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merkle crypto

Merkle Network is a Web interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain transfers of blockchain assets and data between blockchains. This article covers a detailed understanding of merkle tree in blockchain technology and how Merkle roots are used in cryptocurrency. It provides the infrastructure to help blockchain companies, crypto-exchanges, investment funds, banks, and regulators perform due diligence on the blockchain. COMPOUNDED PERCENTAGE CRYPTO

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A proven team player with a passion for creating teams that thrive and succeed in meeting business outcomes. Alex Cupra CPO of Merkle Network Alex is an innovator who understands the user requirements and gaps in the market to develop user friendly products. Alex has been actively involved in the blockchain industry for 4 years with more than 7 years of backend development experience. Handled different domains - advertising, digital marketing, community building and branding.

Working as a blockchain marketeer since last 3 years on projects ranging from cross chain defi, layer 1 protocol, prediction gaming, gaming NFTs and more. Since there are numerous transactions stored on a particular block, all the transaction hashes in the block are also hashed, which results in a Merkle root.

For example, consider a seven-transaction block. At the lowest level called the leaf-level , there will be four transaction hashes. At the level one above the leaf-level, there will be two transaction hashes, each of which will connect to two hashes that are below them at the leaf level. At the top level two , there will be the last transaction hash called the root, and it will connect to the two hashes below it at level one. Effectively, you get an upside-down binary tree, with each node of the tree connecting to only two nodes below it hence the name "binary tree".

It has one root hash at the top, which connects to two hashes at level one, each of which again connects to the two hashes at level three leaf-level , and the structure continues depending upon the number of transaction hashes. Similarly, hashing continues at level one, which leads to hashes of hashes reaching to higher levels, until it reaches the single top root hash. This root hash is called the Merkle root, and due to the tree-like linkage of hashes, it contains all the information about every single transaction hash that exists on the block.

It offers a single-point hash value that enables validating everything present on that block. For example, if one has to verify a transaction that claims to have come from block , they only needs to check the block's Merkle tree, without worrying about verifying anything on any other blocks on the blockchain, like block or block Since it carries all the information about the entire tree, one only needs to verify that transaction hash, its sibling-node if it exists , and then proceed upward until it reaches the top.

Essentially, the Merkle tree and Merkle root mechanism significantly reduce the levels of hashing to be performed, enabling faster verification and transactions.

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What Are Merkle Trees? [Blockchain \u0026 Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)] merkle crypto

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