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ethereal crucifix darkest dungeon

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I do not censure nor reject the grace and revelation of God, but the puffed up make use of this revelation. What would it profit, says Paul, if I should speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and understand all mysteries and knowledge, and have all faith, tell me, what profit is all this, if love be not exercised? You have experienced what such presumptuous speaking and ignorance has produced; you still daily see their false fruits, though they have given themselves to God.

And let no man remove you from the foundation which is laid through the letter of the holy Scriptures, and is sealed with the blood of Christ and of many witnesses of Jesus. Hear not what they. Judge what I write to you; take these matters to heart, that this abomination may be separated far from you, and that you be found humble, fruitful and obedient children of God.

Beloved brethren, marvel not that I treat this matter with such earnestness; for I do so not without reason. The brethren have doubtless informed you that some of us are in prison; and afterwards when the brethren at Hbrb had also been apprehended, they brought us to Binzdorf. At this time we met with various designs of our adversaries. Once they threatened us with bonds; then with fire, and afterwards with the sword. In this peril I completely surrendered myself into the will of the Lord, and together with all my fellow brethren and my wife, prepared myself even for death for His testimony and then I thought of the great number.

In short, beloved brethren and sisters this letter shall be a farewell to all of you who truly love and follow God others I do not know ; and also a testimony of my love which God has given into my heart towards you, for the sake of your salvation. I did indeed desire, and it would have been profitable, I trust, if I had labored a little while longer in the work of the Lord; but it is better for me, to be released, and to await with Christ the hope of the blessed.

The Lord is able to raise up another laborer to finish this work. Pray that reapers may be constrained into the harvest; for the time of threshing is nigh at hand. Luke The abomination of desolation is manifest among you; the chosen servants and handmaidens of God are marked with the name of their Father on their foreheads Rev. You know, my most beloved fellow members, that it becomes us to conduct ourselves in a godly and Christian manner.

II Tim. Take heed, watch and pray, lest your wisdom bring judgment upon you. Pray without ceasing I Thess. Remember your forerunner Jesus Christ, and follow Him through faith and obedience, with love and patience. I Peter Forget that which is carnal, that you may in truth be called Christians, and children of the Most High God. Endure the chastening of your father in heaven, and turn neither to the right nor to the left, that you may enter by the door John , and will not have to walk in a strange path, in which sinners, sorcerers, idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie, must go.

Remember our assembly, and strictly follow that which was resolved on therein; and if anything has been forgotten, pray the Lord for understanding. Be liberal towards all that are in want among you Heb. Forget not to assemble yourselves together, but give diligence that you constantly meet together, and be united in prayer for all men, and in breaking of bread; and this with the more diligence, because the day of the Lord is approaching.

In this assembling you will make manifest the hearts of the false brethren, and will speedily rid yourselves of them. Finally, beloved brethren and sisters, sanctify yourselves for Him that has made you holy, and hear what Esdras says: "Look for your Shepherd; he shall give you everlasting rest; for he is nigh at hand, that shall come in the end of the world. Be ready to the reward of the kingdom,. Flee the shadow of this world,. Arise up and stand, behold the number of those that be sealed in the feast of the Lord; which are departed from the shadow of the world, and have received glorious garments of the Lora.

The number of thy children whom thou longedst for, is fulfilled. I Esdras saw upon the mount Sion a great people; whom I could not number, and they all praised the Lord with songs. And in the midst of them there was a young man of a high stature, taller than all the rest, and upon everyone of their heads he set crowns, and was more exalted; which I marveled at greatly. So I asked the angel, and said, Sir, what are these? He answered and said unto me, These be they that have put off the mortal clothing, and put on the immortal, and have confessed the name of God: now are they crowned, and receive palms.

Then said I unto the angel, What young person is it that crowneth them, and giveth them palms in their hands? So he answered and said unto me, It is the Son of God, whom they have confessed in the world. Then began I greatly to commend them that stood so stiffly for the name of the Lord. Bear in mind most beloved members of the body of Christ, what I indicate by this scripture, and live according to it, and if I be offered up to the Lord, do for my wife what you would for me.

The peace of Jesus Christ, and the love of the heavenly Father, and the grace of their Spirit, preserve you unspotted from sin, and present you glad and pure for the beholding of their glory, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you may be found in the number of those called to the feast Luke of the one essential, true God and Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom be eternal praise and glory, Amen. Beware of false brethren Acts ; for the Lord will perhaps call me to Him; so take warning, I wail for my God.

Pray without ceasing for all that are in bonds. God be with you all. Written in the tower at Binzdorf. Brother Michael Sattler of Staufen, together with my fellow prisoners in the Lord. Of this hero and witness of Jesus Christ there are also other writings extant in print, treating of the atonement of Christ; brotherly union; divorce; of evil overseers, and the hearing of false prophets. Having returned to Bavaria, he examined the fruits and doctrine of the Anabaptists, as well as of Zwingli and Luther, and joined himself under the cross to the separated cross bearing church of the Anabaptists, in the year , and forthwith continued in his ministry, with great power and zeal, undaunted by all the tyranny which arose over the believers, in the way of drowning, burning and putting to death.

Acts In the second year of his ministry, Leonhard Keyser was apprehended at Scharding, in Bavaria, and condemned by the bishop of Passau and other priests and capitulars, to be burned on Friday before St. Lawrence day, in August of the same year. Having bound him on a cart, they took him to the fire, the priests going alongside, and speaking Latin to him, but he, on account of the people, answered them in German; even as they had refused to speak to him in German before the court, which he had frequently requested.

When he came out into the field, and was approaching the fire, he, bound, as he was, leaned down at the side of the cart, and plucked a flower with his hand, saying to the judge, who rode on horseback along side of the cart "Lord judge, here I pluck a flower; if you can burn this flower and me, you have justly condemned me; but,.

But when the wood was entirely burned up, his body was taken from the fire uninjured. Then the three executioners and their assistants built another great fire of wood, which when it was consumed, his body still remained uninjured,!!! When the wood was burned up, the pieces lay unconsumed in the fire. Finally they took the pieces and threw them into the river Inn.

This judge was so terrified by this occurrence that he resigned his office, and moved to another place. His chief servant, who was with the judge, and saw and heard all this, came to us in Moravia, became our brother and lived and died piously. Frank, in his Chron. When he called upon Christ Jesus the ropes fell from his body and were burned; and as he was still alive, he rolled out of the fire at one side. The executioners instantly thrust him back into the fire, with hop poles, that happened to be there, so that he rolled out on the other side.

There the executioners cut him alive into pieces, which they cast into the fire, without being able, however, to burn them, as I have read. Concerning this, see also P. Twisck, Chron. Some persons had been apprehended at Kitzbuehl, and, through the tyranny of the authorities, had been brought to apostatize from the truth. The latter furthermore brought them into a public place before a great multitude of people, where the others reviled them shamefully, and said: "Ali, how finely your teachers and pastors now give their lives for you!

Then the beforementioned Thomas Hermann made his way through the people, stepped forth and boldly said: "It is the truth which I have taught you; and I will testify to it with my blood. On his way to the place of execution, he composed and sang a hymn, which is still extant.!!!! They could not burn his heart; hence, they threw it into the lake which was near the place of execution.

After him sixty seven of his fellow believers were executed in the same place. The judge of Kitzbuehl, who assisted in condemning and putting to death many of them, and who because of their faith, both before and after, called them heretics was afterwards suffered by God to come to such awful disgrace, that he was himself found to be a heretic, and justly regarded as such by all men; which nevertheless, occurred not at all on account of the faith, but because God permitted him to fall into such disgrace, that he came to reproach and great infamy; also before the world.

The vengeance of God also came upon the townclerk of Kitzbuehl, who had likewise been instrumental in this shedding of innocent blood, and had declared that he would not lay down his head in peace until he had helped to exterminate these people. For, as he was out riding in a sleigh in the town, and about to make a turn, the horse threw him against a wall, and an oak tree in the street, so that his brains were dashed out, and thus he did not lay down his head in peace, but came to a terrible end, as the brethren Hans Kitzbuehl and Christian Haring have testified concerning it.

