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Forex grid trading ea myfxbook

forex grid trading ea myfxbook

Robot has high drawdown ( 81%), and trades without stop loss and take profit. It looks like forex grid system with high risk trading. Myfxbook-Alpha-Grid-EA The Alpha Grid Expert Advisor is based on Core Price Action, Forex EA Features and some useful indicators. Best Auto Forex Robot. 30+ Automated trading software. VOXELS CRYPTO

Our highly optimized set files take the built in strategies a step further so you don't have to spend your precious time tweaking. Download a. Your Flex will now load all the appropriate settings from that. Not only are there highly optimized. Community The only EA on the market that offers an unfiltered community forum for everyone to share, discuss, brainstorm and help each other. No other EA vendor has the confidence to provide such a valuable tool to it's customers. You will be speaking directly to the person that codes the EA and knows it inside out, not some hired representative that only knows the basics.

I read and reply to everyone and many of the features you see in Flex today are customer requested features over the past 7 years. Precision New market monitoring virtual trade technology brings precision entry points that no indicator can compete with. The default settings will use 6 virtual trades per currency pair to monitor market conditions. Lowering this number will result in less accurate entry points, but higher trading frequency.

Raising this number will do the opposite. When the market shifts, this is the one of the main settings we end up changing. If and when that happens, we will send out automatic update notices to everyone so you're never left behind.

Flexibility Flex EA can be setup to trade just about any trading strategy imaginable. All 3 memberships will include all 12 different setting configurations that offer 12 unique trading strategies that you can plug and play at the click of a mouse. We also offer an array of optimized set files for our expert advisor. It is a verified forex ea that works, which you can see by our many verified myfxbook results to show. Key Features Money Management - Adjusts lot sizes based on account balance automatically, even as it grows.

News Filter - Avoid any and all high impact news events by 'xx' number of minutes. This doesn't require a physical pip based TP on each trade, instead it follows all trades from each pair in a "basket", and when one basket reaches a pre-defined percentage, it will trigger this EquityTrailTP to start, locking in half the profit and it will begin trailing it up with the potential of making a lot more than you would imagine, while maintaining the safe guard of never losing once the TP is locked in.

This is a very powerful feature that some customers will buy our forex ea just to manually trade and have this feature alone control their take profits. DD Stop loss - A fail safe, set a percentage of your account balance to close all trades at a certain drawdown percentage in a worst case scenario.

If you want our forex ea with low drawdown, and cut losses if it exceeds a certain threshold you can set this setting to a low value. No problem. Close when RSi reaches a certain level? Time filters - Avoid certain times of the day or certain weekdays. Hedging - Turned off by default but available with many configuration options at your finger tips. Hide from broker - Don't want your broker knowing how you trade, use this feature. Each of the following points below may be crucial while selecting the best trading robot.

However, you have to keep the following things listed below in mind before considering yourself eligible to develop one. These EAs exploit the difference in prices amongst the two brokerages for minuscule profits. Due to the high-frequency trading style, many brokers do not accept them.

Forex Cyborg is a multi-currency expert advisor that is compatible with 18 currency pairs. It has daily and monthly gains of 0. The robot uses complex technical analysis and is able to adapt to various market conditions.

Forex grid trading ea myfxbook investing comparator hysteresis applications


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Best Grid Trading EA MT4 Free Download! Simple But Effective

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forex grid trading ea myfxbook

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It is highly important to choose the correct strategy, so definitely go to the community forum to get some tips and inspiration about modifying your robot to make sure you reap the biggest benefits. Forex Flex EA has evolved successful over the year by keeping its strategies more open, so that, traders can share their own custom set files on the forum and testing new ideas and strategies.

Considering that there are many other Forex trading robots on the internet available for purchase, Flex EA must have some very consistent and interesting offers and strategies to be captivating. Every Forex robot has some good points about it that make the robot stand out, but also some bad points which could lead to users quitting the robot or possible users not being attracted to it. Flex EA also has some positives and negatives regarding their entire robot and company, and we will give you a roundup of those aspects, which have been mentioned in this review with some new things.

