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btc 2022 diet lucknow

BTC DIET & Private College List in UP Details ; Exam Name, Diploma in Elementary Education ; Course Duration, 2 Years (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semester). D El Ed Colleges in Lucknow Integral University, Lucknow, INR 50, The DIET Delhi exam is conducted for admission in diploma programmes. DIETs ; DIET AGRA, Panchkunya Shahganj,Agra,Pincode,Uttar Pradesh, Shri Ahivaran Singh ; DIET ALIGARH, DIET Madrak Agra Road Aligarh , Dr. Indra. LITECOIN SPEED VS BITCOIN

Quality education is the bedrock of wellbeing on our society. With a view to ensure these aspects, National Policy on Education suggested to strengthen the two dimensions of our teacher education: Pre-Service and In-service areas. As part of it, DIETs were established across the nation. The vision of the institutes is to provide better academic input for teachers in service, as well as prospective teachers.

A revisit of the in-service and prospective teacher education programmes existing in the states were undertaken as a follow up activity. It is under the governance of Dept. The main context of the TNA study is to reduce performance gap among the client and stakeholders. Students and in-service training courses for teachers of Elementary Education are the stakeholders. Many performance problems in the Client organisation are related to environmental, motivational and behavioural categories which are affecting successful performance of Client organisation.

The various causes include to environmental, motivational and behavioural categories existing in the Client organisation. The hierarchy of the client organisation is given in the flow chart as follows and is compiled Figure 2. Figure 2 The hierarchy of the client organization.

The strengths of organisation are attributes of organisation helpful in achieving the objectives. Weaknesses are attributes harmful in achieving organisational objectives and areas of improvements. Opportunities are external conditions which are helpful in achieving objectives.

Threats are the factors which could do damage to the objectives of the organisation. The factors contribute the environment in which they are performing, includes all the tools, equipment, materials and logistical support necessary for successful performance. The persons are motivated to perform at high standard, if they find it rewarding to do something to the best of their ability. The person has the necessary behaviour or knowledge and skill to carry out the tasks at high standard, they are required to perform.

The EMB factors in the client organisation are compiled Annexure 3. It is also known as "Fishbones" because of their shape or Ishikawa diagrams. The problem being analysed can be expressed as a deficiency or as "desired state". This has resulted in a total of 1,32, seats of DElEd courses lying vacant at present even after the conclusion of three rounds of the online counselling.

The DElEd is a two-year diploma programme for candidates aspiring to be a teacher in primary and upper primary schools. The examination and evaluation of candidates is done in four semesters to prepare them to teach students from Class At present, in Uttar Pradesh, there are around 3, colleges offering the course and having around 2,18, seats between them. As a result, around 2,28, seats of the course are on offer in UP this year. Till , the two-year DElEd course was mandatory for aspirants wishing to bag teaching positions in government-run primary and upper primary schools operating under the Basic Education Council of the state.

However, from , BEd was also introduced as an optional qualification for the posts and this saw most candidates opting for BEd over DElEd as BEd gave them eligibility of not just applying for vacancies in government-run primary and upper primary schools but also secondary schools of the state. Also get latest Job updates on Employment News.

He has spent over 16 years reporting extensively in Uttar Pradesh, especially Allahabad and Lucknow. He covers politics, science and technology, higher education, medical and health and defence matters.

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DIET Lucknow Admission Process I Counselling I Documents Required I Complete Details btc 2022 diet lucknow

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