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Stelios stylianou lawyer nicosia betting

stelios stylianou lawyer nicosia betting

We provide services to clients locally as well UK, Israel, Europe, and the Middle East. Ive trawled some forums and discovered a good lawyer based in Nicosia called stelios stylianou, very thorough and hes an expat to so I had. Your best bet is just compare the various agent and developers websites for If you would like his name it is simple - Stelios Stylianou in Nicosia. FOREXTIME NIGERIA OFFICE OF STATISTICS

Has kept us informed and chased us for infor when required. Jem rodger Posted By:dawn Jem Just make sure Mr Mintos does not release the payment you are holding back due to any repairs that the developer promises to do when you get the keys. We had some problems and we instructed him to keep some money back , out of the blue he released it without our say so.

He did us no favours as we have had to end up doing the repairs ourselves. Dee Posted By:Ristac I waited about 5 weeks for a reply to my email, it came in the form of a telephone call from them after I had sent 2 further emails asking if they had received the original email :roll: Richard Posted By:cyprusgirl Used George Mintis. He entirely acted for the sellar, caused me much worry. Quoted a fee then more than doubled it. Ended up with a contract that I am not happy with.

Posted By:jemrodger Thanks for advice,I will keep a close eye on things. If I have any proplems I will let you know and will mention this site if he wants any more bad publicity. I also have links with a lot of people in nicosia if I need to take legal advice to resolve any proplems. But I have had no trouble so far. Jem rodger Posted By:Elizavet Hi Jem I wish we had been able to draw on the advice of others on this board, We purchased before this board was set up, although we have not done to badly there were a few things that we could have included if we had known about these.

At least you can now keep an eye on things, and be on the ball. I used " Mr Tommy" and was very pleased with the service i received. He answered any queries promptly and always responded to queries by e mail the same day. His secretary phoned me on one occasion and was very friendly. Sometimes i did have to wait a while to see him but this was when i called in "on spec" without an appointment and he always saw me.

I may have cause to use his services again in the future and trust that he will deal with me in the courteous professional manner that he did on my initial purchase. Posted By:greeny I used g mintis very pleased with him and even now after i have finished with him his so helpfull i was asking about schools for my daughter a week later via post details of schools and there prospective book.

Maria secretary has really been the 'solicitor', I really don't know what he would do without her. You don't have his un-divided attention and are always kept waiting. He never reponds to Emails or letters. Never takes you seriously enough until you start thumping the desk, which I did incidently on my last visit!! I resorted to visiting another solicitor, who is english and practices not only in Cyprus but also in the U.

Just wished i'd found her sooner! Nice to hear from you again,,, would it be possible to have the name of your solicitor, most people used Tommy and George Mintos as they were the 2 well known ones at the time, Now thanks to these boards people realise that the contracts they received from them were just bog standard and did them no favours, it would be helpful to new members who have not purchased already.. Thanks Posted By:Byker stevecroad Wrote: Just be careful that your developer and solicitor don't work together, make sure that you get a solicitor who is going to work for you.

Maybe try the solicitor in Nicosia as Anne suggests. In fact I am due to go and do some desk-thumping within the next few days Or point me in the direction of the earlier link on the board. It's Monday morning though, so it wouldn't surprise me if I've hit the wrong key!! It was basically to tell you and anyone other interested parties that Stelios is London born and bred, and unlike some reports I've read here, deeals with you directly and responds to emails immediately.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. His details are listed in the Advocates section, but I'll list them here for you again. Spent all day with him last Tuesday at the Land Registry and he's wonderful. Gold: The idea of entrepreneurship and its importance is ubiquitous in Cyprus now.

Do you feel this is a consequence of the crisis? The crisis has made people confront certain facts and rethink the idea of having a strategy. They have realised not only the importance of establishing a strategy but of diversifying it. The economic instability on the island demands that professionals adapt quickly to current conditions rather than simply demonise them.