On the 18th, the aforesaid Weynken was arraigned before the governor and the full council of Holland. There a woman asked her "Have you well considered the things which my lords proposed to you? The rich man tasted death, and shall taste it forever. After many like words Weynken was led back to prison. During the two following days she was entreated and tempted by various persons, namely by monks, priests, women, and her nearest friends. Among others, a woman came to her, prompted by sincerity, who commiserated leer after this manner "Dear mother, can you not think what you please, and keep it to yourself?

I will pray the Lord for them. Two Dominican friars also came to her, the one as a confessor, and the other as an instructor. The latter showed her the crucifix, saying: "See, here is your. Lord and your God. This is a wooden god; throw him into the fire, and warm yourselves with him. She said: "What God would you give me?

He said: "It appears to me that you have fallen unto error? In the middle of the week she was brought before the Court, and when she came into the hall, the monk went up to her, and held the crucifix before her face, saying: "Do recant before sentence is, passed. As she stood before the judge, the' monk whispered into her ear: "Fall down upon monk knees, and ask the Lord for pardon.

He then retired from the council, together with his two associate ecclesiastics. I beg you all, that if I have harmed or offended any, you will forgive me. She replied: "Our Lady, is well content in God. Monk: "Do you not fear the severe judgment of God? Monk: "Do you not, fear the sentence which you must suffer in the fie? Then she assisted the executioners to put the powder into her bosom.

Here the monk again tempted her with the cross; but she pushed it away with her hand, turned around, and said "How you tempt me? My Lord and my God is above. The woman took off her neckerchief or veil, and put the strap around her neck. Then the monk exclaimed: "Mother Weynken, will you gladly. Are you also sorry that you have erred? These three were together brought prisoners, for the testimony of Jesus Revelations ; , by the bloodthirsty papists, to Haarlem, and after a little while they were sent from there to Gravenhage, where they were examined very severely; yet, through the power of the Most High Eph.

I John On this account the rulers of darkness Eph. And as they suffered all this for the name of Jesus and the Word of God, and not on account of any misdeed committed, but only in order to testify to and confess the firm foundation of the truth before this false and adulterous generation, the Son of God shall hereafter, when coming in His glory, not he ashamed of them, but confess them before His Father and His chosen angels, and crown them with everlasting glory in heaven.

He was a minister of God, and was well versed in the holy Scriptures, and also in the Latin language. He faithfully taught the true baptism of Christ and His apostles, the true Lord's Supper, and the articles of the Christian faith; yea, the Word of God. He also testified against infant baptism, the abominable sacrament, and other abominations of antichrist. He had originally been a barefoot friar for about six years, but beholding the impurity, wantonness, hypocrisy Matt.

There he heard of Baithasar Heubmer and his baptism, and learned that a number of the same faith formed a little society at Veyen. He sought them out, came to them, heard them, and, led thither by Oswald, was baptized. After this he went to Steyen to work at his trade; where he taught and baptized, having been elected teacher by them; and thus teaching and baptizing, he proceeded through Bavaria, as far as Rothenburg, in the valley of the Inn; where he was apprehended for his faith, disputed much with his opposers, and was examined.

Previous to this he proposed: that, if they regarded his faith and doctrine as wrong and heretical, they should produce learned persons, doctors, monks and priests, to dispute with him concerning the matter. Should he, in disputing on true scriptural grounds, be found to be in the wrong, they should punish him as unrighteous; and for still further confirmation of the truth, he offered, in order to confirm his assertion and his writings, that, if any of the learned could convince him with the truth of the Word of God, that his doctrine was not conformable.

But if he should not be able to obtain a hearing and disputation, and they should judge and put him to death unheard, he asked all the witnesses of his death, and all those standing by, that they would be his witnesses before God, in His judgment at the last day. But by virtue of the mandate of the Emperor, and the edict of the King of Hungary and Bohemia, he was condemned, delivered to the executioner, beheaded, and burnt to ashes, on the fourteenth day of January of said year; at Rothenburg, for the testimony of Christ, from which he would not depart.

Leonhard Schoener, among others, left the following admonition for the consolation of all those who suffer for the name of Christ "We beseech Thee, O eternal God, incline Thy gracious ear to us, Lord Sabaoth, Thou Prince of hosts, hear our complaint; for great distress and affliction prevails, and pride has entered into Thy heritage.

And with it many supposed Christians have joined, and thus set up the abomination of desolation. They rage, and destroy the sanctuary of the Christians. They have trampled' it under foot, and the abomination of des6lation is worshiped as God. II Thess. They have destroyed Thy holy city, overthrown Thy holy altar, and killed the servants in it, wherever they could apprehend them. And now that we remain as a little flock Luke , they have driven us with reproach and disgrace into every country.

We are scattered like sheep that have no shepherd. We have to abandon house and home, and are as the, night ravens, which lodge in the rocks. Our chambers are in eaves and cliffs; and snares are laid for us as for the birds of the air. We go about in forests, and are hunted with dogs. We are led captive and bound as dumb lambs which do not open their mouth. We are proclaimed rebels and heretics. We are led as sheep to the slaughter. Many sit in distress and bonds, and their bodies have perished.

Some have been overcome by the severe sufferings, and died without any guilt. Here is the patience of the saints on earth; and thus must we be proved by suffering. The believers have here been hanged on trees, strangled, cut in pieces, drowned secretly and openly; not only men, but also women and maidens have testified here to the faith that Jesus Christ is the truth and the only way to eternal life. John Still the world is not at rest, but rages like a madman, and forges lies against us.

They cease not to burn and kill. They make the world too small for us. O Lord how long wilt Thou be silent with regard to this? How long wilt Thou not judge the blood of Thy saints? Let it ascend before Thy throne. How precious in Thy sight is the blood of Thy saints. Therefore we have in all our distresses a comforting confidence in Thee alone, and in no other; neither have we consolation, rest or peace in the earth.

But he that hopes in Thee shall never be confounded. O Lord, there is no sorrow so great that it can separate us from Thee; hence we call upon Thee without ceasing, through Christ Thy Son, our Lord, whom Thou, out of pure grace, hast given us for our consolation, and who has prepared and made known to us the narrow path and the way unto eternal life. Eternal glory, triumph, honor and praise be unto Thee now and in all eternity, and Thy righteousness abide forever.

All nations bless -- -- Thy holy name, through Christ, the coming righteous judge of the whole world, Amen. They tried him greatly with many severe tortures, and disputed with him, through the priests, about infant baptism; but he, orally as well as in writing, showed them his defense, as it is commanded, and as it will be found, throughout the entire New Testament, namely: That the Word of God must first be taught, and that only those who hear, understand, believe, and receive it, are to be baptized.

This is the true Christian baptism, and no anabaptism. The Lord has nowhere commanded to baptize infants; they are already the Lord's, and as long as they are in their innocence and simplicity, they are not to be condemned at all. They also asked him, in what the foundation of these anabaptistic sects did properly consist.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. But he replied that it had never entered his heart, to make an uproar; neither had he ever approved of it in others; yea, he had fled from a house in which they lived in contention; which he could prove by all with whom he had ever lived. And there is no other design concealed under it, than to amend the life, and to forsake the vicious ways of the world; so that in the doctrine which he teaches, this is not the least commandment, that we are in duty bound to be subject to the authorities in all good things; how, then, should he raise and purpose uproar and sedition?

They also desired to know of him, who were the true authors and principals of these heretical and chief sects, as they falsely call them. He told them that he knew of no other principal of his faith, than the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is the true Captain of the faith. I feb. But as, regards that they are called heretics and seditious sects, he referred them to the complaints of the Jews against Christ before' Pilate, and the complaints against the apostle Paul, before Felix the Governor.

