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Elizabeth rachel gauthier hanover safe place

elizabeth rachel gauthier hanover safe place

ADEYIGA, ELIZABETH RANTI. BRAY CENTRAL. $ 2. ADKINS, HECTOR HUGO. VILLAGE BROWN. $ 1. E ADKINS, MISTY RAE. PO BOX $ Due to the Covid pandemic and the safety of our community, Trent's memorial service will take place outdoors. Please visit sportsplay1xbet.website to. *please note: the polling places and hours of polling are for state elections only HANOVER. ELIZABETH A. MCCLAIN. PO BOX HANOVER. INVESTING 500 INTO ETHEREUM

Sheriff's Prevention Partnership on Controlled Substances News NOTE: The information below is not populated 'live' and does not contain booking photos although such photos are typically available upon request. All arrest blotters are regularly distributed to our media partners and may be transmitted via television, radio, print, and online formats beyond this page. Sara Pack at sara. On October 11, Mr. Murrell was also arrested by Deputy Bussey for common law robbery, assault and battery, and larceny against a merchant through an emergency door.

Murrell was also arrested by Deputy Bussey for misdemeanor larceny. On October 14, Mr. Lee was also arrested by Deputy Jesse Clark for violation of pre-trial release conditions. Brandon Harrington for failure to appear. We expect to publish the main scoping review findings by the end of Conclusions Research is needed to increase our understanding of the range and nature of TBIs being used in SUTx research studies with members of underrepresented groups.

The planned scoping review will highlight research at this intersection to promote health equity. Health and health care are strongly influenced by race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status SES , and other characteristics, which can impact access to quality health care. Health disparities have produced negative social and economic consequences on a national scale in the United States [ 1 ].

Historically, health treatment intervention research has infrequently been conducted with people who identify as a member of one of the underrepresented groups as a principal focus; this is equally true for the substance use and substance use disorder SUD treatment SUTx field [ 2 ]. A general lack of attention to issues of access, inclusion, retention, equity in outcomes, and culturally relevant research are sources of disparities in substance use and related consequences for members of underrepresented groups [ 3 ].

Fortunately, there is a small but growing body of literature of best practices for researching diverse groups that may serve as a guide for those motivated to better understand how to reduce health disparities [ 4 ] and more equally distribute benefits across populations [ 5 ]. The rapid proliferation of TBIs has revolutionized clinical and research practices, and these fields will continue to grow rapidly and have a substantial impact on population health [ 2 ].

Describing common goals of researchers in the health research community when trying to improve well-being, the thinking is that the worst thing that could happen is that our efforts have no effect. However, there is a real and more insidious possibility: that our technological interventions do work but that they work better for those who are already privileged, creating intervention-generated inequalities [ 1 ]. People who identify as members of underrepresented groups comprise over one-third of the admissions to publicly funded SUTx programs [ 9 ]; however, recent research suggests these individuals may be at particular risk for poor treatment outcomes, due in part to socioeconomic factors [ 10 ] and racism [ 11 , 12 ].

Despite socioeconomic challenges, the digital gap among members of underrepresented groups and Caucasian individuals has narrowed over the past 15 years [ 13 ]. Technology-based interventions for substance use and SUDs show substantial promise for providing access to high-quality EBT.

Given the indications for our literature synthesis—to identify key characteristics or factors related to a concept and to examine how research is conducted on a certain topic—a scoping review is deemed the most appropriate method [ 14 ].

By taking this further step to explore the extent to which these studies that include members of underrepresented groups are explicit about race or ethnicity and the impacts of TBIs for particular people because intervention outcomes from one group do not necessarily generalize to other groups [ 16 ] , we further highlight research efforts to promote health equity. Finally, we plan to summarize findings from race conscious studies that underscore insights that may help other researchers design or adapt designs such that the effects for members of underrepresented groups promote health equity.

Importantly, the identification of included studies that are not found to be race conscious may still yield substantial insights and substantive knowledge about how these communities are affected by the use of TBIs for SUTx. An example of this includes sociological trust theory—bridge between broad lens of culturally informed design and attention to trust or distrust. Methods Plan for health equity focused analyses by powering studies for subgroup analyses or analyses of effect modifiers while following rigorous standards for heterogeneity of treatment effect analyses or use race or ethnicity as a covariate in analyses, or in some other way consider race in the plan for analyzing the data.