Orangefield Fidelico still treats its clients with the same level of integrity and professionalism. Gold: Moreover, opinion is intensifying that mergers and acquisitions actually present a viable solution in light of current conditions. What are your thoughts on this? Compliance and transparency have become not only desirable but compulsory. A successful merger with an international group is certainly a good way to go in responding to this rising pressure.

We have gained know-how from plus years of experience. Gold: How does the partnership function? We have a lot of autonomy, but we have common targets that we have to meet, which not only presents a profitable learning curve, but helps focalise business practice. Gold: What does your client list look like? They are not only attracted to Cyprus because of its favourable tax regime; the access that the island provides to different markets is invaluable. For example, a UK firm trying to carry out a transaction with a Russian company will do so through Cyprus.

Some of our clients are listed on the London Stock Exchange through their Cyprus-based entities. Gold: In terms of nationality, how would you describe your clientele? Gold: Have Central Europeans traditionally used Cyprus as a base, or is this a rising market? However, there has been a lot of renewed interest recently, courtesy of the citizenship scheme. Gold: So how does Orangefield Fidelico market and promote Cyprus?

Whilst the Cyprus Investment Funds Association exists, people are only just learning about it. Admittedly, there has been a lot of momentum recently locally for the promotion of Cyprus as a funds industry. Gold: How can Cyprus cohesively achieve this? The Government needs to go out and sell Cyprus. Also, a key element in this process is pursuing the correct legal framework to obtain the best possible investor protection and straight-through processes, to give fund players — like custodians, managers, and administrators — the necessary incentives.

Gold: Is there sufficient regulation currently in place? Regarding regulation, a law was passed in , which was meant to regulate all firms offering fiduciary services in Cyprus traditionally, these companies were lawyers, accountants, and independent firms. The problem is that lawyers and accountants managed to exempt themselves from this regulation, continuing, rather, with selfregulation.

Cyprus is simply too small for self-regulation. So now we have 1, companies offering fiduciary services and only that are properly regulated under the law. The rest are self-regulated. Gold: What would bringing about an effective change require with regard to this? Gold: You mentioned the idea of trust earlier. Greek banks have become more popular, such as Piraeus Bank and Eurobank. I feel that the more pressing issue is that, internationally, there is a lack of education as to what actually happened here, and this is egregiously detrimental.

As opposed to really grappling with what happened here, many people are merely crossing Cyprus off of their professional list. We need to educate them accordingly. Gold: What do you propose? Gold: What are your views regarding the practice of bringing in foreign expertise — is this important? But who appointed the management? We never ask the right questions in Cyprus and, in my opinion, instead of merely highlighting the mistakes made, we should be probing how the wrong people kept getting appointed to the wrong positions in the first place, thus affording them the opportunity to make these drastic mistakes.

On the contrary, I believe that if we had brought in people with real, tangible, international and varied experience, we should have been paying them in the six figure range. Because you get what you pay for. For example, Cyprus is unequivocally not and never has been a financial centre — a business centre, yes, but not a financial centre — so why pay lip service to this abroad, resulting in the projection of the wrong image? Gold: Where do you think this fragmentation comes from?

How can we speak with confidence and inspire our listeners without preparing properly? We need to change this on a fundamental level, starting with how we educate our children. The lack of focus on — and understanding of — processing stems from times having been too easy. Once upon a time, anyone could establish a business, acquire a loan, and seemingly — superficially — prosper. Moreover, our society tends to look at the face value of wealth.

No one looks at how someone may have acquired their wealth or success and what they had to go through or whence they came. Gold: The name Fidelico was clearly not chosen by accident! It represents our relationship with our clients. We read many studies at the time on business colour, and chose purple for its simultaneous display of both dynamism and calmness.

Gold: When you started out, did you imagine that the company would grow to its present size? And this comes back to honouring the process. Our starting point may have been the setting up of a local company but we took all the precautions and necessary steps to allow this local company to grow into a global entity an end point of sorts.

Gold: What is the size of the courier industry in the domestic market? Dinos Ioannides: According to the annuall report of the Commissioner of Electronicc Communications and Postal Regulation, thee international express courier industry movess more than , express shipments perr annum. In terms of the local express courierr industry, excluding services offered by the Cy-prus Post Office, DHL represents more than n half the market. Transit times typically vary from next day to 2 or 3 days.

