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Watch barbaro a nation horse online betting

watch barbaro a nation horse online betting

Delaware Park online horse racing betting and wagering rebates at Off both won their career debuts at Delaware (Barbaro did it on the grass at ). A full field of 20 horses will line up for the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Of course, Matz was the trainer of Derby winner Barbaro. Barbaro. In the Preakness, the second leg of the Triple Crown held at the Pimlico Race Course in Maryland, a horse named Barbaro suffered an injury. UNDER 19 CRICKET WORLD CUP BETTING ODDS

Many Kentucky Derby online betting sites are already operational in anticipation of the big day. The Date and the Venue Falling in line with the tradition and the races that have been run thus far, the 2km race track in Churchill Downs will be the next central stage for the famous Kentucky Derby. As it stands right now, the race will be held on Saturday, May 7, Will someone finally redefine history in ? Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby in Photo by the Associated Press.

Bobby got a nice basket of baby carrots with green tops, His favorite. You all are truly amazing people. We love you. We Believe! Here is a photo album put together for Mike Rea and everyone supporting him. Mike is continuing his recovery: Hair Trim Today. It includes the following excerpt: "He made my job real easy, he had tons of speed, but he wasn't real crazy about it," said Baze, who was aboard Lost in the Fog for 13 of his 14 career starts.

Just a very nice, easy horse to ride. Update New Bolton's latest Barbaro update: Barbaro remains a happy, comfortable horse : Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro remains comfortable according to veterinarians at Penn's George D. Widener Hospital. Dean Richardson, Chief of Surgery. Richardson, there is no assurance that he will surmount all of his medical problems. His strength and overall appearance have been improving since he became well enough to be walked outside each day.

The next update will be posted on Tuesday, August 29 unless there is a significant change in Barbaro's condition. Also, the Cartoon Caption Contest ends tomorrow at 2 pm eastern. Some great entries so far. Its short, and includes the following: Lost in the Fog, who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer at at the University of California at Davis last week, remains his normal, aggressive self in his stall at Golden Gate Fields.

He was featured on wire 2 wire, with some barn footage hand walking round the shedrow and eating in his stall. I will try to find out of it was current footage, but he looked fine for sure if it was. Update Jeannine Edwards just texted me, she is currently taping wire 2 wire, which is scheduled for ESPN2 at 2 pm today. There is going to be coverage on Barbaro and Lost in the Fog. Update Another comfortable night for Barbaro last night monday night. Got the news coming back from my third set as I saw Michael Matz who had just heard from Dr.

Another beautiful morning here in Fair Hill. Discussed here. This weeks racing focus will switch to the Travers , which will be part of a two hour broadcast on ESPN, from 5 - 7 pm on saturday. The Travers is restricted to three year olds like the triple crown , and unlike the Pacific Classic which was for older horses.

The favorite will likely be Bernadini, the easy winner of the Jim Dandy. Bluegrass Cat comfortable winner of the Haskell will probably be second choice. I will try to get more insight into this race over the next few days. The press is even back in town We put on our caterer's hat again today, but for the first time, it was lunch. We delivered pizzas, salads and soda for all the very hungry staff. They were all very excited and send their thanks to all who contributed. The pizzas were gone in minutes!

We had a special side of carrots and treats for our boy, because he should be pampered as well. Thanks to everyone, lunch was a lot of fun, and very much appreciated! Dave Letell reported on Bobby's last work for the Kentucky Derby timestamo pm : Why Barbaro is a "Superhorse" and how he crushed the best field in the "Derby" in the last thirty-five years. Barbaro had an unconventional breeze at Churchill-fast and a very long stride over 25 feet.

His internal speed figures were super, best of the week. Barbaro never really quickened--he simply extended his long stride down the stretch and showed complete superiority. He had a stride length of 24 feet going into the first turn, on the backstretch and on the far turn. He maintained the same basic speed for each quarter to the end--but when he hit the stretch, he extended his stride length to Thus, he covered the last quarter in fewer strides than he took for each previous quarter.

For another horse to beat him that horse would have to have been on even terms at the quarter pole and had a stride length of a minimum of 25 feet down the stretch. And that would have been a real stretch. I remember Peter Brette describing this breeze, basically saying it seemed he took four strides down the lane. Richardson is the surgeon treating Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro; he was assisted in today's surgery by Dr.

