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Spyros kyprianou nicosia betting

spyros kyprianou nicosia betting

Where: Diaxroniki Mousiki Skini, Yianni Koromia 2 Kaimakli, Nicosia. I guess if it's sweaty feet you want and I bet they cost. NICOSIA. ANDREOU DEMETRIS, 57, Arch. Kyprianou, GREGORIOU SPYROS, 98B, Arch. Makariou Avenue, Latsia. Leymosun) is the second largest city (after the capital, Nicosia) of Cyprus. (which transforms into Kolonakou / Spyros Kyprianou later to the east). CORBET PLACE FORRO PE

Photo Shows: Mr. Duncan Sandys. Crowds of people lining the route who have waited for hours in the rain. Royal Standard draped over the coffin. Duncan Sandys makes his opening address. The delegates around the table from Mr. Sandys in a clockwise direction are the Secretary General and Sir A. Clark of Britain. Turkish Foreign Ministers Mr. Bayulken and Mr. Erkin and Ambassador Mr. Kuneralp, Cyprus advisers Mr. Riza, Mr. Dentkash, Mr. Orek Defence Minister Mr. Traders said the volume in manufacturing stocks was exceptionally high as a result of a single transaction involving 1.

The biggest rise in the bourse's seven sub-indices, however, was in the tourism companies, which rose by 2. The sub-index of the banks rose by 1. Driver Stelios Costas Christou, 26, was arrested at his Kivides home at 7am. He had been one of the first people originally questioned in connection with last week's robbery. Christou had been finger-printed at Limassol police headquarters on Monday afternoon, and his arrest came yesterday after his prints were matched to those found on a motor-bike linked to the robbery.

The bike was reported stolen the day before the robbery and was later found abandoned. Christou appeared in court just before noon yesterday and was remanded for eight days. The police investigating officer told the Limassol Court that Christou was suspected of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime and stealing a motorcycle. He said there was a witness account connecting Christou with all three charges.

Christou had earlier told police he had nothing to do with the robbery and had never touched the get-away bike. His home and those belonging to the three other men already arrested in connection to the hold-up were amongst those searched by police during yesterday's sweep. Panicos Chrysostomou, 19, Herodotos Petasis, 34, and Pantelis Ioannou, 26, were arrested the day after the robbery. The trio were remanded in custody last Friday. Two masked men were involved in the February 25 robbery in Ypsonas, fleeing the Bank of Cyprus branch on a red Yamaha motorbike.

They were then seen in a Fiat Mirafiori, which Petasis was later seen driving. Police sources yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that the sweep fell within the framework of the fight against organised crime and involved approximately 80 officers, including elements from the riot and flying squad. The operation, which ended just before noon and is expected to continue today, covered Limassol town and the surrounding villages of Episkopi, Erimi and Kivides.

The Limassol duty officer yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that police had searched the homes, shops or cars of six people yesterday. He said no weapons or explosives had been found during the searches, but that several objects were confiscated as evidence. Yiannakis Martoudis, 35, was arrested by police yesterday and later remanded for four days by a Nicosia district court. Police want to question him in connection with the bank scam in which branch manager Haralambos Kokkinos has allegedly admitted to accessing customer accounts and redirecting them to a third account.

This third account fuelled Kokkinos' gambling addiction, a court heard last Friday when the Strovolos bank manager was remanded for eight days. Kokkinos, also 35, apparently told police he blew the money on the horses and dog racing. Police believe that the bank account into which the money was syphoned was created in Martoudis' name; they suspect he had full knowledge of what was going on.

Speaking yesterday, German embassy spokesman Andreas Schroeder said that Zu Rantzau would in particular be discussing "recent developments after the decision not to deploy anti-aircraft missiles in Cyprus, and the events of the past three months. Asked if the Ocalan affair would have any bearing on the envoy's talks, Schroeder said that, "unfortunately the Ocalan affair is not helpful, but we hope that this problem will be solved in a certain way.

Hercus yesterday met with President Glafcos Clerides for an hour in the framework of her shuttle talks initiative. In compliance with the media blackout ordered by Dame Ann, no statements were made after the meeting. He said Miller's visit had been scheduled and confirmed before the Ocalan affair broke out, and that, although Miller would probably not be able to avoid the issue, his visit had nothing to do with the tension it had caused. Stylianides also said that, although no date had yet been given for the visit, it was expected to take place before Cassoulides travels to Europe later in the month.

The government spokesman also hit out at Turkish attempts to pull Cyprus into its dispute with the Kurds, saying this was "propaganda". The occupied north, according to reports in the Turkish Cypriot press, has its own legacy of hazardous waste pollution - radioactive at that. As a government official admitted to the Cyprus Mail last week, thousands of tonnes of toxic waste are every year dumped into unsuitable landfill sites in the free areas - posing a serious pollution risk and threat to human health.