We provide a comprehensive range of optional services, varying from earlier deliveries to an excellent insurance coverage of goods transported. As the first company to provide international courier services in Cyprus, I can honestly say that we have an in-depth knowledge of the local market which, leveraged with an extensive knowledge base and skill set gained from serving the global market for nearly 45 years, results in an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction.

This can be verified by our local Net Promoter Approach NPA scores as well as our longstanding position as market leader. We are focused in our approach as we only do Express. We provide unmatched continuity and stability across all our touch points.

There is a reason that people often refer to their express shipments as DHL, even if they use a different provider. Gold: DHL recently launched an online platform to facilitate its customers. How does it work and what does it offer to clients? Both account holders and occasional users of our service can browse our website and receive information or a quotation, track their shipment or even request an import or export. I believe that we are one of very few companies that provide a direct link to the Managing Director via the company website.

Our account holders are provided with access to a web-based system enabling them to liaise with DHL online, which can significantly enhance their productivity. Gold: What role do you think logistics services could play in the economic recovery of Cyprus? On the other hand, it is obvious that we need to spread our wings and seek development opportunities outside the confines of our wounded economy.

DHL can provide access to overseas markets and, for our island, all markets are overseas. No matter what the size of the established enterprise or startup, we can provide the infrastructure on which it can build its international reach. This is what we do. We facilitate worldwide trade. There are many success stories, in Cyprus and globally, that show how companies have used us to grow from local to international.

It is not at the top of our agenda. Agendas can easily change with prioritisation shifts. It is, however, at the core of our global strategy and interwoven into how we do what we do. There are three pillars to our CSR strategy: GoGreen supporting the environment , GoHelp providing humanitarian aid wherever needed and GoTeach supporting the right to learn.

In Cyprus we try to focus on local needs which, unfortunately, are increasing at an alarming rate. As a relatively small operation, we try to stretch our resources to the best of our ability in order to offer as much as we can. For instance, we support the Cyprus Volunteer Doctors in their efforts to offer free medical treatment at their clinics.

We also sponsor projects that we deem worthwhile. Since last year, we have been the logistics partner for the Limassol international Marathon. For these efforts, we depend greatly on the voluntary work of our people. We will see more in this area in the future. In terms of the economy, we have maintained a healthy track record since We have shielded our employees from the effects of the downturn and stood by our clients through crises such as the destruction of Vasilikos power station and the period when the banks were closed in March As I have already mentioned, we are a facilitator of business.

Our job is to make sure our customers can do theirs. We sell stability and peace of mind and an uninterrupted service, no matter what may be going on in the environment. Gold: What, in your opinion, are likely to be the most critical challenges facing your industry in the next decade?

DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network, composed of more than countries and territories and some , employees worldwide, it offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements.

DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting environmental protection, disaster management and education. For more information: www. We deal daily with serious upheavals and literally any issue anywhere in the world can affect our operations — war, volcanoes, strikes, riots, bad weather or currency fluctuations.

It is a challenge to build a complex machine, with significant shareholder funds, and at the same time ensure that it is not rigid but highly adaptable and to do so profitably. One also has to take into account shifts in global trade, transportation modes, the role of emerging economies and the evolution of e-commerce. In Cyprus there is no end to these challenges and not only for our industry. We are called upon, not simply to weather the storm and emerge blinking when it passes, but to get our act together during the worst part of it and turn around a situation, the handling of which will determine the future quality of life of our children and grandchildren.

We owe what we are to our customers and so we aim to become the most customer-centric service provider. By John Vickers Photograph by Jo Michaelides I n , back in his home town of Larnaca after eight years in the United States, Andreas Karapatakis had been doing various jobs including working in the Department of Statistics and teaching at a local college when he decided to set up his own company to carry out market research.

Over two decades later, he heads a thriving group of companies with offices in another seven countries. Andreas Karapatakis does not exactly shun the media spotlight but he has never sought it out either.

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