Matthew ; Acts He was likewise asked what had caused and induced him to forsake his office as priest. Concerning this he told them, that he had done it for conscience' sake, because he knew that he was in the place of a prophet, and believed that God had sent him. They would also know of him, who had told him to go into Germany, to plant the evil seed of Anabaptism. He told them, that no one had ordered him thither; but that, since he had no abiding place as yet, and had to go about in misery, he came there to one of his friends, with whom he stayed, and thence carne to Schwatz, where he was apprehended, according to and for the will of God.

As to the evil seed of which they spake, he knew nothing at all; he intended nothing evil, but much rather the pure divine truth. After this and other things, when he had been in prison for some time, and could not be moved, he and his fellow prisoner and brother were condemned to death, and executed with the sword at Schwatz, thus testifying with their blood to the divine truth.

He left the following admonitory thanksgiving to his brethren in Christ O God, I beseech Thy grace; do not impute to me my sins, since Christ atoned for them before I was born. I was Thine enemy, and Thou hast loved and graciously accepted me, and given for my redemption the innocent blood of Thy beloved Son I Pet. For when I would do good, evil is present with me. For this cause I am sorrowful, and may well sigh and exclaim with the apostle Paul: O wretched man that I am! Romans And I must reply to myself and say: But thanks be to God, which giveth me the victory through Christ.

Thou art'my comfort; for if I thus believe with the heart, I cannot be condemned. The spirit is willing and ready, but the flesh is weak, so that' if cannot fulfill the law of God, until Christ strengthens us with His Spirit: Where human laws rein on earth, there the distressed minds are seduced; yea, where Christ Jesus is not the sole Ruler, that which He does riot build, is always torn and broken; and no building can stand, which He does not uphold.

Though the world highly esteems other things, they are condemned before God; and hence we all pray together, young and old, great and small, that Thou, O God, wouldst have compassion upon us; and send us poor children faithful shepherds and stewards of Thy gifts Matt.

Mark Hence let us take our refuge to the chastisement of our Father, and submit ourselves in obedience, that He may chastise us as His children. The world is blinded, sloes not know the Christian life, abominates it, flees the cross, and thinks it is enough, if they can talk finely of the Christian life, but do little indeed. It is in truth not otherwise, than that judgment must first begin at the house of God. I Pet.

Thus the Holy Scripture is now fulfilled, so that the punishment with which the world is to be visited, is ready and at hand; hence no one ought to be negligent; for the sword is drawn, the bow is bent, the arrow laid upon it, and aim is taken. By this I do not mean that we are to seek any other refuge, than to accept the chastisement of the Father, as has been said above; by Which He refines us for that whereunto He has sealed us, that we 'may be assured of the eternal and imperishable kingdom with Him, and forever to possess it with Him in life everlasting; to this may God strengthen us all.

He left the following admonition for the comfort and instruction of others "My God, I will praise Thee in my last hour; Thee who. I commend my spirit into Thy hands Luke ; in Thee I rejoice. Christ, help me to stand in my sufferings. Heavenly Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Because I cannot forsake Thy Word, I am hated, and they seek to separate my body from the soul.

O ye blind, why are you troubled and grieved because the command of Christ is observed? I beseech you all, beloved brethren and sisters, that you would firmly trust in God, and let not my bitter death grieve you; 'for God will richly reward it; we must once take our leave of this vale of 'sorrow. The Scripture clearly declares, that he who would have laughing and joy here, shall hereafter mourn and weep: Luke ; we must suffer here with patience; the Lord grant that it be done innocently.

He that would here bring his gift to the altar; and remembers that his brother has aught against him, must leave his gift at the altar, and first go and be reconciled to his brother, and then come and offer his gift. Therefore, I beseech Thee, O God, graciously to forgive those who put me to death.

I commend my spirit and soul into Thy hand, O God; deliver me out of all my distresses, and never turn away from me; deprive my flesh of all its power, that I may overcome and be victorious in Thee. This the adversaries could not endure; these eighteen were therefore apprehended, and finally, as they, under many tortures, piously adhered to their faith, were all sentenced to the fire, and burned, on the same day, at Salzburg, about the year They left the following as a memorial: "O God of heaven, watch over Thy sheep: who are such a little flock, that they may not depart from Thee, or be led astray.

Keep them under Thy protection, and deliver them from this lamentable distress; for the beast pursues. O Lord,. Come quickly, and help us poor children, and sustain us in Thy will. They would drive us from Thee, and they beset us very hard with their great power and pomp. O God, grant us Thy divine power; we have no other Lord in heaven and earth, than Thee. Grant us what we desire of Thee. The Lord Christ sends out His messengers, and through them offers us His heavenly kingdom, which is derided by the world: but we have accepted the Lord's kingdom and His grace with great joy and satisfaction; therefore the priests roar and rage against us, and terribly hate us.

They have greatly hid the truth for more than five hundred years, and seduced the multitude of men with false doctrine: they trample the Word of God under their feet,. O Lord, grant that they may amend their steps and do Thy will. They would not honor the image, nor worship the beast. They would not receive their words, nor the mark of antichrist into their hand or on their forehead.

Thereforethey could neither buy, nor sell in the land; but they adhered to Christ, and received His, mark, and their names are written in the book of life -- Ps. Thus they were burned with fire, and are now awaiting everlasting joy. On his way to the place of execution, he addressed the following admonition to the peo;ple, and was then beheaded with the sword. The sacrifice which I mean is my whole body, life, skin and bones, and also wife and children. We are willing to offer up all our members, love impelling and constraining us.

Pharaoh would fain prevent and alter this; but we care not for it, and have not the least desire to desist from it, but to bring the offering before the Lord, and to press our way through with His assistance Matt. Come hither, beloved brethren, let us valiantly take hold, of the matter: We are now members of Jesus Christ Rom.

Be of good courage and undaunted, thou worm Jacob. The Red Sea shall stand open; if Pharaoh will pursue thee, he will perish in it. Thou little flock, be not afraid, for it is but a little while here, and our flesh is of no consequence. But in the city which God has prepared us in the everlasting kingdom, we shall be as the angels of God.

Who can estimate their value? This God has promised us; yea, through His Child, Jesus Christ, He promises us much comfort and joy, and everlasting rest, if we continue steadfast in Him. Though the heathen slay us, He will not forsake us, but break their power in pieces, snatch us out of their hand, and through grace gloriously crown us.

God is the Lord who can protect. He is also our shield Genesis , since we have Him for a Father, who is so good and gracious; that though men drive us away from them, yet will we always adhere to Him. His great power is over us, and He does not suffer them to faint, who keep His covenant; therefore, though we be defamed and accused, rejoice over it in your hearts.

Have confidence in God, and He shall help you. Therefore fear neither pain nor death. I give praise and thanks to my God, that I have become a sacrifice. I have long longed for it, for to die is gain for me. Thus he offered his neck, and was beheaded for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

But before they were apprehended, they advised the council, that they should take care and not shed innocent blood, for God would not let it go unpunished. One of the council, named Thomas Pelzer arose and did as though he were washing his hands, saying: "Thus shall I wash my hands in their blood, and think to do God service.

But a few days after the judgment of God came upon him. He was found dead in his bed, beside his wife; and thus by his sudden death, was not permitted, to see the death of these pious persons, which struck terror into the hearts of many. Brother Bastelwart well knew this Thomas Pelzer, who died so suddenly; and also Brother Andrew Gauper was acquainted with the circumstance.

They gave up a' miserable life, in due time to find another Matt. There was a judge at Znaym, called Sir Louis, who greatly hated the brethren, as was manifest in the imprisonment of these brethren and sisters, With stern words he asked the council what they intended to do with the Anabaptist heretics, since' they had a royal command and mandate, and yet did not have them executed.

He said he would himself go to the king, and inform him of their disobedience; but if they would have them executed, he would draw the wood to burn them with his own horses. Thereupon the council answered and said: "Dear Sir Louis, we will commend them to thee; do with them as you please; it is committed to you. Then he had the wood drawn with his own wagon, and caused the three brethren and two sisters to be burned, who were thus speedily executed, paying unto God, who permitted this true burnt offering, the vow made in baptism, and fighting unto death for the divine truth confessed.