James Orsini, Dr. Jessica Dahlberg and Dr. Liberty Getman. However, the radius was shattered in too many pieces to allow accurate reconstruction, so we used a single plate to partially stabilize it. He will have to take good care of himself. She was with Michael Matz as Michael was grazing Barbaro. All is well. Kathy then provided a quick "Bearbaro" report she said it not me. Apparently there are plenty of media trucks at New Bolton following this story.

Kathy saw Alcor being lifted back into his refrigerated truck, post surgery, I guess going elswhere for recovery. Wow, update , who knew! Update A nice Barbaro editorial halfway through this article , quite refreshing. I am hoping to get another Barbaro update later today, Kathy Anderson said she might visit, she has not been able to visit for a little while. Anna has a nice image of my reporting endevours!

Update I am playing around with the search feature on the site. Please leave a comment below if the site is not displaying properly for you i. A couple of Lost in the Fog tributes, the first is over at J. Carson Black: Lost in the Fog. That's what helps endure all kinds of weather.

Who knew what time her story would tell, As Barbaro gets better to bid farewell. While our Bobby enjoys more freedom each day, Grazing on grass and prize Timothy mix hay. He understands what it means for best friends apart. He whinnies so softly that you're just as smart. He'll whisper some prayers your pain stays at bay. Let His Light of Hope keep fears and doubts away. He knows what it is like to suffer the blues, He wishes so much better recovery cues.

Though times may be tough in the weeks ahead, Maybe months left to rest in your special bed. Just enjoy your time breathing fresh air and love. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that plays a tribute for you, You were the best sprinter of any horse we knew. Until Barbaro came of age and ran alongside your race. In sleep's dreams you'll relive Bay Shore's first place. Spending quiet times with your traineris more reward. Why do you mean so much to Greg?

Is a horse more than speed of leg? Are they not greater than horse flesh by name? Why do we find it so hard to understand, The answer stares squarely upon one's own hand. A horsewhisper for Barbaro can clearly foresee, These two extraordinary horses are like you and me. Continuing Lost In the Woods tribute he finds, These immortal words that might change others' minds-- "More respect for this horse than most people I deal with" "If he were human The two will find time like Mike Matz and Barbaro.

The bond between trainer and horse beyond high and low. Let us not shed sorrowful tears today, Rather rejoice in their union as we pray. If there's something to learn when all's said and done, Barbaro's Champion spirit sends blessings to everyone. R and his new patient, Alcor. Update Another comfortable night last night for Barbaro sunday night. Just saw Michael Matz as I was heading to the track on my third set. He had just spoken to Dean Richardson who also noted that he is planning to prepare for surgery on the polar bear today.

It's an absolutely gorgeous morning here at Fair Hill although my early guiding light, the moon, seems to have all but disappeared. The following are excerpts: "He's been very, very good on his legs," said Dr. Dean Richardson, his surgeon and the man who leads him outside each day. He's improving. Richardson warned that Barbaro was hardly out of the woods and that a full recovery would not be evident for months.

Still, he said he was encouraged by the progress. On July 13, Dr. Richardson had to compose himself when he announced that laminitis had ravaged Barbaro's left hind hoof wall and that the chances of survival were poor. Now, his hoof wall is growing back, and his fractured right hind leg appears to be mending, Dr.

Richardson said. But he cautioned that until the cast was removed, he could not be certain the leg would be strong enough to bear Barbaro's weight. Richardson, echoing the prognosis he gave May 21, after performing an operation on the colt's leg for more than five hours. Now, if you would have asked me the same question six weeks ago, I would have told you they were a lot -- a lot -- less than that.

The foam sneaker is changed daily as the veterinarians continue to watch for the regrowth of his hoof wall. An excerpt: He didn't want to go and he's a guy who loves going to the sales. You can't blame the trainer for that. He wanted desperately to be there so he could be with Lost in the Fog, the best horse he ever trained. Update Lost in the Fog returns home.

Excerpt: Dr. Don Smith, the colt's veterinarian, said the Eclipse Award sprinter was his normal, aggressive self when he returned to the barn and had eaten well after his arrival. Update Steve Willard just called. He was with Giacomo as he called about one hour after the Pacific Classic.

