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Star wars expanded universe books where to start investing

star wars expanded universe books where to start investing

Star Wars #35 (May ) from the original Marvel run is often overlooked the Star Wars Expanded Universe during The Book of Boba Fett. Start by marking “Heir to the Empire (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, #1)” as Want to Read: Want to Read. This book was written to introduce and explain new and less traditional, unconventional investment strategies for your consideration. NUMBER ONE BETTING APP

Prices for this book have dropped with the recent overall market dip, and I was fortunate enough to add a newsstand edition in a CGC 9. GoCollect lists the FMV in a 9. With some patience and an eagle eye, collectors should be able to pick up a direct edition Shadows 1 in a 9. I could see Lucasfilm bringing Darth Maul back in some sort of series along with Emilia Clarke reprising her role as Qi-ra.

I lean towards issue 3 June , and both cover variants are readily available in a high grade. With his heavily-rumored appearance all but a certainty for the upcoming Ahsoka series, his first appearance comic Star Wars: Heir to the Empire 1 has reached stratospheric price heights. Grand Admiral Thrawn could see a spin-off series or movie adaptation if the character is well-received by mainstream audiences. For those collectors on a tighter budget and priced out of Heir to the Empire 1, I consider Star Wars: Thrawn 1 from February of to be an absolute bargain in the standard cover by Paul Renaud.

Prices in a CGC 9. Despite being a fairly new release, issue 1 has a relatively paltry Honorable Mention: Thrawn 6 from the same series is a must-have book for any die-hard Star Wars fan. The market seems to agree with my assessment of issue 6 since the book commands prices that are on par with issue 1. There are only 53 Universal Label 9. Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Annual — The Calm Before the Storm For a universe as popular and as well-known as Star Wars, creating a new era from scratch has been surprisingly smooth since Cavan Scott, Charles Soule and the other authors launched a series of tie-in novels and comics last year.

Phase II of The High Republic universe begins later this fall, and live-action content either on Disney Plus or in theaters is an eventual foregone conclusion. The recent comic book market drop has certainly affected High Republic keys, and now might be a great time to pick up The High Republic Adventures Annual Key issues A key comic book is defined as a comic book issue that holds a greater value or is of higher significance as compared to the others.

In most cases, key issues are usually those in which a popular character makes their first appearance. New Label: Other than the first appearances, the launch of a new label or imprint can also signify a comic book as a key issue. Well, a lot of comic books have labels not related to the main universe.

For example, Batman Damned 1 is signified as a key issue because it is known as the first comic book issue published under a Black Label imprint. New Universe: Furthermore, comic books mark the beginning of a Universe within a given publisher. For Example, Detective Comic brings the famous laughing fish and an iconic cover. Distinctive Series: These comic books allow a character to be in their own distinctive series with their own parent name.

They are the books that mark a character in their own first titular series. The plot in cinematic verse: With lots of comic book movies making their way to cinemas, the books that serve as the basic plot of a movie are also referred to as key issues. For instance, the inspiration for the first Hellboy movie is Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, and the inspiration for the brilliant cinematic masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, became the Knightfall storyline.

Why Key issues are so Important? These key issues usually carry so much significance that the fans dig them, which is why they are much in demand and carry a high value. Typically, key issues are 10 to 20 percent more expensive compared to their predecessors and sequels. Nowadays, only a number of key issues come out every year. Either they mark the end of an ongoing series, big crossover events, deaths, or infrequent first appearances. A proportion of more expensive key comic book issues usually fits in more than one series such as Action Comics.

They not only mark the origin story of the Man of Steel Superman and his beloved Lois Lane, but also the origin story of Superman. Apart from these, such a key issue may also be the first-ever issue of the long-running Action Comics, the first in modern comics, as well as the foundation of the DC Comics Universe. Value Variables The value of a comic book depends on a lot of factors.

If we consider these factors, we can easily determine the value of a comic book and whether it is a worthy investment or not. These value variables also play a role in determining the demand of a comic book on the market. Age: Like all collectibles, the true value of a comic book can be determined by its age. The older a comic book is, the more value it is likely to have.

