with 3GB cards today So, the easy answer is that yes, today you can mine Ethereum using video cards with 3 GB of video ram.

Should you buy 3GB cards to mine ether or not? That might surprise you, but there are a few reasons why kitting out an Ethereum mining rig with 3 GB cards might not be a bad way to go. Both cards will work, but knowing which is the best for your situation requires due diligence. A great tool to leverage is What to Mine. Get familiar with the cost of mining rig components, performance and price of electricity to figure out ROI for your unique situation.

Now build that mining rig — 3GB cards or otherwise! As you can see, the most profitable coin at the time of writing is Ethereum Classic however, everything may change tomorrow, and Flux, or any other coin from the above, will be profitable. Next, you mine ETC or another most profitable coin available and change it to Ethereum. Of course, the ETC rate may fall, and you will receive less profit than when mining any other available coin.

Therefore, we advise you depending on your capacity to sell the mined ETC as soon as possible and change it to Ethereum. That is, it turns out: You mine Ethereum Classicdirectly to the exchange where there is Ethereum or transfer it to the exchange from another wallet to which you have been mining You sell it on the same exchange in exchange for Ethereum That's it, you have the Ether in your wallet that you "mined" Why did we focus on hashrate?

It's simple: if you have only 1 video card, then you will have to mine for example Flux for about 5 days to sell it on the stock exchange, since almost all exchanges do not give the right to trade amounts less than dollars! If you have large capacities, you can sell Flux or any other coin in exchange for Ethereum on the same day. The biggest plus is that you can leave the mined Flux coins or any others on the exchange wallet , without changing them to Ethereum.

Thus, you will not keep "all the eggs in one basket", but will expand your investment portfolio a little. It is worth noting that this method will make you often follow the profit coins, and sometimes rearrange the rig on different coins. Plus, you often have to deal with the exchange - to sell coins in exchange for Ether.

Is it worth buying Nvidia 3 GB for mining in ? It is worth noting that now there is no way to buy a new Nvidia in stores, since they have long been discontinued, and they are sold only on the Used market. It is also worth remembering 1 important thing - the amount of video memory in the video card is very important in mining!

Considering that the has only 3 GB of memory, it becomes almost not profitable! It is also worth noting that at the moment there are not so many coins left that can be mined for and they do not bring much profit at all. Therefore, based on all of the above, the Bitwork team does not recommend buying an Nvidia 3Gb video card for mining, since these are very old, low-resource and almost not profitable video cards! On the other hand, you can buy a used Nvidia 6Gb video card for mining but not worth it , since this card is still, even in , mining Ethereum and many other popular coins.

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