He said it just was not his day. Giacomo is cooling out well, he looks good and is walking well. He should be considered a top contender for the Breeders Cup Classic at this point, although they did mention they may consider a turf race next. Perfect Drift and Giacomo did not appear to really get into the race, finishing fourth and fifth.

Will try to learn more later. There was also a quick clip on Barbaro, good to see it on the big screen it was part of the Penn video clip. A nice post on the discussion board on Dancing In My Dreams , who had faced a similar surgery to Barbaro. We noted her first foal's success in update Finally, another lovely tribute to Lost in the Fog: Tribute to a Champion. Update Another quick story to follow in the Pacific Classic.

He noted the sad story of Cozy Guy. Jeannine Edwards spoke with the owners and e-mailed me: they are extremely excited and said this is like being in the KY Derby! They are from the San Diego area and have always dreamed of running a horse at Del Mar. It will be a great race. All is go for today's big race from the Giacomo camp. I just spoke to Steve Willard his exercise rider who has been providing us training updates for the last few days.

He is pretty upbeat. Giacomo hand walked today walked around the shedrow. He's been cleaned up by the barn foreman Frank , and is now relaxing in his stall as I type. He will be led over to the receiving barn about fifteen minutes ahead of the time that he will be led over to the paddock with the other runners. Steve has positive feelings for the race, everything has pretty much set up the way they want it to be.

Steve said it looks to be a great older horse race, with Lava Man and Perfect Drift who Giacomo just beat in his last start at a less favourable distance for Giacomo among the eight entries. Anyway, I want to thank Steve for giving us a little insight into the preparation of Giacomo, and wish him and the rest of this quality field the best of racing luck. Jeannine Edwards provided us a great update about tonight coverage in Update and Joe Deegan has also weighed in from Perfect Drift's camp update Update A little "housekeeping".

Given the overwhelming response of poems, videos and other content created by everyone, I am no longer going to be able to keep up with it all in these updates and on the fan media page this is a good thing. Melissa Harden is also collecting all the creative work at: For the love of Barbaro. Melissa will get the content from the discussion boards, and you can also e-mail Melissa your work javaellybob charter. This site has now served more than 1.

You will notice we have now signed up for the google adwords program google ads. This will help defray costs associated with the site, and we will also allocate a portion of the earnings to a charity appropriate for this site. We will be very transparent re: the site earnings and what we do with the money.

With current traffic we estimate the google ads. Update Another comfortable night last night for Barbaro saturday night. I had a nice long chat with Michael as he was ponying a horse and Stephanie back from the woodchip track. Richardson showed Michael the left hind foot yesterday and it appears to be doing whatever it should be doing at this stage of its "recovery".

Michael also noted he walks sound as we saw on the Barbaro grazing video and is starting to gain some weight. A tribute to Lost in the Fog. Update : Many of you have shown interest in Perfect Drift, also running tomorrow in the Pacific Classic. I just spoke with his exercise rider, Joe Deegan, who was boarding a plane I think when we spoke I think.

Joe reports Perfect Drift is training well and is as good as he has ever been right now. He has settled in really well at Del Mar and should be a major factor. He was twice second in the Pacific Classic so they are hoping to put that right. He is a gelding, and is a big strong horse. He is a tough horse and you have to be careful around him. Anyway, in sum, Joe reports his is training well and should put in a big effort tomorrow.

The following is an excerpt: I did see Steve this morning before he got on Giacomo, we had a nice chat. It seems they're all pretty excited about Giacomo's chances tomorrow. I can tell you he looks fantastic! Always been a big, eye-catching horse, but he's really blossomed into a he-man since last year.

Nice to hear that all his little problems seem to be behind him. Someone else who looks fantastic is Perfect Drift, what a cool horse he is. He loves travelling, loves seeing different places, and nothing fazes him. He's a handsome brute of guy. You'd never know he's 7. He spends each winter at his owner Dr. Reed, and being a horse. Trainer Murray Johnson said Perfect Drift knows he's officially "off duty" when he gets to the farm.

If ever a horse deserves credit for running his heart out every single race, it's Perfect Drift. And by the way, he's by Barbaro's sire Dynaformer, and he has the same head and face as Barbaro. Only Perfect Drift's ears are bigger!