He commanded money to be given to those who should tell him where the brethren assembled. A house having been pointed out to him, he took bailiffs and watchmen, and went with them to the place. There Judge Louis stepped unawares into an opening before the house, used for letting down wine, and sprained his foot. He fell down and cried piteously that they should lift him up, and let the rascals go.

The brethren heard the noise, and escaped from the house. After this Louis took sick unto death, and as he lay there in his agony and severe sickness, he suddenly began to exclaim: "Q the Baptists, the Baptists! Finally he roared like an ox, and like a wild beast and bit his own tongue, and foam and blood ran out of his mouth, so that his wife and children could not stay with him; only his servant woman, who was attached to him, remained with him until he was strangled in his own blood.

This servant woman related the circumstances to Brother Bastelwart, who was a minister. All his kindred do not like to have it spoken of; and it was a common saying among the people that he had shed innocent blood. And thus God has often more than is shown in this book, or can be related checked the wicked with like examples, that thereby His work might make the greater progress among His people, to His praise, and to the salvation of many who seek that which is right, and the amendment of life; for if God had not always sustained His work, the enemy would in the course of time, have extinguished it, and not have left one spark or germ of truth remain; but this God does not permit him to do.

They were condemned for their faith, and taken in bonds out of the city, to the place of execution; but they were glad and of good cheer, and said: "This day we will suffer in this place for the word of God, and offer to Him our sacrifice.

They also earnestly admonished the lords of Bruck, that they should know that they rendered themselves guilty of innocent blood. A ring having been formed, they all knelt down Acts ; , and earnestly prayed to God; that they might now finish this their evening sacrifice. They then arose and submitted to the sword. The executioner was sad; for he did not like to do it. The youngest of them all entreated his brethren, that, since he felt of good cheer and bold, they should let him suffer the first pain; he then kissed them, and said: "God bless you, my beloved brethren; today we shall all be together in Paradise.

Thus these nine brethren were beheaded in a green field; they were so undaunted that it was astonishing to behold it. They knelt down; and thus poured out their blood through the smiting of the sword. The three sisters were drowned; they would in no wise depart from God and His truth. The youngest one laughed at the water; which was seen by many a one there. Some held that the devil had hardened them; but others were moved in their hearts, so that they confessed that God must have given this, since otherwise it could not be possible.

Thus they valiantly testified to the holy and divine truth. God shall speedily awaken, and deliver His children. If we consider the doctrine of the prophets, we see that this is the last time, and in this time God calls upon all men that they should turn unto Him Isa. Heed well these things. Oh all of you who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, and have become children of God. Praise God with shouting, young and old, great and small; you who, have believed His Ward, love God as His dear children, and walk before Him with pure hearts, and you shall never be forsaken, but He will ever preserve you.

O God, who art rich in grace, keep us Thy children, that we may hold to Thee, and that those who have come to Thee, may not be confounded; lead them diligently with Thy right hand into the promised land, the eternal heavenly kingdom. O God, honor be unto Thee in Thy high throne, who hast given us Christ Thy Son, and imparted divine grace to us, by which we now confess Thee with heart and mouth, and are not ashamed to call them our brethren who call upon Thee in truth as their Father.

Praised by Thy holy name, Amen. Sebastian Franck relates that the Anabaptists in the beginning increased by many thousands, so that the world feared that they would cause an uproar; but of this, as I hear, he writes, they were found innocent and, were persecuted with great tyranny; first especially in popedom. They were forcibly imprisoned, and tormented with the sword, fire, water, and manifold imprisonments, so that within a few years very many were put to death.

Some compute the number of those put to death far more than two thousand. They were put to death in many places; at Ensisheim alone about six hundred were slain, all of whom patiently and steadfastly suffered as martyrs. Compare the account of Seb. Franck, Chron, fol. They further write, that at Bomburg, a castle in the dominion of Basel, some of the chief Anabaptists were imprisoned by one Bartholomew Sincken who was castellan there. However, what they ultimately did with them, the record does not state.

Compare this with the account in the preface to the Offer boeck der Doopsgesinde, of the year , letter Y, p. Hans Langmantel and his manservant were. When they were still in severe confinement they sent the following; as a thank offering and prayer to God, which they made use of in prison, to their brethren, for consolation, admonition, and as a memorial, about A.

Hold us with Thy right hand, for Thou art our strength; fight the battle for us Ex. Therefore, O Lord, keep watch over us, and take care of us in this extremity, now that the wicked rise up against Thy Word, and would drive us from it. O God, preserve us in Thy keeping, that we may not faint and abandon Thy Word. Let us enjoy the faithfulness which Thou hast shown us through Thy Son Jesus Christ; and in order that we may always earnestly contemplate this, send us Thy Holy Spirit, and kindle in us the fire of Thy divine love; lead us, Thou who didst teach it in deed, that we may also exercise ourselves therein, and observe and practice it as Thy dear children, that this gift may come upon us, and that, even as we are called, we may by it order our lives in this Thy truth; maintain peace and unity, and love one another in truth with a pure heart.

To this end, O God, let the light of Thy divine glory illuminate its, that we may walk in it. O Lord, keep us in it as Thy dear children, and let us never become obscured by the abominable darkness of this world, which has gained the upper hand with all unfaithfulness, and which will be followed by death. But Thou, our Father, dost love equity. In Thee there is no darkness I John ; but the world is hardened with it.

But Thou art the eternal light, which penetrates the darkness; that we may no longer be children of the night, but children of the day. When this world rises, and opposes Thy words, so that our soul sighs to Thee in all severe distresses by which they seek to tear us away, then, O Lord, grant us to look to Thee for aid, and help us to overcome: Grant, Lord, that we may not stain ourselves by any sin or guilt, and take from our flesh the fear by which they would draw us away, and stop us in this work; that, when they shall lead us to death, we may not waver in the conflict, but may go to meet Thee with all the pious in the true, adorned wedding garment, at the marriage feast, prepared for Thy Son, when He shall receive His bride with everlasting joy and delight.

Lord, assist us in every anguish and distress, and in the pain of death; give us the heavenly bread; send us Thy Comforter, for God is the Comforter of the miserable. The actions of the wayfarer were such as to attract the attention of passers-by, not a few of whom, in their hurried progress, paused a moment to catch a glimpse of his half-oonoealed features. The poverty of his cos- tutne, evidently that of a disbanded trooper of the Em- peror's guard, noticeable from the long steel scabbard of his formidable rapier, as well as from the distinctive mantle he bore'upon his arm, eluded the suspicions of more than one who hovered around his person, in evi.

The stranger, notwith- standing these breaches of etiquette, noticed them not, but continued in his attitude of meditation, until the a female- voice, running over the words of an affectin, ballad, aroused him from his revery. Nervously and sharply he turned towards the direction whence the tones proceeded, drawing his figure to its full height, ap.

The notes of the air, a relic of the once famous minstrels sy of Cordova, a fragmentary lament over the decadence of the Moorish dominion, fell upon the ear of the stranger with grateful enchantment. Unable longer to restrain the enmotions, imperceptibly engendered within his breast, he hurriedly approached the songstress, who had proceed- ed to attune the rich, gushing wildness of her natural notes to the regulated cadence of a gittern, whose strings, touched by her light hands, sent forth a full volume of harmonious melody.

The songstress, who had hadtaken a seat upon one of the many huge blocks of stone defending the portals of the edifices fronting the trivial plaza, formed by the inter- section of several streets at the end of the causeway, noticed the respectful and sedate attention of her auditor. She arose, and infused into her ballad a degree-of plaintive, emphasis and melancholy accent, which thrilled the soul of the stranger, evidently familiar with the mournful burden of the ditty.

Evidently encouraged by the perceptible approbation of her auditor, the songstress continued her minstrelsy, gradually augmenting in intensity of expression, until she terminated her ballad with a rapturous outhurst of disconsolate, melody, which reverberated among the sullen nooks and corners of the Triana, like the re-echoed wail of a nation's lamentation. Then her hand listlessly drop- ped from the strings of the gittern, and her voice expired in the modulated tones of a deep-drawn sigh.