In terms of age, comic historians divide comic books into four eras. The Golden Age ranges from The Silver age and Bronze Age range from and , respectively. Currently, we have the Modern Age, which ranges from to the present. Comic book prices may vary in terms of age. Golden Age comic books are generally more expensive than Silver Age, and vice versa. Henceforth, the older the comic book, the more value it is supposed to have. The older the comic book means that only a few mixed numbers of books are on the market alongside increasing demand.

These classic characters are very unlikely to suffer from a recession and lose their price in the market. Hence, their prices are less prone to fluctuate on a daily basis alongside less associated risk. As the character gains popularity, more fans and collectors are looking for their associated collectibles such as antique toys. However, the prices of certain issues may vary as comic books that feature the first appearances of characters are much more expensive, comparatively.

However, there are some exceptions in which some Silver Age comic books are relatively pricier than the Golden Age ones. For example, The Amazing Fantasy 15, which belongs to the Silver Age, marks as the most expensive comic book ever sold. The grading company: When it comes to preserving and preventing a comic book from demand, grading is a must-have.

Comic book grading is sealing a comic book in a tight hard shell plastic case, while mentioning the condition of a comic book on top of it. These grading companies determine the true value of comics in a much-standardized 10 point grading scale. One of the best pieces of advice you can give to a new investor is to get into graded comic books as they have standardized pricing and are easier to estimate compared to a raw comic.

Graded comic books enjoy a higher demand in the market and are less prone to lose their grade or condition. When it comes to graded comics, the grading companies play an important role at determining the price of a comic book. These two companies have a significantly higher market cap and more demand. Comic books graded by CGC have a much higher price tag.

In fact, CGC is the most respected and highly trusted grading company among collectors out there. In terms of long-term investment, graded comics are easier to handle, much secure, and less prone to lose their grade over time. Another plus point of graded comics is that they can be insured. Scarcity: The scarcity of a comic book plays an important role in pricing. If a comic book is rare and even less sightly, it is more likely to be sold at a much higher price because a lot of collectors would pay a fine just to have that book in their collection.

The number of comic books on the market can easily affect the value — by quite a lot. In the collectible market, supply and demand play an important role; you should consider these factors before investing. Collectors and enthusiasts love rare comic books. It is a vast field; there are a lot of factors that determine the actual price of a comic book. Overall awareness of that particular comic book, its character, and the events in the book are the things to consider. It is on you to decide whether your comic book is in low supply because it is rare or so irrelevant and less in demand that no one is sending it for grading.

If you want to determine the supply of comic books, population or grading company reports is the way to go. You can access these reports to determine the scarcity of your comic book. An eBay sold listing is also a good way to determine the scarcity of a comic book. Population reports are among the finest tools for a comic book investor.

Use these reports to compare comic books and find the rarest and hottest comic book out there. Buying raw vs graded: When it comes to buying comic books, you can buy books graded by a renowned company or a book in raw condition.

Raw comic books can help you grow as a beginner since you can buy five raw comic books compared to a single graded comic book. You can easily brush up on your skills as an investor and get acquainted with the industry by using raw comic books; but if you are looking for long-term investments, you should go with graded comic books.

However, it is much better to start with raw comics and then move on to graded comic books after you have gained experience. Surface, corners, edges, creases, and centering: When buying raw comics, always pay good attention to the details. Focus on the spine, page color, creases, folds, edges, smudges, and corners of the comic book.

Try to buy comic books in pristine condition without any nuisance that might affect their grade. We also advise paying attention to the condition of the graded case as well. Check for any fall marks on the case, cracks, or anything suspicious. Grading is a subjective process that entails the human factor. Comic books are graded by people based on their condition. Nowadays, a lot of scammers try to open the graded case and put cheap knockoff copies inside.

Determining the condition and the grade of a comic book is a difficult process, but you can acquire this skill over time. Always focus on the condition of a raw comic book and then send it to a grading company for grading. Cultural relevance: Cultural significance plays an important role in determining the demand for comic books in a market. For example, American old war comics are much in demand because they are a source of how great America is.

When Superman lost to Muhammad Ali also has cultural relevance among all the avid basketball and Muhammad Ali fans. Character: The main protagonist plays an important role in estimating the short-term fluctuations of a comic book.