It's going to be a great race. We will also have in the show a feature on Giacomo, an interview with his owners Jerry and Ann Moss , a Lava Man feature and interview with his owners, and a report on poor Lost In The Fog. Incredibly sad. Hard to get a grasp of this I remember seeing him at Saratoga last year, and playing with him over his webbing.

He was a very personable, inquisitive colt who took his owner and trainer on a remarkable journey last year It will be a very sad day when he leaves us. Jeannine forgot to mention which she confirmed in a subsequent e-mail that there will be a Barbaro update during the show tomorrow.

Some of you have pointed out that Sabina has posted a few new pictures of Barbaro! Update Peter Brette just called, he visited Barbaro at about 1 pm today. All remains well. He gave him a good brush. He pretty much confirmed Bobby had been out grazing everyday since he first started grazing. Peter and Michael will be on grazing duty next week I think. All was quiet when we dropped off our goodies this afternoon, but that is normal for a Saturday.

Our prayers and thoughts are with LITF and his family. May he be comfortable in his final time at home with his family. On a lighter note, Alie, my son Jacob and I had the wonderful duty of delivering a special gift to Alex this morning, from many of the TWR web family. He was absolutely wonderful to talk to and was graciuos enough to let my son meet a couple of the horses he's 4 and now thanks to Barbaro, a horse fanatic. We took a couple pictures and I will forward them to Alex to do with as he pleases.

Alex, again, thank you for all that you do and for taking the time to meet with us this morning. We hope you enjoy your gifts. PS - Before you all start calling, we don't have any fish on hand for the polar bear!! Rachel It was fun meeting Alie, Rachel and Jacob. I really get a kick out of seeing how easy it is to entertain people around horses. And of course, all your generosity is amazing, I was pretty overwhelmed, but very thankful! I did decide to regift the basket of goodies, I asked Annie from Michael Matz if she would give it to Eduardo, Bobby's groom.

She was delighted to do so. I will plan another Whip gathering very soon! Again, thank you, it means a lot. Update Steve Willard Giacomo's exercise rider just called to provide us an update for Giacomo as he prepares for Sunday's Pacific Classic. Everything is a go. He had his last gallop before the big race and will likely tack walk or jog tomorrow morning.

Steve noted his training today was similar to the last two days. He jogged back anti-clockwise a mile and a quarter. He turned around and galloped a mile and a half. Everything feels fine, he is training forwardly and feels good. A couple of people have mentioned to Steve that they have been reading these reports, which is pretty cool. I will plan to contact Steve and get one more update before the big race tomorrow. A few people have asked why I am covering Giacomo specifically for the Pacific Classic.

I chose Giacomo because like Bobby, he's a Derby winner! Don't forget, we are planning a Barbaro vigil, 7 pm east coast time tonight. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, spare some thoughts for Barbaro. Update Peter Brette may be visiting Barbaro today. If he does, I will follow up and get a report. I just saw Lisa, Better Talk Now's exercise rider. He is doing well after the Arlington Million. He has be out twice training across the fields.

He will likely do that for a week. They are considering the Melbourne Cup as an option for him later in the fall. That would be TOO cool! I created a separate folder on the discussion forums for Lost in the Fog. Richardson is getting ready to operate on a polar bear!

The following is an excerpt: Dr. Dean Richardson will operate on Alcor, the pound polar bear with two badly broken bones just above his right paw, sometime next week at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, where Barbaro is being treated, officials said. I saw Michael Matz on my third set, we were behind the gate. The conversation behind the gate quickly turned to Lost in the Fog.

Very sad. I want to thank Russell Baze for the time he gave me last night to provide us an interview, and some insight into The Fog. I also learned, after the interview, that not only did Russell ride seven winners yesterday, but he is on a nine race streak!

The two year old I was riding was gate schooling. It was only his second time. We walked through the gate a couple of times, then walked him in, stood him and closed up the gates. We then opened them up, he walked out, nice and straight. He was very good for a second time visitor to the gate.

I did learn this morning about his pedigree from his owner. I used to gallop his mother, and she is now I rode him in every race he ran bar one. He was a real genuine horse to be around. He was the best horse I have ridden throughout his career. He did everything, against allcomers. His temperament, ability and enthusiasm were unmatched. He had natural speed. He was so quick out of the gate, but he did not need the lead. He had a lot of natural speed, you could sit back and relax, switch leads in the turn, and keep going when most horse were stopping.