Precise Entry points EA uses new market monitoring virtual trade technology, which provides precise entry points that no indicator can match with. The default settings open up 6 virtual trades in the background per currency pair to monitor the market and based on that it precisely calculates entry points. Also, a constant influx of new and automatically updated strategies will provide Forex Flex robot with new ways of making success for Forex traders.

Verified Results Just a handful of EA developers dare to show verified trading results of their live accounts via reputed third-party forums such as myfxbook and fxblue, Forex Flex EA is one of them. Their homepage displays 15 separate trading accounts verified by myfxbook.

Professional Customer Support — Besides this, they offer a customer support service like nowhere else. Steve reads and responds to every single request and has been working on the program for more than 8 years and helped build the robot. Steve knows every detail of this robot and can provide all details to you and help you with even the smallest problem that you are having.

Many of the current features were once ideas from customers. This proves how much Flex EA cares about their customers feedback and complaints. Community and Forum for EA users — Behind this amazing robot is a fantastic community or forum providing information and amazing tips and are ready to help beginners with occurring problems. This community platform is completely unfiltered and has provided Forex Flex EA with many opportunities to improve their program.

Forum members share their own custom set files on the forum and testing new ideas and strategies. Many amazing ideas have been sprouted out of this forum, which is now featured with the robot. The forum is a spot where everyone can share, discuss, brainstorm, and help each other. This enables you to be certain that Forex Flex EA is always up to date with the latest, best-operating settings for the current market conditions.

Simplicity and Flexibility — Simplicity and flexibility are quite possibly the most important aspects for users of the best Forex EA Robot Luckily Forex Flex EA has made it extremely simple to use. They offer a plug and play method when you take it out of the box. You just have to attach a chart to it, select the strategy you want from the drop-down menu, and apply it.

Click, OK, and you are set. In the setup guide, there are a few pairs that they highly recommend and also ones to avoid. Tweaking strategies can take a lot of time because of the hundreds of settings. Luckily, Flex EA offers optimized set files.

They take the strategies a step further and tweak them to fit your bot the best. These set files are highly optimized by the team but also by the community. This community has also helped many starting Forex robot users and shared multiple tips. Next to simplicity is flexibility as being extremely important with a Forex robot.

It will let the user to manually choose first Buy and first Sell trades lot sizes. By increasing this number bigger than initial lot size we enable extra safety for account equity during those long trendy moves. Please read users manual for more info.

Added Theme selection: Light or Dark mode. Fixed orders closing sequence. From now on after successful Target reach first opened trades will be closed first and only after that pending orders will be deleted. This way valuable time is saved, because on real account servers closing takes pretty long time. This way you have a lot more protection of price action on spikes, news etc..

Note: for all users who already own older versions, new versions is free! You can get the updated files by logging in to your account and re-downloading them from your dashboard. Since we had a lot of success with our last projects, which was mainly focused on hedging and breakouts, we have accumulated a lot of experience in special calculations and formulas on those type of strategies.

This experience made this product even more safe, stable and profitable than ever before. EA was tested in various market conditions to prove its stability. We have pushed this product to the limit, created some hard situations like unexpected server disconnections, platform shut downs, tested it on news as well as different time frames and our Grid EA held just fine with all that. Latest version of our Grid EA has been updated and was made easy for beginners with simplified settings and usage.

Grid EA PRO is mainly focused on mathematical calculations and probabilities, so it does not care too much about the market trends, news and all other difficulties which often confuses new traders. This EA can start trading any time frame and any pair you wish. The only thing it needs, is just moving price and some time, rest the market and EA engine will do. Just leave it on, sit back and let the software do its job. You can see more results stats in the Performance tab above.

Start trading at the professional level. Robot is already adjusted in optimal settings, so you will be able to use it on default settings or use our preset files for each pair. Each parameter is explained in users manual guide if manual adjustment is needed. The package contains easy setup file which will automatically install and set up all needed components for your MetaTrader4 platform. You will be able to use your Robot within a minutes after your purchase.

Forex grid trading ea myfxbook risk management in trading forex

EA Double Grid - Forex Profif Best robot

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