Or, The Spanish Inquisition. Her appearance was that of a damsel just budding into that premature womanhood, distinguishing the daughters of Andalusia: straight, thin waisted, and symmetrically conjoined, her form, as airy and etherial as that of a hama- dryad, united the attributes of health and vigor with the most delicate proportions of classic beauty.

Fascina- ting as was the general outline of the Gitana's figure, the superlative beauty of her face constituted the main attrac- tion of her person. A pair of black eyes, expanded and beaming with perpetual animation, illumined a countenance whose tawny complexion and oval contour gave evidence of a Moresco descent; her jet-black hair, inclining to fall in waving curls, was-partially collected by a formidable nfmetal pin at the back of her head, while the stray tresses fell upon her neck and bosom in the full luxuriance of massive ringlets; upon her exquisitely arched mouth, which smilingly displayed the whitest of teeth, ever hovered an expression of commingled mirth and melancholy, while upon her brow was written the pure signs of nervous intellectuality.

The young girl, as she dropped the gittern to her side, suffering it to hang carelessly by the species of baldric to which it was attached, Modestly addressed the stranger: "Does the Seor d re- I should attempt again to please him with rny rude minstrelsy? Came he from Grenada? But the stranger heeded not the innocent coquetry of the songstress, for he had again sunken into one of those repeated fits of mental vacancy in which we have already seen him indulge.

Can it be! Yes, yes, the good, kind Balthazar-I would be an ingrate indeed not to sacrifice even my life to repay such heavenly kindness? Pray, tell me your name, that I may join with you in soliciting the benediction of Heaven upon one of the worthiest of men? Verily we are falling to dust lilke the leaves of the forest! I knew him in his days of honor-I knew him in his days of misery.

I was tshe friend of Malchior, the rich scholar, and of Malchior, the beggared outcast, and will not his daughter telli me where he breathed his last? Tears suffused her pale cheeks, some fearful emotion rendering it impossible for her to give utterance to her voice.

At length, by a violent and energetic action, she mastered her physical difficulty. The songstress withdrew her hand from the friendly grasp of the stranger, gave vent to a low, harrassing groan, and disappeared beneath the shady portals of one of the numerous court-yards or blind alleys of the neighborhood, where the obscurity of the darkness precluded the pos- sibility of tracing her retreat.

The soldier, with a readiness of action which exhibited long participation in campaigning, instantly drew his formidable rapier, and exclaimed, in a harsh tone of voice: "Come forth, child of earth, or imp of Satan-come forth, I say! Who art thou? The intruder imitated his example, and both cemented this roughly made acquaintance with a fraternal grasp, more a symbol of courtesy than of brotherhood. The familiar of the Inquisition, or the Soldier of Christ, as were legally entitled the satellites to the Holy Tribu- nal, a blasphemous appellation, as derogatory to the pro.

He was richly habited in the costume of his order, in a full suit of black cloth, ornamented with Italian velvet; upon his breast gleamed the metal cross, the cognizance of the Holy Office, rarely worn in public, but which formed the necessary aceompaniment of his station.

His beard was neatly trimmed, and his clothes arranged with a cautious regard to the rules of fashion, while a tall black plume waved from his broad hat, equally gar- nished with a brilliant religio-military emblem. A finer contrast to his figure could not be imagined, than the stout, thick-set, yet activ-e form of his casual acquaintance. Despite the negligence of his attire, destitute of almost every mark of his profession, the Imperial soldier would have been recognized by the most casual observer as a veteran warrior.

Although comparatively young in years, his countenance was bronzed by exposure to the hardships of weather, while the furrows of many wounds, slightly perceptible upon his brow, added to, rather than detracted from, the manliness and dignity of his expressive face.

His motions were rapid, yet graceful; his carriage firm and easy, his speech frank and dignified; in a word, he appeared the embodiment of those rare qualifies dis- tinguishing the Castilian adventurers of an epoch when wealth and honors were alone to be attained by courage and the sword.

But what business calls thee to Seville? Pardon a bluff soldier's inquiry. These deeds are the workings of man's malevolence, not of the Creator's beneficence. He was as- tonished at the vehemence of his companion's speech, for L although the personal servants of the Emperor were ex- empt from citation before the Holy office, its judges had inflicted punishment upon soldiers of his service for their I Or, The Spanish Inquisition.

I have seen friends and relatives disappear before the de- vastating breath of this enemy of man, until I am left, solitary and alone, a, houseless, homeless wanderer upon the soil of my nativity. They proceeded along in silence, the Imperial soldier being enwrapt in his Ineditations, until he was awakened by the voice of his companion.

Art thou not ashamed to defame a noble calling by such a comparison! Soldier, forsooth! A thief in the night, who steals away the jewels of humanity and the treasures of domestic wealth! A true soldier bathes his sword with the blood of his nation's enemies, and not in that of his own countrymen.

Hence the dirgnity of the Soldier of Christ was publicly appreciated as equal to that repute once conferred upon the Crusaders in Palestine. A muffled figure at that moment passed near the two combatants; the blade of a long knife glistened in the faint light, shed upon the scene from the windows of the inn, and in a second Francisco Estrada, after the utter- ance of this sinister declaration, lay bleeding at the feet of his casual adversary.

Instantaneously the alarm was given and the numerous taverns vomited forth their crowds of noisy idlers and brawlers. Within the lapse of a few minutes the Soldier of Christ was encircled by a dense mass of vagabonds, Gitanos and night strollers, who gazed in breathless amazement at the blood-stained garments, and then burst out in an unanimous expres- sion of wonder, that any miscreant could have been found in Seville hardy enough to deal a murderous blow upon a servant of the Holy Inquisition.

FOLLOWING the stalwart halberdier, the Wanderer en- tered the main room of the "Angel Inn," by which osten'- tatious title was designated a long, low and dark room, around which were placed a row of rude tables, coated with grease, well rubbed into the shining wood by the, constant friction of elbows upon the boards.

The walls of this gloomy place, half destitute of plastering, were stained- with innumerable tints of dirt and of oil; the ceiling was blackened by the smoke of half a hundred flickering candles, placed in front of pictures, delineating.

Across the vault of the apartment ran heavy rafters, into which were inserted iron hooks, whence depended hats, cloaks, hams, articles of food and warlike imple- ments. The flo or had originally been paved with well- burned tiles, the majority of which had disappeared, : leaving in their stead a damp clay, amply moistened byI the refuse from the earthen jugs, out of which the custom s. The "Angel," on the night in question, was filled with an unusual crowded auditory, for on that evening it was i the theatre of a strange relic of the feudal age, the ex- terrporaneous tribunal of the captain of the guard, familiarly styled the King of the Revelers.

The jurisdic- tion of this migratory court, which wanders from tavern 1 '- Or, The Spanish Inquisition. Its judgments were summary, its constabulary, the archers of the guard, being ever ready to inflict condign punishment upon those discovered in transgression. Consequently, long before the entry of the formidable functionary, who was to rule supreme over their destinies for the night, a dense crowd of vagrants, Gitanos, artizans, and day-laborers, thronged within the apartment, to the sore discomfort of little Marquita, the pretty bar-maid, and of grurnbling Jose, her brother and proprietor of the hostelry.

The suitors for justice came with 'blackened eyes and blood-begrimmned visages, with palpitating hearts and sor- rowful countenances, some in dread and trembling, others in anger and petulance. The captain of the guard, as mon- arch of this domain, assumed his seat upon a high stool, elevated, in order to add to the altitude of his moral posi. He had already disposed of many. In an instant the living mass became all confusion; each one rushed tumultuously to the door, whose narrow portals could scarce suffice to suffer the exit of so vast a column of human beings.

With difficulty were the curious suitors driven back by the halberds of the guard, and a clear passage afforded to those sent out to inquire into the cause of the tumult. This oration was stopped , with difficulty, about the middle of its delivery, by the g peremptory summons of the magistrate, who, in order to gratify the evident desire of the motley rabble, condemned both parties to be incarcerated within the guard-house until the next session of the court, when he would be at leisure to decide on the merits of the case.