He would ship everywhere to run. Just a very rare racehorse. Greg trainer and Harry owner have done an exemplary job with this horse. Throughout the horse's career he has always given his best, now looking back its amazing how well he ran in Churchill his win this year , knowing what we know now about the horse.

It's all very sad, but he is shipping back to Golden Gate and I will be fortunate to get to see him one more time. He has really been important to me as you can imagine. I asked Russell what his barn name is: The Fog I asked about any idiosynchrosies: he's agressive, and displays it, especially before races trying to bite the pony on the way to the gate Update I just spoke to Russell Baze, Lost in the Fog's jockey who also happened to ride seven winners today. I will post our interview tomorrow once I have typed it up and run it by Russell.

I thought I would highlight this comment from Bubbranch, timestamp: pm: I got to watch his work at Golden Gate Fields in prior to shipping to Belmont for Breeder's Cup. The track was closed so he could work alone, and a ton of employees spread out along the rail to watch. By chance an acquaintance of mine saw me in the public box and said come on over here, we picked out a spot on the rail, and then Hary Aleo and his daughter came along and stood right next to us, right next to me.

If I had burped I would have bumped elbows with him. Will never forget how I could feel - physically, like a tingle transmitted - his excitement, pride, and affection for this horse, and I got a great taste of what it must be like to have a truly spectacular horse. I hope that feeling never goes away for him, and that he's comforted by that and everyone's sincere support. A transcript will be available on monday. LITF's trainer and vet are online for the teleconference.

Vet: Unfortunately two more tumours in his abdomen, and another very large tumour along the roof of his back, about the size of a football not that shape. This one cannot be removed surgically. His condition is terminal.

Trainer: He is not in a lot of pain, he just gets uncomfortable at times. The end is inevitable, and do not want the horse to go through things he does not need to. Want to provide some final quality of life, pampered and cared for with his own people around him.

He won't take it too far. Aleo owner , Harry is a tough old guy, but this is bringing him to his knees. LITF is a hell of a warrior. I typed the above as I was listening, I missed some stuff. Thanks Alex Fleming, who reported this in the comments, timestamp 20 pm and alerted us to the situation: Gilchrist was on TVG at 6pm EST and announced he will be brought back to GGF in his stall with his groom to keep him comfortable during his last week.

He did not want to euthanize him up at Davis where he would be all alone. He will be cremated and be buried at Ocala Florida where he started his life. I am borderline obsessed with my favorite horse, and I am devastated. Update Peter just called pm , Barbaro remains well, Michael had just visited and called Peter. It does not appear yet we have any updates for Lost in the Fog.

We know today is a big day for him. I have left a message with Russell Baze's agent in the hopes Russell will share some words with us about his relationship with Lost in the Fog. Shelley Haysed left this message in the comments: Good afternoon, everyone out there on pins and needles - I only have a minute and found Cheryl's hopefully!!

Guess they have no idea what they're in for I think the vigil yesterday was very powerful and I have all hopes for another miracle. Bless Bobby for his power. We also posted a link last night to Barbaro Livingston's pictures, here it is again: Lost in the Fog.

Update Steve Willard Giacomo's exercise rider just called and all remains well as Giacomo continues his preparations for the Pacific Classic. His training today was very much the same as yesterday. He came onto the track at about am. He actually hand walks before he trains, he then gets to eat a little bit and rest up. Training later also ensures a quieter race track.

Once on the track, Giacomo stood for 4 - 5 minutes, and then jogged the wrong way left handed for a mile and a quarter. He turned in, and around and galloped a mile and a half. He was a little more relaxed today overall in his gallop. He then jogged back to the gap, all was well. He has had plenty of visits from fans in the area, getting their picture taken with him and so forth as a Derby winner should.

John his trainer is very happy to let people visit him. The barn is conveniently located near the stable gate. For those in the Del Mar area, you can watch the morning training from the grandstand, Giacomo should be out again about am tomorrow. Their coverage will also include Barbaro coverage. I was just driving back in to Fair Hill for my third set when I saw Michael's crew heading up to the track.

I stopped, got out of my truck, asked the inevitable question, and got the good, positive response. There appears to be a pretty obvious upbeat mood within the barn judging by the poor jokes being cracked at my reporting efforts! I had a break after my second set and thought I would try to describe the morning activities thus far.

