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Julia kiran csgo betting

julia kiran csgo betting

Julia "Juliano" Kiran ; Juliano was born on Nov 04, so he is 28 yo Scorpio ♏. ; Juliano has sportsplay1xbet.website and sportsplay1xbet.website equals according to CQ-Esports. Julia "juliano" Kiran (born November 4, ) is a retired Swedish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike player. they are not at the level of the biggest CSGO majors – all of which are open for women Julia Kiran (@juliakiran) November 21, NUGGETS ODDS TO WIN NBA TITLE

When writing, she is a part of Nigma Galaxy Female. The latter is one of the best teams in the world because it won multiple events in Vilga is one of the world's most experienced professional CSGO players and one of the big reasons why this game is so popular among female players.

According to the official information, zAAz had a professional team back in , which is impressive, to say the least. Sadly, the legendary player decided to retire in , which means her last team is XSET. Unsurprisingly, the year-old rifler won numerous important events over the years.

The year-old Swedish player had a glamorous CSGO career because she was a part of many top-tier teams. She had the chance to play alongside the best players in the world, which explains why she won many significant events. Even though she won many big events, her last major success was in , when she and her team won the WESG Female North America championship.

IEM Rio Showmatch - Brazilian vs Swedish Legends Her team has always been one of the forces that others reckon with, which explains why it won many events. For example, the team finished first at DreamHack Showdown Winter and in the summer version of the tournament in North America. How much did Juliano earn tournament prize money? This amount does not include advertising revenue. Personal life Julia is single and never was married.

Now she is focused exclusively on her career and does not enter into a long-term relationship. Curious facts about Juliano Which team does Julia Kieran play on? With this line-up, she participated only in The Fight Before Christmas tournament, where the guys won third place. What kind of car does Julia have? Porsche Panamera. Only two tournaments won in was enough to buy. How did the nickname Juliano appear? As Julia herself admitted, this is the first thing that came to mind. Yes, the previously mentioned eDPI is not the most common mouse config.

Usually, to calculate the value, the DPI is multiplied by a factor of two, but for the girl, it is set to She came to the smaller figure empirically. The player does not disclose the reasons for this choice. Does she have social media accounts? Julia runs Instagram, Twitter, has a Twitch channel, and a Facebook profile. By the way, on her Instagram, you will not find videos from games — there is only personal life.

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