Their excitement vividly increased, and the eyes of all were bent upon the Wanderer, as he proceeded in his testimony. Further, learned captain, I know nothing. The poor rarely forget their friends, neither felons their benefactors; consequently, the hallowed name of Malchior was ever mentioned with respect, by the inhabi- tants of the Triana, who endeavored to reciprocate the kindness evinced by him toward them in his lifetime, by watching over his daughter after his demise. Thus was it that the fair and feeble Zelda floated, as suited her un.

Well knew she that a hundred sturdy arms, a thousand sympathising hearts, were leaping to perform some one act of kindness, where- by they could more sensibly obtain the affections of the Jongleuse. Halberdier, close our court to honor the memory of the soldier Francisco Estrada; and ho! The archers advanced to Manuel, to fulfil the mandate of their captain, but the stranger waved them back with a dignified gesture. I am a soldier; I have slain many in battle; yet, I am no midnight assassin.

It was Zelda, the songstress, who had come from the house of her guardian, impelled by an irrepressible curiosity to ascertain some more definite particulars as to the condi-? Oh, good captain, release the soldier, for he was the friend of Malchior.

With courage hast thou braved dan- gers, to lay thy supplication at our feet, and we grant the tenor of thy prayer. It was I, noble captain, and I alone, who wert the indirect cause i of this turmoil. Soldier," he con- tinued, addressing the Wanderer, " thou art free to go as thou wilt; I was in fault to charge an Imperial trooper with evil prepense.

Pardon me, and let me greet thee that thy gallant protection of this wandering maiden has wrougcht thee a multitude of friends. In peace, therefore, I salute thee. Still, ere the damsel quitted the scene of legal revelry, she bent upon the un- moved countenance of the Wanderer an expressive glance, as if to transmit to him a knowledge of that interest his sudden apparition, and the subsequent consequences of their casual meeting, had engendered within her bosom.

The Imperial soldier smiled, as he detected the unquiet restless. THE unsettled state of Christendom, while respiring afresh a partial air of regeneration, had created strange political anomalies: Religion, wrapped in a garb of pre- ternatural sanctity, had generated its hosts of mendicant friars, domiciled monks, imprisoned nuns, and fanatic wanderers. Superstition, transcending the utmost limits of delirious passion, claimed its votaries of despotic frenzy, torturers of their species in the name of their Creator; while the expiring sparks of a nobility, founded in gal.

That unhappy country, relieved from the almost impercep. The conquering arm of Ferdinand, whose prowess had been transmitted to the Emperor Charles, had ce- mented the bonds of a national unity, and nominally, at least, beneath his monarchy, Spain assumed a high posi- tion among the nations of the earth. Still, this reunion of the dissevered parts of the G-othic Empire could not be viewed as the result of inclination, but rather a fusion of factions crumbled into impotence by the stout arm of the conqueror, each one impatient for a re-assumption of its primitive independence.

Spanish society presented a Or, the Spanish Inquisition. The reign of feudality, or of physical force, had given place to the more obnoxious sovereignty of mental terror; the sword of the crusader was sheathed in the presence of the crozier ; the gay songs of the troubadours were melted into chants of- the clergy ; the- sceptre of op- pression had passed from the hands of temporal barons into those of spiritual fathers.

The discovery of the new continent, the news of its immense and easily-acquired riches, opened a tempting field for the adventurous energies of the few stalwart knights whose imaginations glowed with the wild fantasies of ro- mantic chivalry.

In the unexplored wilds of another hemisphere, the gallant cavalier could turn his course as suited the bent of his ambitious inclination; unchecked, he could roam amid fields of glory and of gold, free from the dread of hereditary animosities or political treacheries. Little wonder, then, that the obscure courtiers of fortune preferred the natural dangers of an attractive wilderness to the unpitiable destiny of.

By the inflexible law of decaying chivalry,' chil- dren inherited the avengement of a relative's wrongs; and where could there be found a Spanish noble, whose father or ancestor had not suffered injury at the hands of a high. This comparatively large emigration of the children of the sword had been further encouraged by the policy of the ecclesiastical orders, who, in the absence of the martial power, assumed the supremacy of government by virtue of their peaceful calling.

By the natural decadence of the nobility, and the increase of the ecclesiastical dignity, the populace of Spain passed imperceptibly into the servitude of the Church. Agriculture, commerce, science and mechanism had been prostrated before the devastating pestilence of civil war; the people of Spain were therefore a race of vagrants, dwelling in the memory of the past, and existing for the emergencies of the future.

Descendants of divers races, ,. An instinct of mutual security compelled the -low and poorer classes to unite into anti-social conspiracies against the common weal; hence was re-created a long series of fraternities-- generated by the necessities of the political system-who not only spurned, in a disguised manner, the edicts of the Church, a potent auxiliary to the centralization of the Imperial regime, but openly braved the mandates of the State.

Law, order, and justice were buried in the tur-- moil of a disordered era of political affairs ; the people had discovered themselves within the power of their oppressors, and they now sought a remedy in their individual energies. The crowd, attendant upon the Court of the King of the Revelers, had slowly dispersed; plaintiffs and defendants, witnesses and officials of that eccentric tribunal, even its wine-quaffing judge, and the square-shouldered soldiers of his retinue, had severally assumed their homeward march, and the dingy hall of the "Angel" remained tenanted only by its ordinary occupants.

The occurrences of the night appeared in no wise to affect the hilarity of the assemblage; their glasses clincked and rattled ; their voices rose in bac- chanalian chants; and their eyes rolled in intoxicated frenzy, as they mingled indiscriminately, Gitanos, beg- gars, Castillians, and quasi-reputable citizens of the Triana.

The disappearance of the archers of the guard had relieved them. The nationality of Spain was indeed an indis- cernable attribute to the generic race, while the dis. The Cas- tillian, proud in the hours of poverty, spurned agricultural employment, and wasted his energies in perpetual in- dolence, awakening only from the monotony of his drowsy existence to an indulgence in quarrels, or in the fascina- tions of the dance; while the Jew toiled noiselessly and secretly, denying, it is true, the tenets of his ancient faith, but in reality hoarding up the treasures of the earth, in anticipation of the arrival of the hour for the re-erection of the temple, planned and left unfinished by the wise Solomon, when its walls, beaten down by Pagan soldiery, and its site desecrated by Christian Crusaders, should again be re-erected by Jewish offspring as a citadel for the faithful.

But one portion of this mixed Spanish society of Seville held themselves aloof from communion with their equallv oppressed fellows-they were the descendants of the Moors, who, remembering their fathers to have been masters of the civilization, science, and greatness of former days, isolated themselves to preserve, in private, the reminiscences of a former greatness, and to perpetuate the wisdom of their ancestors. Despite the noise and revelry of the occupants of the "Angel," Manuel the Wanderer tranquilly maintained his seat, in a retired corner of the room, beside a wooden table, upon which stood a half-finished jug of wine, in which he had pledged the newly formed acquaintance of the King of the, Revelers.

His bronzed countenance had assumed an iron rigidity of muscle; his eyes were par- tially closed in reflection; his stalwart frame leaned listlessly upon the table, and, to a casual observer, he ap- peared lost to the contemplation of surrounding scenes of noisy merriment--the orgies of midnight baochana- lians.

Such, indeed, is the gratitude of princes, in whom the brave man puts his trust. And what a terrible death was that of thine, my trusty friend! Alone, imprisoned within gloomy walls, when thy haughty spirit could ill brook the re- straint of the mountain air; racked-perchance thy body polluted by the executioner's leprous touch; thy limbs torn piece-meal from a living corpse-cursed," added the Imperial soldier, his eyes rolling in a paroxysm of frenzy--" cursed, cursed, trebly cursed be these vile fiends of a mundane hell; may their hearts be wrung from them in agony to feed the jackalls of the plain--may their entrails be wrenched from their breathing bodies"- the Wanderer stopped, as if terrified at the intense horror of his half stifled malediction.