For the first set we left the barn at about am, there were two us of, Linsey and I, on two two year olds. It was pretty dark out for sure, and the tractors were still working on the main dirt track note to self, are we starting a little early at this point? We thus had to go to the inner wood chip track my two year old had not been there before.

We jogged back a mile counter clockwise together, and basically followed the tractors that were on the outer track, they had big lights on them, which helped! There was one other horse out on the woodchip track, and I kept looking to see if he was going to gallop by us it would have likely set our horses off a little.

Fortunately we met no horse traffic. We turned them around after jogging back a turn, and galloped a turn together. On the way home there was a fox cub, ON the horsepath. Then he just wandered off to about 10 foot away, as if to say, what the heck are you doing at this time of morning! My second set went out back across the fields. OK, so now it was beautiful.

The sun was just rising, and it was a lovely sunrise, and there was a low mist coming from the damp grass although it beats me how the grass gets damp, we have not had rain for ages and the ground is rock hard! Anyway, Deer everywhere, which is usual if you are first to take a horse outback, which meant my horse was scooting around a little, but he does enjoy jogging up and down the low gradient hills.

OK, I think we may have a couple of visitors today, which will be great. I have about six more to ride. The Barbaro update may come at its usual early time, OR it might be around ish. I am not riding my third set at the usual time now which is when I normally run into Michael after he hears from Dean.

I just wanted to let you know. Update A few of you have set up web-sites in honour of Barbaro. I may not have highlighted them all, please e-mail me your web-site URL and I will compile them all into an update and add them to the Fan Media page. Sharonlynn is planning to purchase the original for the Jackson's, and make copies for those connected to Barbaro. Update Barbara Livingston just put this album together of Lost in the Fog.

Gilchrist is as kind and generous an individual as I've ever met I just put this together. I'll try to add more, perhaps at the end of the weekend. Thanks Barbara. They were digging into the baskets of goodies as soon as we got there today! There were a few staff members bustling about and when I asked how things were the reply was that "they were doing good work here" Like we didn't know.

The respect they have for all animals continues to amaze me. Things are rolling right along for Dr R's day. The cake and ice cream are now all taken care of for those who have asked. We're getting really excited, and hope that it is a big surprise As always, thank you to all of you! I asked how Giacomo got his name, Cheryl was first with the answer timestamp: pm , followed by Jen pm. He is named after Sting's son.

Update Just spoke to Peter Brette pm and all remains well with Barbaro. Michael had just called him and Michael is at New Bolton now visiting Barbaro. One day at a time! Update I just spoke to Steve Willard, Giacomo's exercise rider, to get an update on Giacomo today. This is what he had to say: Giacomo is a happy camper.

He is currently grazing outside his barn am pacific time after training this morning. He stood in for a while, as he normally does, then set off the wrong way to jog a mile and a quarter. He turned in, stood a while, then turned around and galloped a mile and a half. He was a little fresh at the beginning of the gallop and wanted to do more, but then settled down nicely and relaxed.

He came home well. A nice routine training day for Giacomo as he gets ready for the Pacific Classic on sunday. He is the second choice on the morning line and has drawn post 4 of 8. Steve did not think the draw mattered much for Giacomo as he will come from behind. Steve talked about how he got his name, does anyone know the story? If not, I'll post tomorrow. For those looking for more background information on Lost in the Fog, this is a good article: Lost in the Fog in critical race Career already finished, cancer threatens survival.

I remember one time seeing an interview with someone connected with Lost in the Fog and was asked why he was restricted to sprinting versus going for classic distances. I think the answer was simply he was very good at it. He was pretty close to being seriously considered for 3yo of the year going into the Breeders Cup!

Update Given that it appears Lost in the Fog is undergoing an examination tomorrow, friday , to determine his prognosis, we are planning a vigil for tonight, 7 pm east coast time. Whereever you are, whatever you are doing, spare a bit of time for Lost in the Fog. Update I did catch up with Barclay Tagg this morning and asked him a few questions about his horses, and one about the Jackson's.

He jogged off great and jogged one turn of the track. It looks like he has come out of his race well. Barclay is thinking two more races for him this year, but this plan is tentative. I asked Barclay how the Jackson's were doing and what it is like training for them. He clearly enjoys training for them, he said they really deserve good forture Barbaro's progress, Showing Ups performances etc. He noted that you could not ask for nicer people to train for, they let you do your job and are very open.

