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The score bet app

the score bet app

Sports betting from your favourite sports app. Bet on all your favourite sports and never miss a moment with our lightning fast score updates and live odds. Familiar with the LiveScore app? In LiveScore Bet you get the same football scores for top football fixtures. View stats, team line-ups, league table and. theScore Bet. Download and register now for legalised single-game sports betting from the creators of your favourite sports app. WYATTINVESTING

With an easy-to-use interface, theScore Bet delivers an extensive and intuitive sports betting experience with a wide variety of pregame and in-game markets and betting options, lightning-fast scores and in-game data, great features like early cash-out, and easy and secure deposit and withdrawal options.

What's more, theScore Bet provides a distinctly unique experience when paired with theScore sports app, unlocking a seamlessly integrated offering of media and sports betting. Your favorite teams, leagues, and games from theScore sports app sync automatically to show personalized betting options in theScore Bet, while any wagers placed can then be tracked via data and alerts in real time on theScore.

To support the launch of theScore Bet, we've made theScore sports app even richer with betting features. Every single sports fan on theScore sports app can now unlock even faster data and deeper content through our brand-new feature - Bet Mode. With Bet Mode turned on head to your profile page in theScore app to activate , you'll get instant access to the fastest possible scoring updates and data no need to pull-to-refresh , real-time odds, and additional betting content.

Currently, there is no sign up bonus at theScore. This is disappointing as welcome bonuses have become standard across the sports betting industry. We can look at the welcome bonus that theScore used to offer to get an idea as to what it might be. This would offer you a chance to make your first deposit stretch a lot longer. The bonus money would be unlocked as you placed bets. Five percent of each stake would be returned as bonus money until the value of your deposit was matched.

This was quite a strong welcome bonus compared to others in the industry. Anything is better than nothing and until theScore offers something, there is no comparison against the rest of the welcome bonuses in the industry. However, the old welcome bonus was quite generous and strong compared to others in the industry. If theScore brings that promotion back, or something similar, then it will be worth checking out.

Such a large deposit match is very attractive, even if you do have to unlock the bonus funds slowly with wagers of your own. In which states is theScore Bet legal? TheScore is currently legal in four different states across the country.

In these states, theScore has received all the necessary licenses and followed all the regulations to ensure that it can operate. This means that you can have confidence in the product. However, keep checking back here for the latest updates on legal states as your home state might just be next. How do you claim theScore Bet bonus offer?

There is currently no welcome bonus at theScore. However, if you want to sign up at theScore and get started placing bets, follow these steps to get started. Click on the sign-up button to start making your account. Fill out personal details and choose a username and password. Finish creating the account and complete your registration.

Confirm your identity if asked to do so. Choose a banking method that works for you and deposit money into your theScore account. Place your first bet. It is a legitimate operation that can take place under the legal sports betting laws in the state.

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The devil is in the details, and theScore Bet put a lot of thought into their product. The first thing that stuck out was the appealing dark color scheme. As someone who prefers darker apps and displays, it was love at first sight. Black, grays, and various shades of blue and yellow to provide the accents. It works. Placing a bet is a piece of cake: Locate market Enter stake Place bet Bing, bang, boom. The most difficult part of the process is picking your winners.

Any big game will be front and center, just below the graphic display for the current promotions. Each individual game has plenty of available betting markets. When placing bets the stats help. The betslip is clean and straight forward to operate. It gives you the option of some preset amounts, or you can just type in what you want to wager.

It will show you the potential payouts clear as day, and you can also bundle your bets together with ease to make a parlay or teaser. What sports can I bet on? As a leading, modern online sportsbook, theScore Bet offers its user base access to the full gamut. You can bet on virtually any sport that you want, in a growing variety of ways. Keep in mind that local laws may restrict certain markets, but the major U. Bet types theScore Bet offers plenty of betting options to choose from.

For example, with an NBA game you can obviously bet the spread, moneyline, or the total points. You can develop alternative lines, first quarter lines, first half lines, player props, game props, and more. You can wager on futures, like whose going to win the title or take home the MVP, and package your wagers together for both parlays and teasers, etc.

Live-betting, or in-play betting is also available with the most up-to-date action possible. Lines will refresh in real time, accurately depicting a game situation at that exact moment. There are daily odds boosts that allow you to get a better price on specific markets, deposit bonuses, and other weekly options.

Have a question? The section has links for the FAQ, but also includes quick links for account security, free bet info, a quick start guide, an explanation for depositing, and a good bit more. Agents proved both knowledgable and personable. It works really well, has plenty of betting options, and even tosses in extra stats and info to help you make picks. Replay Integrated Betslip Handoff Build your bets from the boxscore!

A dedicated home for betting Your tab for all things bet. View personalized markets, access exclusive promos, and more! Replay Bet tracking Track your bets and see cash out offers directly in theScore! Now you can follow the game and your bets all in one place without missing a beat.

You must enable theScore bet mode To activate the ultimate media and betting experience, make sure that you have Bet Mode enabled in your profile on theScore. Frequently asked questions Why is theScore Bet only live in Ontario?

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What happened?? But for some confounding reason starting like a year ago the in-app browser used for the news articles has gotten buggy to the point of being unusable. And even the in-house articles from TheScore writers now inexplicably open up in the in-app browser when they used not to.

The in-app browser is so awful that when I open an article I realized I have to try read really really fast because after something like 15 seconds the page is gonna reload and start me over again at the top of the page. Please developers before the next update where the olympics gets its own new section, fix the news feeds in the nfl section!

Developer Response , Hey there - The issue with the in-app browser reloading the article is due to slightly swiping left or right, which would take you to the next article if you fully swipe in either direction. In regards to our in-house article opening up in in-app browser, can you please take a screenshot of this and send it in to us at thescoreapp thescore.

Our support team will be glad to look into this further for you. One is the ability to pay for an ad-free option. Particularly with soccer apps, an ad-free option is standard for a small annual fee. It would be nice if the Score could offer something similar - the ads are not only annoying, but cause the app to become a battery hog at times, limiting the amount of time I spend on the app.

Secondly, the app struggles to render external links. Apps like Yahoo Sports, One Football, etc. You can also view the football pitch tracker once the match kicks-off. Easy to Use Get to the bets you want faster, scroll Top Events cards in the highlights section to view the next Football, Tennis and Basketball matches straight from the home page.

Use bet builder to create accumulators within a single match to make football betting even easier. All the same payment methods available on App - including , , , , and more. How to get the app? You can now enjoy the LiveScore Bet app on your device. FAQ What phones can use the app? All phones supporting Android 5 and above. How big is the app to download?

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