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Esg investing south africa

esg investing south africa

ESG case study: South Africa's SA Taxi attracts new set of investors By agreeing to a far-reaching set of social goals, the JSE-listed company. Finance, access to capital and insurance cover at reasonable rates will also depend on clear, positive Enviroment, social and governance (ESG) impact. Investors. We believe ESG factors are crucially important to achieve risk-adjusted returns for investors. · There are many approaches to responsible investing; we adopt a. ACCENTFOREX REGULATION

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Financial factors are no longer viewed as the pre-eminent drivers of value, and sustainability has become strategic - a board and CEO level issue.

Esg investing south africa The barometer says this bodes well for private-sector capital injections into other important themes such as water and sanitation. What purposes do they pursue and how do they do so? What voluntary standards and best practices are commonly followed in africa jurisdiction with regard to integrating ESG factors esg investing other non-financial principles south investment decisions? The new segment aims to facilitate trades in sustainability-linked instruments and provide a platform to raise funds for sustainable projects. CRISA provides guidance on how institutional investors should execute investment analysis and investment activities and exercise their rights so as to promote sound governance. How do we anticipate South African businesses can or must respond in the coming years? While we see a convergence in the global frameworks around sustainability reporting which we expect will bring clarity and consistency in years to come, the level of uncertainty in where everything will land and what will be expected from companies is undoubtably high.
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Accessing South Africa's Emerging ESG Landscape esg investing south africa

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Investment managers need to not only bring ESG factors into the investment decision but also consider the job creation that the investment will yield as it rolls out its business plan. Using a more calculated approach, parameters for measuring job creation need to be set pre-investment, and benchmarked against it, in order to hold investee companies accountable.

Financial returns can no longer be the only measurement of success. It can be argued that in the long term, this approach can enhance returns. As jobs are created, discretionary income increases and in turn affects consumption. Transformation It has been 26 years of the new South Africa and although government has introduced B-BBEE initiates over this time, in reality the inequality experienced on the ground is not changing quickly enough.

South Africa needs more investment managers to take an active approach and use their leverage to transform their network of companies to represent the demographics of the country. Here again, a disciplined and measurable approach is required. Must any additional non-financial principles and objectives be considered?

Pension Funds are required to consider any factor that may materially affect the sustainable long-term performance of the asset they are invested in or plan to invest in including, but not limited to, those of an ESG character.

Subject to the general duty of care owed to its members and clients, there is no legal requirement for other institutional investors such as alternative investment funds or collective investment schemes CIS to take into account ESG factors for investors unless its constitutional documents or mandate prescribe that. Voluntary standards and best practices What voluntary standards and best practices are commonly followed in your jurisdiction with regard to integrating ESG factors and other non-financial principles into investment decisions?

CRISA provides guidance on how institutional investors should execute investment analysis and investment activities and exercise their rights so as to promote sound governance. In terms of the Companies Act and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE Listings Requirements certain companies are obliged to report on their application of King IV principles and recommendations in their annual integrated reports; however, many companies and other entities, including institutional investors, also utilise the King IV framework on a voluntary basis.

The King IV principles promote the notion of the responsible corporate citizen, adopting a stakeholder approach and practising responsible investment to promote good governance and the creation of value by the companies in which it invests. ASISA also has a number of codes, standards and guidelines that its members must abide by, which, among other things, promote the idea of responsible investment and ownership practices.

Measurement, reporting and disclosure What voluntary and statutory measurement, reporting and disclosure frameworks are followed in your jurisdiction with regard to ESG and other non-financial factors? The majority of respondents cited the use of in-house metrics.

The Global Reporting Initiative standards and recommendations have been influential in the reporting of ESG and other non-financial factors in South Africa. King IV is the primary voluntary instrument for companies that are not obliged to subscribe to it.

The CRISA principles are also commonly referenced among institutional investors, and publishing annual reports and disclosures on the application of CRISA is voluntary, with no formal oversight methodology or mechanism. While the TFCD is not mandatory or encapsulated in legislation, a number of lenders require disclosure to be in line with the TFCD requirements and many require climate change impact assessments to be provided before advancing funds.

The Equator Principles are also relatively commonly applied in relevant investments.

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The Rise Of ESG Investing

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