Finally I asked Barclay about Funny Cide. While he is being pointed for the Woodward September 2 towards the end of the Saratoga meet, Barclay believes a mile and a quarter is his best trip Woodward is a mile and an eighth. There is a race in Hoosier Downs I think September 30 that they are looking at closely. Again, all remains tentative. Barclay then went on to tell some very funny stories as he does.

He would make a great book! Barbaro has had a very good week. Richardson also reports that Barbaro is no longer using the sling. The sling is only bearing the horse's weight when he wants it to, and Barbaro's comfort level has improved to the point that he was not using the sling to support his weight.

The next update will be posted on Tuesday, August 22 unless there is a significant change in Barbaro's condition. Just walked over to get the news from Michael Matz after I came off my third set this morning.

He mentioned that Bobby was out grazing for minutes yesterday. Also, Barclay Tagg is in town for a couple of days. I will try to get an interview with him a little later. Meanwhile, another spectacular morning in Fair Hill today. Sweeney: "We who see him every day know he has been moving well and looking pleased and happy," and "He's gotten down to where he's getting almost nothing," she said of pain management.

A massage, some sunshine, fresh grass in a bowl? Stud muffins, apples, Baby carrots with greens, Green and white peppermints dance through his dreams. Michael and Peter and Gretchen and Roy, Their love and devotion for their brave boy. Nurses and interns and Doc Dean so keen, Alie and Rachel and the KF machine, Posses and prayers and lights that do heal, A website where everyone says how they feel.

Smartness and courage and Old Soul and heart, A will to live that has burned from the start. The following is an excerpt: "They know the mass is in the spleen itself," he said on Wednesday. It hasn't metastasized and moved to other parts. But when you look at a sonogram, it won't show very small things. That's why they're doing the camera search. At that point, we probably wouldn't do surgery. If it does look good, at the middle of next week surgery will be performed to remove the spleen.

It's a very delicate operation. They say there's a chance he will make it through. If all goes well, he will recover and live a normal life. As she was leaving his masseuse was arriving, who prefers to massage him laying down as he is then less active. Kathy's report was upbeat. Richardson Chat at the Bloodhorse. Interesting excerpts below: The only reason I became a vet was because I fell in love with horses, and I became very involved working with horses.

If you do that, you get to point where you love working on horses. I can't deny the fact he is a very smart and particularly charismatic horse. He is remarkably quick to pick up when you're trying to help him. Those are the sorts of things that make you like the horse a lot. You are also talking about being in the presence of greatness, and I think he truly was a great horse who did not have a chance to show it.

All those things combined, it is hard not to be emotionally involved with it. I also have a long relationship with and like for the Jacksons and Matzes. My favorite part now is simply trying to save his life. He is a very personable young colt, truly charismatic. He is fed grain mixes four times daily. He receives free choice alfalfa and timothy mix hay. I change his LH foot bandage around 6 am and walk him about 30 minutes in the late afternoon.

He is no longer being put in a sling. Previously, we were letting him out of the sling from about 7 pm until 9 am. The Jacksons and Mr. Matz visit at various times and Mrs. Jackson always brings some Lael Farm grass hand picked for him. He gets groomed and bathed at various times. Medications are given at various intervals.

Previously he was on a number of constant intravenous infusions and epidural pain medication. His management is much simpler right now because he is doing so well. The time to completely regrow a hoof varies, but a reasonable estimate would be months. His comfort improved to the point that when he was in the sling, he wasn't "using" it.

The sling is only bearing the horse's weight when he wants it to. It isn't possible for a horse to continuously hang with all of their weight in the sling. If they do so, they nearly always eat and breathe poorly. Also, nearly all will get serious rub sores if they are constantly hanging in the sling.

Update Quick reminder, Dr. Richardson will host a chat at Bloodhorse. I will post the direct link to the chat here once the link is live. We delivered ice cream and all the fixin's for sundaes Dr Sweeney was kind enough to send out an email yesterday, so there was quite a crowd! The place is just electric maybe partially from the sugar , but in my opinion because of all the good news this week! Bobby gets to feel the sun on his back each day and snort and chomp to his hearts content, what could be better!!