May He have mercy upon those who had no mercy on us. Manuel was aroused from his mental torpor, and cast an unquiet glance upon this intruder, as if annoyed at finding his confidential observations overheard by a casual listener during these troublesome days, when the terror of the Holy Office forbode evil to the adventurous orator attempting a denunciation of that tribunal. The intruder observed the Wanderer's look, and pro- The Princess of Viarna.

Doubtless from loss of friends and relatives, punished for crimes beyond our feeble com. Hast thou refec'ted upon the value of a life to Jeopardize it by indulgence in error? My religion I will maintain against all the priests of Christendom. I am, I hope, too fearless and honest a soldier to quiver at the coming of that hour of mortal oblivion, before whose opening portals tremble only the craven, the traitor, the tyrant, and the false prophet.

I am none of these. What knowest thou of the maiden? I warn you to tread lightly over the grave of a people's benefactor. He was a better one than a myriad of tonsured monks :" exclaimed the Imperialist. Did a widow's sigh reach his ear, his con- solations dried her tears; did the betrayed maiden seek an asylum from the gaze of a malevolent world, the purse of Malchior furnished her redemption, and his good sword protected her fromn insult.

In the days of his man- hood, his deeds of benevolence rivalled those of the proudest knight in Hlispania ; he fought, bled, yea, all but perished in the iloble works of saintly beneficence. And call you him no follower of our Saviour? Oh, Mal. But, thou hadst wealth, Malohior, accursed wealth, coveted by the Holy Church, and its minions hunted thee from town to town, from forest to forest, until thy eternal resting-place was found in the Inquisi.

And it ill becomes thee," added the soldier, his features distorted With unearthly' animation, as he addressAd the friar, "to revile the mem- ory of him thy comrades so basely murdered! Are none of 'you-faithful enou gh to arrest his person and hold him secure until. A dozen of the revelers seized their weapons and rushed to secure the prisoner, while Marquita, the bar-maid, whose zeal for the Holy Office was assumed to cover a taint of heretical blood, hastened to give the alarm to the passing familiars.

The instant, however, she opened the door of the main en- trance, an athletic figure rushed past her, with a signifi- cant glance, and placed himself by the side of the soldier, who, drawing his rapier, held his assailants at bay- "Silence-comrade, follow me. THE Wanderer, whose entire existence had been marked by a series of adventures periling life and limb, submitted to- the direction of his guide, whom he followed with a bold and martial step.

Manuel was a man of too much penetration to undervalue the gratitude of the Gitano population, and, being intimately acquainted with their manners, he in nowise distrusted the benevolence of his companion's intentions in thus rescuing him from a di- lemma which may have proved disastrous in its conse- quences.

Hence, the soldier followed mechanically along the rude streets, until, after two or three circuitous wind- ings, he discovered, from his feet being no longer harrassed by projecting stones or yielding clay, that they had skirted the faubourg and were attaining the suburbs of the city. The moon slowly rose in its beauty, shedding a stream of silver light over fields partially cultivated and overgrown with the wildest flowers of a prolific nature. The 'eye of the Wanderer rested upon a few architectural landmarks, sadly altered from neglect and the ravages of time, by ob.

How sad, indeed, was the aspect of these broken pillars, carved in the grotesque vagary of Saracenic archi- tecture; of these mouldering pavements of tessel-work ; of these crumbling walls, overrun by -moss and creeping ivy! These relics told the melancholy tale of the Chris- tian's gradual, yet enduring triumph. Halting by the remains of a public fountain, from whence the gentle Moresco maid, with bright eye an4 page: [View Page ] Switch to Image Mode CLOSE Page 56 The Princess of Viarna: smiling face, had often drawn, in a past century, grateful draughts to quench the thirst of the wayside traveler, now but a rude heap of polished blocks, the Gitano motioned his companion to assume a seat upon some fragments of the desecrated well.

The Master of the Garduna has charged me to bring thee into his presence. I must forewarn him of thy approach; so fear not, but tarry till I come. Shortly after the King of the Revelers adjourned his court at the "Angel," the majority of his auditors bent their way towards the Moorish village, in the midst of whose ruins we have left Manuel the Wanderer--not, in- deed, in a mass, and by the direct road, but in pairs, and by the most circuitous and obscure routes.

That evening was the anniversary of the Garduna, or criminal confra. This association was in the full glow of prosperity at the epoch we attempt to de- lineate, and descended, strange to say, in partial vigor, to the commencement of the present century. The spirit of chivalry, based upon the fallacious maxim of possession giving title to lands and goods acquired by the strong arm and sturdy lance; the perpetual change of ownership in property during the troublesome times of civil commotion, and, above all, the grasping and avaricious oppression of the monarchs and their nobility, were prime causes creating the fraternization of felons and thieves of a minor order of audacity into a community for self-protection.

The Garduna, organized at the outset as a predatory band of mountain robbers, augmented in strength as the indi- vidual power of the barons decreased, or the laxity -of re- ligious morality became familiarized by the growing debauchery of the Romish priesthood.

The robber chief- tains, generally men of warlike repute, outlawed at the Or, The Spanish Inquisition. Many of these redoubtable freebooters had en- tered the royal service as captains -of free lances, and fol- lowed by their hardy retainers, humbled the pride of noble knights and attendant men-at-arms. They emulated the dignity and state of feudal barons, imposing tribute upon districts adjacent to their strongholds, avenging in their turn all wrongs inflicted upon the tillers of the land paying them tithes, and, when they indulged in forays upon the property of' their baronial neighbors, such deeds were ever consummated according to the strict etiquette of the do- mestic warfare of the age.

Hence, systematized robbery at that period bore the same relation to feudal institutions as privateering in our own time bears to the action of a national navy. But, as the power of feudality decreased, and the cen- tralization of sovereignty in an individual monarch an- nounced- the spread of acknowledged rules of law and order; as the wealth of the nation grew to consist in articles of trade and commerce; as science and the arts familiarized the people with the value of peaceful occupa- tions and enjoyments, the legitimatized sway of the free- booters was repudiated, and their band decimated by the stern dictates of outraged majesty.

Withering into insig- nificance, the leaders of various associations of outlaws found themselves compelled to an imitation of the politi- cal centralization, wrought in the sovereign's government. Singly they united the fragments of their bands, until the confraternity of thieves, robbers, and assassins, became completely conjoined into a close community, furnished with records of their acts and a constitution-a society handed down to us by chroniclers under the title of the Garduna.

The mansion had formerly been the favorite residence of the Moorish governors of Seville, but the hand of time, with its wither- ing touch, had destroyed the fair features of its architec- tural beauty. The terraces of 'the oriental garden, with their alternate elevations covered with dainty flowers and rare fruits, had gradually merged into a vast and unculti- vated lawn, bearing little resemblance to the broad-spread and undulating beds of blooming exotics, and of tufts of sweet-scented shrubs, whose petals exhaled a refreshing perfume, borne on the gale to the remotest recesses of the pavilions, now crumbled into dust.

The ancient portals, leading into the centre of the edifice, were mutilated and half destroyed-; the corridors were blocked up and almost impassable from heaps of broken columns; the external balconies, supported by arches of a fairy lightness and of daring construction, had partially disappeared, while the lofty dome, once encrusted with gold, had completely vanished from the vault of the gorgeous palace.

One apartment alone had preserved the prominent features of an arabesque creation-the inner court, the hall of the fountain, appeared as perfect as on the day the skilful artizan had pronounced it faultless. Encircled by a highly-embellished wall, encompassing the inner hall of columns, the marble pavement was divested from rubbish and under-grass, desecrating every other portion of- the building; the lions of the fountain frowned, as unblem- ished as when first entrusted with the guardianship of the waters, and the massive doors, closing the main entrances from each point of the compass, with the sole exception of that towards the East--a peculiarity in Oriental architec- ture-were preserved by studious industry.

This hall had been consecrated as the grand council-room of the Garduna. Shortly before midnight, the ponderous portals of the North and West turned upon their hinges, and the mem- bers of the Garduna, a number of the younger ones bear- ing torches, giving off a brilliant flame, entered from the Or, The Spanish Inquisition.