But the situation would appear to be even more worrying in the north, if reports in Kibris newspaper are anything to go by. The daily stated that when the US-owned Cyprus Mining Company CMC abandoned its workings at Karavostasi during the invasion, it left behind acid wastes but also waste monitoring equipment containing radioactive Caesium Turkish Cypriot nuclear scientist Mehmet Ozerkman, who used to work for CMC, told the paper that 12 vats full of acid at the mine ore smelting site contained 14 monitoring devices which had been emitting radioactivity ever since the site was abandoned.

Forty Turkish Cypriots who used to work at the Karavostasi site are undergoing medical tests to see if they have developed cancer from exposure to the radioactivity at their former work place, the paper reported. Karavostasi is in the Morphou district, only about three kilometres from the Greek Cypriot village of Ayios Nicolaos. It is not clear whether radioactive emissions from the abandoned site could be affecting the government-controlled areas, but Caesium is easily dispersed in groundwater or in dust.

Kibris followed up its radioactive waste report with revelations about 50 barrels of cyanide it said had been buried at the old CMC mines at Lefka, 2km away from Karavostasi. The paper said the deadly waste was buried as long ago as , when CMC decided to stop mining for gold at Lefka and process the available ore for copper instead.

Cyanide is used in extracting gold from ore and CMC's supplies were surplus to requirements after the switch to copper. So the US- owned company decided to dispose of the waste underground, the paper stated. It is believed the barrels of waste were dumped at two sites in the buffer- zone. A lake near Karavostasi has been so contaminated by seepage from these barrels that a Turkish Cypriot shepherd lost all of his sheep when he made the mistake of letting his flock drink from it in , Kibris reported.

The head of the government Environment Service, Nicos Georgiades, could not be contacted for comment on the matter yesterday. We are targeting the US market, which is a very important market," Rolandis said. Of these, "some 2 million visit the Middle East" - Israel, Egypt and elsewhere. He wants "to get those who are travelling to the Eastern Mediterranean" to visit Cyprus, he said.

To do this, Rolandis said, he is working on tourist packages and even direct flights from the United States to Cyprus - though this last effort has produced "no results so far," he added. That is how much it would cost "to buy this advertising time for Cyprus, in addition to other indirect benefits. US-Cyprus sectors they discussed included medicine, solar and environmental technologies, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and agro- industries, Rolandis said.

But their talks yesterday were constrained - "we are at the very beginning of discussing this subject" - by the fact the Council of Ministers has not yet reviewed his Ministry's page, volume, industrial policy statement. It took him, "personally," and 10 of his top experts five months to compile, he said.

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Spyros Kyprianou was born in the southern port city of Limassol in After completing his schooling in Cyprus he studied law in London, during which time he founded a Cypriot students association in Britain. During the early s he acted as Makarios's special representative in London. In the second half of the decade, with Eoka fighters doing battle with British forces on the island, Kyprianou was expelled from Britain and moved to Greece.

From his base in Athens he became an international spokesman for the Cypriot cause. When Cyprus eventually won independence from Britain in , Makarios — the first president of the new republic — appointed Kyprianou as his foreign minister. But in , after a disagreement between Kyprianou and the ruling military junta in Greece, the latter put pressure on Makarios to replace him.

For two years, Kyprianou was out of the public spotlight. But he returned in after the Turkish invasion, acting as an adviser to President Makarios and a member of the Cypriot delegation at the United Nations. Two years later he was back in Cyprus laying the foundations for what would be a long career in domestic politics, becoming the right-hand man of the president. When Makarios died in August , Kyprianou was elected to serve the last few months of the presidential term.

In a poll in the following January he was re-elected unopposed. Spyros Kyprianou remained as the island's president until his defeat by George Vassiliou in elections in February His decade in power saw the fabric of much of the southern part of the island change beyond recognition.

With the main tourist resorts lying either under Turkish occupation or in the UN-controlled buffer zone, Greek Cypriots set about developing the towns on the island's south coast as holiday centres, leading eventually to the tourism boom of the s and s.

After this resignation, he worked as a lawyer and a legal counsellor. On 1 August , following the coup of the Greek junta and the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, Kyprianou went to Athens where he had talks with the Government of National Unity, which took over following the collapse of the junta. He travelled between Athens and London where President Makarios was staying temporarily. On 12 May , he announced the establishment of the Democratic Party. After the death of the President of the Republic Archbishop Makarios on 3 August , Kyprianou became Acting President of the Republic, in accordance with the constitution.

On 3 September , he was unanimously elected President of the Republic to serve the remaining term of office of Archbishop Makarios. Achilles was later released on 18 December. He was defeated by George Vassiliou at the elections in As President of the Republic of Cyprus, he visited many countries and participated in sessions of the United Nations, as well as summit conferences of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Kyprianou was awarded medals of honour, distinctions and decorations by various countries. In , the University of Belgrade awarded him an honorary doctorate. Following the parliamentary elections of 26 May , Kyprianou was elected President of the House of Representatives.

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