Bobby got his carrots and treats to go along with the staff's sugar high. We also brought up some goodies for some of the other shifts, since they miss out on breakfasts and such. Thanks to all of you the spirits continue to be high! The Lord's light surrounds you easing your family's mind- The Lord's love protects you- helping you and friends unwind.

The Lord's miracle continue your healing- His arms wrap around you whatever you're feeling! Under His protection, you always will be- While His Miracles continue in you to see. Another good day closer coming back home- Therapy allows you to walk better to roam! Lord's and His Angels presence watch over thee- Your family's updates bring joyful news about ye. May each day bring forth joyfully great news- Keep walking stronger after putting on shoes! May our Lord's miraculous grace- Allow coming home to your family's place!

Heal Mike - pulling for you to win your own race. They will include Barbaro coverage which will include the grazing video and other recent updates. The Pacific Classic is a great older horse race not restricted to 3yos like the Kentucky Derby and includes many of the best handicappers in the country Lava Man, Giacomo and Perfect Drift for example.

Given Giacomo won the Kentucky Derby last year I thought it would be appropriate for us to highlight him going into this race. The Daily Racing Form has a nice article today on him for good background information: Shirreffs wants Giacomo to be a hero again which includes the following excerpt: Giacomo, though, is the stable star.

Shirreffs still receives mail asking about the colt, and gets aggravated with himself if he doesn't have time to answer a letter or a request for a photo that day. For someone not accustomed to the limelight, Shirreffs immediately sensed that winning the Derby brings special requirements to those connected with the colt. Moss's horse. It's sort of everybody's horse.

I got a letter from an elderly woman the other day asking for a picture of Giacomo. I sent her one. People like that, this might be one of their only contacts with the outside world. This is what Steve had to say in our call today: John Sherrifs should take a lot of credit for this horse. He has shown a great deal of patience, and the patience is starting to proove out.

I have been around Giacomo since he was two, but I was not his regular exercise rider until about 3 - 4 months ago. Frankie Herrate used to gallop him when he won the Kentucky Derby last year. He has had 3 - 4 different exercise riders during his time with John.

I am just very fortunate that I have been involved with him most recently. He is now training very forwardly, very good attitude, he is very focused in the mind, strong yet easy to control. He breezed the other morning monday , and as is the case with all John's breezes, was never asked for more than he can give, we always make sure the horse has something left, whatever speed we are going.

He accelareted on his own at the 16th pole but it was easy. On tuesday he walked the shedrow John walks all his horse the day after a breeze and today wednesday he jogged two miles, he felt great. I'll provide an update each day as we prepare for the Pacific Classic this weekend. So we will hear from Steve each day as we approach the big race!

The following is an excerpt: Gilchrist said that preliminary tests indicated that the lymphoma appears to be confined to the spleen. He said the mass is about the size of a cantaloupe. Lost in the Fog has won just one of his three starts this year, and Gilchrist had originally thought that quarter cracks were the culprits for the champion's sub-par efforts. It's almost a Barbaro-type situation.

Richardson tonight at 6pm. For those who cannot attend, they will be providing a transcript. I will provide a direct link to the chat and subsequent transcript just before 6 pm tonight. Update I just watched Miraculous Miss work a half mile on the wood chip track in That is a very handy time, and she did it quite nicely.

Miraculous Miss looks like she might be getting closer to her first race back after the horrifying gate incident in the Acorn. She is now off the starters list, which required her to return to the gate at least three times to school. He was pretty amazed by the entire experience. They vanned down to BWI, vanned right to the airplane and loaded right up. They were the only two on the outward bound journey which was also nicely air-conditioned. On the return journey they came back via Albany to drop off the Saratoga-based horses which of course included Showing Up.

They were not on the ground for long at all before taking off again for Baltimore. It seems the plane can hold about twenty horses, there were about fourteen on the return journey to Albany. He said all was well. Update Another comfortable night for Barbaro last night tuesday night. Saw Michael Matz as I was coming back from the track on my third set. Before I could even ask how Bobby was doing, Michael gave me the positive report.

On my first set this morning am , I was jogging back with Man in Havana As we were coming back, two fox cubs were chasing eachother around in circles right on the horsepath. Which while very cute, required me to tighten my grip on the neck strap and my horse's mane.

Second set, I went out back and not only saw another fox cub but was surrounded by many deer. Of course, I again didn't let go of my neck strap!

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