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Money line nba betting strategies

money line nba betting strategies

When you place a moneyline bet, you are merely betting on a team to win that matchup. There are only two potential outcomes, and you're picking. One of the best things you can do to become a profitable NBA bettor is to track your bets — everything from a point spread to moneyline to a. We've all been making moneyline wagers even before we knew what they were. With NBA moneyline betting you are simply selecting which team you think will win. BETSY PLACE INN KALIBO TO BORACAY

Based on all these factors, the bookmakers will adjust the payouts accordingly turning the percentages in favor of the better side. Sure, the winning percentage can be a factor, but not a significant one. What if the team lost several games in which they were huge favorites or among those lines? Little to gain yet much to lose. Those games could significantly alter the overall profitability. Which one is better?

On the other hand, if you like the Celtics, you could switch between money line and take the ATS bet. We know, if Boston wins by 1, you lose, but is that the likely outcome of the game? Always look for differences between money line and point spread payout odds whenever two evenly-matched teams meet.

In fact, the whole regular season is tricky to bet on as most upsets happen during this period. The playoff, how is much more predictable with many more predictable results. In April, May, and June, the top experienced teams step up and win the games in which they are the favorites. The Cavs finished fourth in the Eastern Conference with 50 wins and 32 loses yet in the playoffs, the team delivered and was crowned Eastern Conference champ.

The regular season is the time when you should maximize your profits and look for underdog upsets and big payout odds, while the NBA playoffs should be all about playing conservative and betting on the favorites. In many cases, from the start of the season till the All-Star, the top teams have their struggles both defensively and offensively. Additionally, certain teams play very well on the road while others, occasionally young or inexperienced teams, might struggle in road games.

Betting Against Favorites If you know how to do it correctly, there is money to be made in betting on the underdog. Any NBA team can defeat any of the other 29 teams in the league on a given night. To bet on a large underdog, you should be able to at least envision them potentially winning the game, and not just covering. If a favorite goes down early, their odds might drop several points in live betting.

If you can time your bet correctly, because live betting moves extremely fast, you might be able to get your bet in on a favorite at a much lower price than you could have ever dreamed of getting before the game started. With live betting you need to predict which outcomes are just momentum swings and which games are actually mismatches, where the favorite may never catch up.

If a team you want to bet on has played four games in six days, they are likely exhausted and you might want to avoid that wager. However, what if both teams are playing the second half of a back-to-back, or are both in the middle of a brutal schedule. Did one team get to rest their starters in the fourth quarter the previous night while the other team went to overtime? There are all major factors to consider when betting on NBA teams. When you are looking at betting odds the team with the minus - next to their name is the favorite, they are expected to win.

If you bet on the Grizzlies, you would need them to win by more than 1. So, if Memphis ends up winning by one point, a bet on the Grizzlies would be a loser. Alternatively, if you bet on the Wizards, they would either need to win the game or lose by less than 2 points. In general you will almost always see numbers between and Betting on the moneyline is simply betting on a winner. But all games are not created equally and the odds vary wildly from game to game.

Your bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside to bet during the course of a season. A betting unit is the amount of money you generally wager on a given bet. That does not have to be a fixed number but many people like to keep the number the same from bet to bet. You do not have to bet ten dollars on each game, however. This is your best bet of the season so far, the most confident you have been all year.

With a bet like that, you might want to consider putting multiple units on the game. Whatever your NBA betting unit is, you should always be tracking every one of your bets. That way you can tell what percentage of your bets have been winners, which teams you have had success betting on or have struggled betting against. The best bettor is a well-prepared one, so you should be doing as much research as possible before a game and then analyzing what went right or wrong after games.

If you are a Phoenix Suns fan that does not mean you need to be betting on the Phoenix Suns every game. While a Suns fan might have more information about the team than a random bettor, your love for the team can also cloud your judgment. Poor Bankroll Management Over the years, more bettors have been ruined by poor bankroll management than any other factor.

No bettor is expected to win every bet, but you need to bet within your means. Pick and choose your spots and you will see more long term success. Chasing Losses with Larger Bets Another massive mistake a bettor can make is to chase their losses by doubling down the next night.

Betting Without Research Modern online NBA betting is so accessible that it is simple to place a bet with just one or two clicks of the mouse.

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Win Every Game You Bet On in The NBA With This Strategy


NBA moneylines as fractional odds Bettors will find fractional odds commonly used as the default setting on British sportsbooks. Our betting calculator also converts fractional odds to help you better understand them. Benefits of basketball moneyline bets One of the best things about simply picking a winner is not having to worry about the margin of victory or loss that NBA point spreads pose. Moneylines are the most straightforward bet out there and take the least amount of math and homework.

Moneyline bets provide a higher payout if you back the underdog and a better chance of winning the bet altogether if you take the favorite. In many cases, moneylines are the best way to go for games when you like a favorite to win but aren't exactly comfortable laying the points. A lot of times in basketball, there is an opportunity for a "backdoor cover.

For example, suppose oddsmakers favor the Raptors by In that case, there is a good chance they won't have their starters playing in the fourth quarter. In this case, you'd wish you bet the Raptors moneyline instead of the spread, as there is an excellent chance for a backdoor cover.

NBA moneyline tips, strategies, and advice Now that you know how to read basketball moneyline odds, here are some tips and strategies to apply to your NBA betting. Avoid big favorites One of the biggest things to avoid when betting NBA moneylines is wagering on big-time favorites. Taking the Lakers at means wagering three times what you could potentially win, and in the long run, will lead to a loss in bankroll.

Look to back teams at better value who you feel are being overlooked by the books. More times than not, there is a team being offered at plus money every night on the NBA schedule should be the favorite instead. Shop for the best lines Different sportsbooks will offer different odds.

It may not seem like much on a small bet, but if you're placing bigger wagers, you'd be leaving aside plenty of return. It also doesn't hurt to create more than one sports betting account so that you can take advantage of deposit bonuses and promotions on other sites. You could accidentally place a bet on the underdog instead of the favourite you were intending to have a punt on.

Secondly is there actual value in the money line? As with any bet, knowledge of the game you are looking at having a punt on is invaluable. Is it a home or away game for the team you want to back? What is the recent history between the two teams?

Are there any injuries or suspensions to either side? Has either team recently been involved in a scandal that may affect their on court performance? Just remember, a little knowledge can go a long way. Join the Betting Planet team!

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