This scoping review was initiated in January and is expected to be completed by the end of The former two groups are included as they are the largest racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in SUTx in the United States [ 21 ]. Concept Technology-based interventions are used as an umbrella term that encompasses interventions such as mobile-based interventions, computer-based interventions, and web-based interventions.

The term TBIs was selected because it encompasses a broad array of platforms, including the computer, internet, social media, and mobile apps [ 28 ]. Context Eligible papers describe the use of TBIs that facilitate the inclusion of members of underrepresented groups in SUTx or support delivery of SUTx to members of underrepresented groups.

Step 2: Identifying Relevant Studies Information Sources and Search Strategy Before enlisting the help of Dartmouth College research librarians, study team members conducted preliminary independent literature searches in PubMed and Google Scholar using search terms associated with the three domains of interest: TBIs, SUTx, and sample inclusion of members of underrepresented groups. This step netted dozens of research studies that appeared to meet the inclusion criteria.

Further, we reviewed the reference lists of these studies examining titles and abstracts for additional literature, identifying many additional studies that appeared to meet our inclusion criteria. Based on this preliminary literature search, we believed there would be ample evidence that met our search criteria and therefore elected to only include US-based peer-reviewed studies.

Further underscoring the rationale for limiting our focus on US studies, underrepresented groups in the United States differ from underrepresented groups in other countries. The search strategy aimed to locate published peer-reviewed studies based on the preliminary data analysis. However, the target race and ethnicity demographics were not included in this search strategy.

The search strategy, including all identified keywords and index terms, was adapted for each included database or information source. This scoping review was conducted by nine researchers from a variety of disciplines at Dartmouth College. Additionally, these groups conducted data extractions from each included study. Step 3: Study Selection Types of Sources We considered peer-reviewed, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies.

Exclusion Criteria Studies were excluded if they are conducted outside of the United States or published outside of the study window January to March Furthermore, we removed protocol papers, as well as papers that detail the work researchers plan to perform in the future.

Other papers that are not included in the final list are reviews, commentaries, editorials and opinion pieces, student theses, book chapters, and guidelines. Additionally, we excluded studies solely focused on mental health, pharmacological, cost evaluations, telephone counseling eg, tobacco quitlines , and primary prevention interventions.

Screening and Selection Procedure Following the search, all netted citations were uploaded by the research librarians into Endnote X9 Clarivate Analytics , a citation management software program, to manage references and remove duplicates [ 30 ]. To facilitate study screening and selection, all citations obtained using the search strategy were imported into Rayyan, a web-based tool used to assist researchers in screening, selecting, and labeling studies for systematic reviews [ 31 ].

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WS 19 - The Digital Transformation of Prevention elizabeth rachel gauthier hanover safe place

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To request an educational workshop or for Hanover Safe Place to be present at your event, please fill out an Outreach Request Form. Please submit this form at least 2 weeks prior to the event. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Community Engagement, at Community hanoversafeplace. Clients in shelter will also be connected to other community resources designed to assist with things like housing, counseling, legal help, and employment.

To access this service, call the regional EmpowerNet hotline at Prevention Prevention programming engages and educates youth through one-session or multi-session workshops. The goal of primary prevention is to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence before it starts.

A one-session workshop can introduce youth to the basic concepts and start to build foundational skills. Multi-session workshops will allow youth more time to dive deeper into the concepts and give them enduring skills and knowledge to change behaviors and community norms. All workshops are free. A one-time or series of workshops can be created specifically for your group on healthy relationships, dating violence, bystander intervention, consent, building resiliency skills, red flags, and more.

To request a prevention program, please fill out an Outreach Request Form. Additionally, Hanover Safe Place facilitates a teen leadership program for high-school-aged youth called Upstanding Youth: Advocates for a Healthy Hanover.

This program is free to participate in and teens can earn community services hours by participating. Click here for more information. To access this service, contact our Director of Community Engagement at Community hanoversafeplace. Zip Code? Please enter your zip code here. Create Account You're almost ready We loaded your account with your Facebook details. Help us with just a few more questions. You can always edit this or any other info in settings after joining.

Facebook Username? We based it off your Facebook details. But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You may already know people on Myspace. If we find matches from your Facebook friends, we'll connect you to them right away. Tell my friends about Myspace? We loaded your account with your Twitter details. Twitter Username?

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