These were the Serenas, famed in the annals of criminal history, whose enchantments deluded the designated victims into some well-contrived trap, whence escape was impossible. Crowding around the eastern portal, whose doorway of solid masonry was encircled by a miniature court of pillars and arches, the G-ardunas stood in silence, awaiting the arrival of their chief. A violent commotion among the females of the reunion, marked the entry of a man of more than ordinary stature, of no- mean features, plain in dress and rugged in frame.

XHe was clothed in a peasant's costume, his bare feet, of a prodigious size, encased in coarse sandals, attached to his legs by a multiplicity of small cords, curiously inter- knotted. This man was Mandamiento, the redoubtable chief of the Garduna, one of whose successors, under the title of Don Roderigo Calderon, removed first to Toledo, and subsequently to Madrid, and there became secretary to his sovereign, Philip III.

The captain turned his eyes towards a portrait of the Madonna, suspended against the wall above his head, illuminated by lights from a small candelabra attached to the sunken frame, crossed himself, and muttered a few words, as if in prayer. Then, turning towards his expec- tant auditory, he beckoned his two lieutenants to a place beside him, and addressed his companions in the remark- able and ingenious slang of the institution, a language expressive, but unendurable to ears polite, as well as in- capable of translation in the English -tongue.

The time has now come, when I shall surrender into your hands the author. This night cease I my command over this most honorable' company. What say you? Amt I still to continue to gov- ern faithful vassals? The remainder of the society were troubled with other legal maladies; let me see: in the very year before you honored me by accepting my services, ten were strangled by the neck, seventy-five served the Royal Marine in quality of galley slaves, and triple that num- ber eked out a miserable existence, working their lives out, without pay, on the public works, omitting all con- sideration of the horrible fact that no less than twenty of our worthy sisters were publicly flogged at the cart's tail.

Take, now, the statistics of the last year of my administra- tion of affairs: two worthy companions have only undergone the rope exercise ; five or six alone have turned involuntary mariners; a few dozen of inexpert operatives have merely solicited the courtesies of the alguazils, while none of our charming Serenas have exposed their bare backs to the inspection of the cat-o'-nine tails. We have been promised fifty florins, the half paid in, to deprive the provincial priest of his eyes.

This reward is offered by his Holiness, Father Juan, for the reason that the provincial priest has stolen away one of his Holiness's fairest penitents. Hawkeye, you will at- tend to this case. Hawkeye, the tall and wiry lieutenant on the right of his Master, nodded assent with perfect nonchalance, for, being a man of taciturn habits, he preferred not wasting the few words he uttered upon matters of business.

At this moment the' guide of Manuel the Wanderer entered the hall, and proceeded to the Master, who con. Mandamiento suddenly turned to the assembly and addressed them seriously: "Brothers, you remember our friend, Malchior, the gallant cavalier, who oftentimes shielded the children of the Garduna? Tne dagger of an unknown Gitano laid the. The soldier was a friend of -Malchior; to. Shall we save him? What is your pleasure?

Show him in," quoth the chieftain. Within the lapse of a few minutes the Imperial soldier was introduced into the centre of the miniature porch, at the eastern extremity of the apartment, directly in front of the Master, who, to render his athletic frame more page: [View Page ] Switch to Image Mode CLOSE Page 62 The Princess of Viarna: ' I imposing, had donned a high crowned hat with a red cock's feather.

The mass of members crowded around the stranger, and gazed at him in fitful curiosity. Before to-morrow's sun sinks below the horizon, the familiars of the Inquisition will be on your track. The Garduna, rejecting ancient formalities, and waiving the ceremony of a noviciate, have authorized me to admit you within the circle of our brotherhood. Inquisitors, per- form under the cloak of religion. Still, if some of our brethren voluntarily tarnish their character and jeopardize their necks, it does not follow that we employ compulsion to increase their numbers.

We have one among us as pure as the gentle lamb, and innocent as the new-fledged dove. In gratitude for the protection you have bestowed upon her, in order that I may live a protector to Malchior's child, I accept the offer of you and your com- rades. I will be one of you. The chieftain, in an elevated tone of voice, read to the neophyte the statutes of the order, enjoining the exercise of moderation, the performance of charities, veneration for the old, and, above all things, an unflinching sacrifice of N!

Nothing appearing objectionable in the constitu- tional record, the oath with its penalty was duly ad- ministered to the Wanderer, who received the fraternal accolade at the hands of the worthy commander, and was thus addressed as a new made brother: "You are now admitted to the privileges and im. You have pledged yourself to perpetrate no wrong against society; we merely oblige you to practice charities and beneficent qualities towards us, who, by our own free will and accord, have isolated ourselves from the law, the Church, and the rest of mankind.

Where can charity, philanthropy, pity or friendship, be better bestowed than upon us, poor outcasts of the human race? While the signs, pass-words, grips, and other formalities were being explained to the Wanderer, the Master assumed his customary position, and called attention to the further reading -of the order of the day. Within a few days a stranger will arrive in Seville, a noble cavalier, laden with, the gold of New Spain; his name, page: [View Page ] Switch to Image Mode CLOSE Page " The Princess of Viarna: : At the mention of this name, the countenance of the Wanderer grew vividly discotored ; his breathing ceased as he attempted to conceal his curiosity, and he leaned forward, distinctly to catch every word uttered.

Grant my first boon; if Alphonso de Estella dies by the hands of a brother of the Garduna, let him die by mine. Apart from the attractiveness of the re- ward, offered for the assassination of the valorous cavalier, whose reputation for courage and dexterity was as familiar as a household word, the honor of being entrusted with so dangerous a charge superadded a high favor to the service to be rendered the confraternity by the execution of the mission, and, therefore, all were pleased at discover- ing a trace of honest gratitude, as they deemed it, in Manuel's voluntary assumption of the desirable task.

Now hence, valets, to your beds, for the blush of shame tingles upon my cheeks, as I dwell upon your degradation. Fie to ye, who call yourselves men--go to the women and learn deeds of valor. Tranquilly they disappeared among the columns encircling the audience chamber, or imperceptibly glided through the portals, and scattered themselves beneath the broken arches of the' mansion, to woo a grateful slumber fromn the calm mid- night breeze.

Mandamiento awaited the dispersion of the convention, and then addressed the Wanderer in tones of friendliness : "Sorry am I that thou hast assumed the death-warrant of this noble cavalier; thou hast trouble already adequate for thy broad shoulders, without inviting the enmity of a potent baron. Still thou hast chosen thy calling, and may I not be disappointed in thee.

His history was unattainable to the few, who were tempted to institute inquiries as to his origin: by his actions alone became he an acknowledged fact. Poor and apparently penniless, he maintained himself and his youthful protege, the wandering Gitana, upon the pro- ceeds of a small, obscure store, in which he retailed drugs and medicaments, noted throughout Seville as infallible , remedies in all cases of affliction.

His fame as a surgeon i allured to his humble retreat the invalids of Andalusia; not only were his professional services invoked by mendi- i cants of his faubourg, but by the young nobles, the haughty dames, the gallant cavaliers, and even by the sombre directors of the dreaded Inquisition, who solicited his medical aid and advice against the ravages of disease, and the more devastating inventions of malicious fellow creatures.

Before his healing art, blood, trickling from the wounds of stiletto-stricken wretches, tarried in its flow, and returned to the natural channels, feeding the vital stream; beneath his hands the deadliest poisons, the long cherished secrets of alchemical lore, were converted into elixirs of life; by his almost magical compositions the bloom of health glowed upon the cheek of age, and the fire of love glistened in the eye of youthful beauty.

The wealthy citizens courted his favor, as an invaluable auxiliary to the preservation of life; the gayv and dissipated sought his wonderous compounds to en- hance and to sustain the enjoyments of their nature, weakened by their repletion in revelry, while by the poor and humble population of the Triana, he was almost venerated as a prodigy of learning and as a miracle of science.

Hence came it that Balthazar was probably the only living being in Seville unafflicted by envy, malice or jealousy.

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