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Betting shop documentary

betting shop documentary

Synopsis. In a city divided by war, faith is used in a small betting shop to gain control of God's will. A film about the human urge to escape one's own. The inside story of one of the greatest horse betting coups ever pulled BBC doc on how Fermanagh punter Barney Curley beat the bookies. the secrets of gambling success in Can You Beat The Bookies?, a powerful documentary shown on BBC1 at pm on Wednesday night. GOLF BETTING TIPS HSBC

Naturally, this came at a time where sports betting was far more taboo than current day America. Before the end you'll be up to speed with how and why sports betting has become what it is in contemporary America. Now Place Your Bets is a real in-depth look at sports wagering. There's insightful interviews with everyone from journalists, oddsmakers, professional gamblers — the list just goes on! If you're wanting to know the how and why of sports gambling, along with the people immersed in this wacky world, then this is for you!

Although this documentary centers on anything but legal sports betting, you'll dive into the world of match-fixing and wagering on European soccer. On a deeper level, you'll see how games are fixed and how players, referees and coaches can get mixed up in the world of corruption. It's really quite fascinating to see how crime gangs are able to get inside and potentially affect some of the biggest sports on the planet.

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The enthusiastic boss doesn't let an abusive customer dampen his day as he encourages his punters to place bets on what the name of the royal baby could be. He works alongside his daughter, Siobhan, in the store and is seen asking her to help him turn the fortunes of the suffering Cherrytree store, by injecting a better mentality into the atmosphere.

Siobhan isn't convinced about going to the other store,which has a reputation for disruptive and often violent customers. She lists several incidents that put her off: "I've had grown men swing at me over the counter, I've had people threaten to stab me and it doesn't really make me want to go work up there She probably wouldn't thank me for saying this but she's very like me.

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However, this documentary also explores the consequences that gambling industry had on the entire society and whether or not gambling can be considered as a part of the culture in the United States. More importantly, this documentary explores the problem of gambling addiction and what it does to the people who are not able to stop themselves from gambling. This is a pretty dark documentary about the consequences of gambling addiction and it paints a pretty dark picture for people who are suffering from gambling addiction but who do not seek the treatment for their problems.

This documentary emphasized that gamblers need to understand that gambling, just like any other addiction, whether drug or alcohol, provides just a temporary feeling of satisfaction. The biggest problems are consequences that come after and it is not easy to handle all those issues alone and that is why this documentary encourages many people who suffer from gambling addiction to seek help as soon as possible.

Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker Year: Country: the United States Cast: Danielle Andersen, Tony Dunst, Martin Bradstreet Theme: This documentary explores the evolution of online gambling industry as well as the action that the US authorities took against online gambling providers This documentary starts with the poker players revealing the consequences of the decision of the US authorities took against the providers of online gamblers that left many people without their money.

With those actions, the US authorities have frozen more than million dollars of people from all over the world. This documentary features interviews with all of those people and through those interviews, the director is trying to explore the evolution of gambling or evolution of poker specifically.

This documentary also touches upon the legality of online gambling in the US states and the decision that the US Department of Justice has taken on several occasions against websites that provide online gambling sites. Life on the Line Year: Country: the United States Cast: Ted Sevransky, John Netto, Jay Kornegay, Steve Fezzik Theme: The effects that Super Bowl has on the sports betting industry and gambling in general Life on the Life is a documentary that takes a look at the issue of sports betting during the Super Bowl which has been characterized as the biggest betting event in the world.

During the Super Bowl match, sports bettors in the United States are usually betting more than a billion dollars which is an amount that is never seen in the sports betting industry. This documentary focuses on sports betting in Las Vegas, Nevada as sports betting is still illegal in many states in the United States. This documentary features interviews with John Netto, Steve Fezzik, Jay Kornegay, and several other sports bettors who are betting huge sums of money on the Super Bowl.

It also explores the notion of sports betting and gambling in general and what it feels to win big and lose big as well. Just like many other documentaries, Life on the Line is also taking a look at the legality of sports betting in the United States. Sports bettors who were part of this documentary state that gambling is a part of the culture in the US and that it should be legal across the country.

In this documentary, Alex Conran is trying to understand the reasons that made his father do the things he did and what causes people to surrender to gambling addiction. In order to figure out gambling addiction, Alex Conran conducts interviews with several people who have been treated for gambling addiction and whose addiction led them to lose almost everything they had.

Beneath all the seemingly convincing storyline, there is one truth that remains. These short films give a sneak peek into the lives of real-life gamblers and the ups and downs of betting. So, take a break from betting and check out these top 6 sports betting documentaries that are worth a watch!

But are the gambling companies playing clean? He goes on to discover what happens when betting giants target the most vulnerable people of the continent. Eventually, the young African realizes the fatal effects of compulsive gambling on the lives of youngsters like him. Youngsters, who are lured into the quicksand in the hope of making quick money, are brought into light in this film. It does so through personal accounts, interviews, photographs, and footage.

The film depicts the transformation of Las Vegas into a gambling town and how it was overseen by corporates, organized crime elements, and the U. In addition, it features casino operators, oddsmakers, professional gamblers, bookmakers, historians, and journalists who were witnesses to the events. The hour-long film details the dark side of online sports and fantasy sports betting.

With upfront interviews of regulators, prosecutors, and gamblers, the film trails the growth of these thriving industries and their operations. The film centers around the NCAA basketball tournament of Further, it explores the betting highs and lows of the bettors struggling to make a living in the betting world.

The documentary is an honest depiction of the unforgivingly uncertain life of pro bettors. In fact, Shrink committed suicide a few weeks after interviewing for the film.

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How a sneaky loophole lost gambling companies millions! 😮 - BBC betting shop documentary

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