You can always keep track of the character in a particular book and its relevance to the market. Keep track of the features of that character. Check if there is an upcoming movie in the works, a TV show, a video game, or something new. Relevant characters are always in demand. Their appearances are one of the most important factors in causing both short-term and long-term fluctuations of comic books that feature the character.

Your negotiation tactics: When it comes to dealing in something or buying and selling, negotiation is the key whether you are dealing in person or online. However, if you develop a good relationship with a seller or buy from them more than once, you can ask for a lower price and get complementary discounts. Nostalgic elements: Nostalgia is one of the important drivers when it comes to human behavior and it plays an important role in the world of collectibles.

Many people have some sort of sentimental value attached to some characters and comics. Characters like Superman, Batman, Mickey Mouse, and a lot of other characters have sentimental value in the hearts of people. People collect these characters because they played with them when they were younger or it brings them inspiration and a sense of hope. For example, old American war comics are a sign of nostalgia from Superman defeating the Nazis to helping American soldiers win the war. Demand Demand is a crucial factor when it comes to the pricing of a comic book.

If the demand of the particular character is depreciating, then, it is very likely that your comic book will lose its value. Always remember that the actual value of your comic books is how much someone is willing to pay for them. If a lot of people want to buy your comic books, they will likely gain value.

If no one wants your comic book or there are plenty of them on the market with less demand, then it will be worth less. Consider options outside of comic books The most basic and crucial rule in terms of investing is to invest in multiple subjects.

If you invest in multiple assets, it eliminates the risk of losing all of your wealth. For example, if you invest in six different comic books you have six chances to gain profit. Creating a comic book is quite a comprehensive process as it includes a lot of different things from drafting the plot to designing the thumbnail sketches. Afterward, come the original drawings, the coloring, and dialogue. Original art as the name suggests are the actual pages on which the artist worked to generate the book.

Generally, original art are the white oversized pages that are a part of the comic. They can either be the cover or even the interior page. Many comic book collectors refer to the original art as traditional art because it comes from a physical medium.

It can be some sort of canvas, paper, or even wood. Like every industry, the comic book industry has evolved as many artists nowadays work digitally and on soft copies. It is original art; it has just evolved a bit.

Other than comic books, original art is also a good form of investment and very likely to depreciate as compared to comic books. Original art is usually one of a kind with a lot of competition surrounding it. You can buy original art from the artists themselves or you can buy it off a website. Many comic book artists simply sell their art on their websites.

Apart from buying sketches from the respective artist, you can simply buy original art from an auction through websites like Hakes, eBay, Heritage Auctions, Comiclink, or ComicConnect, etc. Places to buy Back in the s, comic books were usually sold in newsstands, toy stores, grocery stores, and bookstores. But like every industry, the comic book industry has also evolved as most retailers are selling their comic books on the internet.

There are hundreds of ways to buy comic books in the modern age. For newer ones, You can subscribe to vendors or read them online. When it comes to buying collectibles, there are hundreds of ways to buy your desired comic book.

Like all the businesses out there in the era of social distancing and Covid, a lot of comic book collectors and vendors are now dealing online. You can buy your desired comic books in the desired condition just by sitting in your house and ordering online. Selling and buying a comic book is fairly easy given the wide variety of sources.

There are comic book forms out there. These forums are flooded with thousands of comic book vendors who are buying and selling comic books. These gatherings have thousands of stalls at which a lot of vendors are dealing in comic books. Research tools Researching is one of the most important factors when it comes to investing.

Whether you are investing in comics, stocks, or even real estate, research is important. Always research before investing as it minimizes the risk of losing your investment. When it comes to the comic book market, you have a wide variety of options and tools to properly conduct your research.

As the name suggests, Overstreet is a comic book price guide that features the current price of a comic book in the respective grade. Ever since , Overstreet has standardized the comic book prices to a certain level. However, Overstreet is an annually published comic book price guide so it is prone to fluctuations in the prices of different comic books.

Nonetheless, it pretty much gives a raw idea of what the cost of the comic book should be.

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Star Wars Expanded Universe Book Collection

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