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Fastest 40 yard dash in the world

fastest 40 yard dash in the world

NFL Draft Combine: The 10 fastest yard dash times in the history of the combine · 1: John Ross, seconds in · 2: Kalon Barnes, CB. No one from last year's group reached the record, with Schwartz posting the fastest time in the field at seconds. This year's competition. Who holds fastest yard dash record? · John Ross III, WR in - secs · Rondel Menendez, WR in - secs · Chris Johnson, RB in FOREX BROKERAGE HOUSES IN DUBAI

Menendez finished his yard dash in 4. A wide receiver out of Eastern Kentucky, Menendez was selected in the seventh round by the Atlanta Falcons. While he bounced around to several different teams, Menendez never appeared in an NFL game. The Tennessee Titans used the No. In , Johnson rushed a staggering times for 2, yards and 14 TDs en route to winning Offensive Player of the Year.

Mathis, who ran a 4. But the Hampton University product was out of the league after just three seasons. Rondel Menendez, WR, 4. Chris Johnson, RB, 4. Jerome Mathis, WR, 4. Woolen, a wide receiver until he played the last game of the season at cornerback, also has a defensive lineman-esque arm span of 79 inches. He was asked Saturday what he might run given he was expected to be one of the fastest players in attendance, and he said: "It'll be good, good, but y'all will just have to see.

But I feel like it's going to be good. Also of note, while Cincinnati cornerback Ahmad "Sauce'' Gardner didn't need to do much to boost his already-soaring draft stock, he still likely put up the best all-around day for the cornerbacks. Gardner came into the combine ranked No.

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Some are ridiculous like the 3. Here are some of the problems with reported 40 yard dash times from team workouts. When teams do individual private workouts for teams, often times the scout has not brought the necessary tool to mark off the distance. I have first hand knowledge of a player starting in front of the starting point to run a forty, fully taking advantage of the fact that there was only one scout on hand and that he could not tell if the player was indeed starting at the correct mark.

Another problem is the angle of the surface. There are plenty of practice fields across the country that have a slope. Coaches see great value in having their players run on a slight decline to record eye popping times. Savvy scouts will insist that players run up one way and then down the other.

An average of the two times is taken to get the most accurate time. One other problem is that some players run the 40 yard dash with cleats on grass while other places have their players run on a synthetic track with spikes on. Guess who would record the fastest time. In my personal experiences, I have seen some sub 4. Kevin Williams of the University of Miami ran a 4. Former Hurricanes Tremain Mack 4.

Track star Henry Neal recorded a 4. The Dolphins did not sign Neal since his football background was quite limited. One player that is not on the list is Bob Hayes of the Dallas Cowboys. No doubt, Hayes was one of the fastest men, if not the fastest man to put on an NFL uniform. However, as it relates to the 40 yard dash, I could find no time recorded for this Olympic Gold medalist. Hayes has the fastest meter time for an NFL player at Demps ran this as a high schooler and owns the national prep record for the event.

The fastest recorded 40 yard split on record belongs to Olympian Maurice Greene. During his World Record 60 meter run of 6. Remembering that. It was run on an indoor track with spikes on giving the runner an advantage over the football players who have run on grass with cleats. In an effort to centralize all the reported 40 yard dash times. I will start what we call the SUB 4. I will attempt to keep a running record of the sub 4. I will refrain from adding times of the ridiculous and will do some research on all times that qualify.

I will say one thing, can you web surfers stop reporting that Deion Sanders ran a 4. Enjoy the following list of reported and somewhat believable 40 yard dashes run under 4. We will continue to add on to this list over time. Did I miss someone? Comment on this article and make your case. Please do not quote high school forty yard dash times. Listings in bold are new ones added since last update. It stands to reason as training has developed at a rapid pace over the last decade for the 40 yard dash.

Three new entries are on the list now after the combine which is a record for the list since it was created. We thought we had a new all time combine record when the receivers went several nights ago. The unofficial time for Tyquan Thornton out of Baylor was 4.

Somehow the official time ended up being. However, in the exact opposite of what happened with the wide receiver group, the defensive back official times all ended up being quite a bit faster than the unofficial times posted on the screen during the NFL Network broadcast. My list has now swelled to 59 members. Below is a look at Barnes nearly record run. It was shown as a 4. Anthony Schwartz wide receiver from Auburn 4.

Of course, you all know that there was no combine this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that the only thing we had were pro day times. Much has been said and speculated about the pro day results. With no combine, players had more time to prepare. That alone will yield better results. In addition, the combine is a rigorous process that does not lend itself to tip top athletic results by all.

