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Westpac online investing free brokerage reports

westpac online investing free brokerage reports

How do I trade with Westpac Share Trading? How do I trade using a margin lending account and what is the brokerage associated with margin lending trades. As brokers not bankers we know what experienced stock market investors and traders Trade size, Bell Direct, CommSec, ANZ Share Investing, Westpac Online. However, the broker provides access to 30 international exchanges, as well as offering free reports, a stock screener, stock recommendations. SHURE BETA 91 MIC PLACEMENT FOR BRIGHT

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Westpac online investing free brokerage reports investing forum ukrajina westpac online investing free brokerage reports

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Macquarie Group has relaunched its execution-only service under the moniker Macquarie Edge and has incorporated "social networking" features into the new platform. CommSec is adding more research. CommSec has been hiring analysts as part of an expansion into the institutional broking market and much of their output will be made available to CommSec retail clients. CommSec's other focus has been to build a more integrated service so that investors can use one log-in for their trading, cash management and margin loan accounts.

The changes are designed to make it easier to use the site and produce better account reports. Bell Direct launched a set of new online trading tools. Investors can call up reports on directors' trading activity, unusual volumes, changes to substantial holdings, market depth charts, lists of stocks at their week highs or lows, and changes to buy and sell recommendations. Its market overview page has been designed to give investors a single-view dashboard of the state of the markets and their account, plus the latest news.

How it works Westpac is offering several service levels for different customer segments. Customers with a Westpac transaction or savings account, or a BT margin loan account, can have an integrated account, which means that the share-trading account and the other accounts are linked.

Pros All the research is independent. Upgrading the service to provide a live ASX price feed is a big plus. Another good feature is the integration of accounts for Westpac customers. However, the Trader Pro option offers a range of more advanced features for active investors.

Large number of trading options. From Australian and international shares to warrants, government bonds and more, Westpac online investing makes it possible to trade a large number of securities. Backing of a large bank. The fact that this share trading platform is backed by a Big Four bank gives customers peace of mind, knowing they are dealing with a trusted financial institution.

No inactivity fee. There is no fee charged on the Australian markets account if it remains inactive for any time. This does not apply to the global markets account. Customer assistance is not offered 7 days a week by Westpac and there is no live chat option. Broker fees. The brokerage fees start at a higher price point than other brokers on the market. Inactivity fee.

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