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How to earn bitcoins in pakistan halal food

how to earn bitcoins in pakistan halal food

As Islam forbids any and all kinds of chance based exchange of currency or commodities, Bitcoin needs to conform to that if it is to be. MUI holds the authority on Shariah compliance in the country that's home to the world's largest Muslim population, with the finance ministry. Trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been declared The council also issues halal certificates — the opposite of haram — for food. HORSE RACE BETTING STRATEGIES ROULETTE

Shahfizal Musa- e A national newspaper has uncovered that not only was the beef was falsely labeled as Halal, but they might not even be beef at all. This is just the tip of the iceberg; this food fraud is happening globally, but exposed first in Malaysia. Just wait a few days or weeks, more will be exposed around the world. Imported fake beef Malaysia, as well as other Muslim countries around the world, typically import their meat supply from abroad.

The fake Halal meat was instead imported from countries such as Colombia, China and Ukraine. Then it was packaged with a fake halal logo. However, the issue is beyond just Halal certification; it is outright fraud. Horse or kangaroo meat, or just tainted poor quality, or even diseased beef has been repackaged as quality meat products with Halal logo. Once the fake Halal meat arrives at ports in Malaysia, the shipment would bypass inspection courtesy of corrupt officials at the ports collaborating with smugglers.

They would then relabel the meat as Halal using existing brands that have Halal certification and distribute them together with authentic brands. Simply put, it is just like buying a counterfeit designer brand. In Halal food, scandal buyers have no idea the meat is not halal, unsafe, and are putting their health at risk. It is suggested that the Halal food fraud has been going on for 40 years.

Technology solutions to combat food fraud The issue of food fraud is not new, globally. Countries such as China and the US have faced this issue before. Food fraud becomes possible as the gap from farm to fork grows, meaning that as we no longer buy food directly from farmers, there are now more players involved in the food supply chain.

It is estimated that there are at least six players involved in the food supply chain before we can consume our food. These are the farmers, food production, food processing and packaging, storage, wholesale distribution, and finally the supermarkets. Introduction FinTech Financial Technology is an emerging field within finance. It refers to the use of technology to enable incremental or drastic improvements in financial services Alshater and Othman, ; Thakor, Islamic FinTech is no different else than being compliant with shariah and a special focus on Islamic compliant institutions or Islamic countries Alshater and Othman, This differentiation is rational due to the many differences in FinTech business models between the two systems.

For example, profit interest-based P2P lending, one of the most thriving business models in FinTech, is fundamentally rejected in the Islamic finance system due to riba being a primary prohibition in the system. Thus, studying the emerging industry dynamics becomes more critical as FinTech aims are in line with the primary shariah objectives for financial transactions. According to Thakor , FinTech aims to unveil cheaper ways to overcome financial contracting frictions and lower the cost of financial services to improve consumer welfare; in a similar vein, D.

Lee and Teo defined FinTech's five principles: low-profit margin, light asset, expandability, innovation, and easy compliance, which all are in line with shariah principles. Fintech history starts as early as , Consumer International divided the FinTech developmental period into three phases. The first phase between to was marked by trans-Atlantic cable and telegraph as a means of financial communications.

Between and , the second phase saw the emergence of online banking and ATMs where financial institutions started incorporating information technology into financial products and services. The third phase, from onwards, is marked by the use of high-tech by newer entrants with different characteristics, creating a new competitive landscape for financial institutions. This intensive rise of FinTech at the industry level, especially in major economies such as the US, UK, China, and Germany, motivated researchers to investigate FinTech related topics from different dimensions.

From the conventional perspective, the literature is growing at a fast pace, so do various types of reviews Al-Sartawi et al. Our study is more comprehensive in nature and scope as it focuses on reviewing all relevant and published articles tackling compliant innovative technological applications concentrating on Islamic financial institutions. This study makes several contributions to the existing literature.

The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 introduces the data collection and research methodology. Section 3 presents the bibliometric results. Section 4 presents the content analysis. We conclude the paper in section 5.

How to earn bitcoins in pakistan halal food how to bet on sports online


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How to earn bitcoins in pakistan halal food ethereum price hsitory

how to earn bitcoin in pakistan--bitcoin se paise kaise kamaye 2020--urdu//hindi

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