Some manage that process better than others for a number of reasons. The biggest discrepancy with the times seems to have come from agents and schools trying to promote their players vigorously in an attempt to boost their draft stock. As such, I did my research and found the sources that I could trust on the times and went with those. At the end of the day, these two athletes seem to have been the ones whose sub 4.

Both Schwartz and Stokes were high school sprint stars running While that does not guarantee them sub 4. Ruggs turned in a time of 4. Many had speculated that he would break the combine record of 4. Nevertheless, 4. There were many fast times at the NFL combine but only one guy was able to go sub 4. Well, wonder no more, kind of. He casually came through the line in an unofficial 4.

Mind you, I doubt he went through a full warm-up and the set up was such that he could not run through the line at full speed. Usain Bolt just tied the NFL combine record for the yard dash at 4. Myric joins a small list of NFL combine participants who have run under 4. He will be placed on the list with this time. With that said, several scouts had him under 4. Lowest I heard was 4.

This would put Ross amongst the fastest ever. Ross cramped up immediately after his run and only ran one. Looking at the tape, he may have cramped near the end of his run. Truly an amazing performance. I do accept hand times to the list. In fact, hand times make up the majority of this list for any of you who may have been curious. Both have been added to the list as it has now grown to 48 members.

Only Randy Moss is taller than Perriman on this list. After running a 4. Dorsett becomes the 5th Miami Hurricane added to the list. Nelson earned his way onto our esteemed sub 4. The next fastest mark at the combine came from Michigan St. Dorsett did put a blazing time at 4. Stay tuned for some mutant clocking a ridiculous time at one of the upcoming Pro Days. Neither defensive back ever made the Pro Bowl in their careers.

But Routt did play in the NFL for nine seasons, starting games for the Raiders and delivering a pick-six in Stanford Routt 40 time: 4. Unsurprisingly, the sensationalism around Deion Sanders matches his legendary reputation. The rest is history. Deion Sanders 40 time: 4. But the Chicago Bears wide receiver must also be recognized as one of the fastest football players. A two-sport star at Texas, playing football along with track and field, Godwin was a four-time All-American in track with program records in the long jump.

Marquise Goodwin 40 time: 4. A track and field sensation in Virginia, Mathis became a return specialist in college. He clocked a 4. Injuries and arrests derailed his career shortly after. Jerome Mathis 40 time: 4. He became a fan favorite at Kent State, especially in his final two seasons.

Archer earned an NFL Combine invite after totaling 2, scrimmage yards and kickoff return yards in his final two collegiate seasons. But after being selected 97th overall by the Steelers in the NFL Draft, in front of Devonta Freeman, Archer played in just 20 games and never played another snap after the season.

Dri Archer 40 time: 4. Then Chris Johnson took the field.

Fastest 40 yard dash in the world how to buy bitcoins in the uk

Usain Bolt vs John Ross - The Fastest 40-yard dash ever

The Washington product went on to be drafted 26th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, but his injury struggles from college have carried over into the NFL.

Blood doping in professional sports betting There are plenty of practice fields across the country that have a slope. He announced himself at the NFL Combine when he clocked a 4. Johnson went on to become a three-time Pro Bowl selection, was recognized as the fastest NFL player for years and delivered a 2,yard season that no one forgets. Like Green and Jackson, anyone who watched Sanders play would have little trouble believing that Sanders pulled off this feat. He spent three years with the franchise and won a Super Bowl in However, as it relates to the 40 yard dash, I could find no time recorded for this Olympic Gold medalist. The other two additions came from an interview I happened to view from Tom Shaw who has trained some of the fastest men that have ever played and continue to play in the NFL.
Betting against the spread week 12 An average of the two times is taken to get the most accurate time. He casually came through the line in an unofficial 4. Stanford Routt 40 time: 4. It was run on an indoor track with spikes on giving the runner an advantage over the football players who have run on grass with cleats. In fact, Ford is said to have run a 4. However, in four seasons with Cincinnati he caught just 51 passes and played in only 27 games as injuries have derailed his career. Jalen Myrick, CB, 4.
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Fastest 40 yard dash in the world Deion Sanders 40 time: 4. It really was scary just how easy Bolt made matching the fastest ever NFL player look and we dread to think what time he would have posted under the right conditions when he was still competing. With no combine, players had more time to prepare. The next fastest mark at the combine came from Michigan St. Coming off an incredible season at Washington 1, receiving yards, 19 total touchdowns everyone tuned in for the NFL Combine thinking we might see history.


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Top 10 Fastest \u0026 Slowest 40-Yard Dash Times from the 2022 NFL Combine fastest 40 yard dash in the world

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